Burgos Pointing Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Burgos Pointing Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Burgos Pointing is a purebred dog with all the pomp and poise to be the best out there. It has a lovable nature, and it’s diverse. It can work efficiently in all sorts of jobs and situations. The best thing about it is its manageability. This breed doesn’t want to become a fuss for anyone. To understand it in more detail, we have compiled a list o fits traits and contributions.

Burgos Pointing History

The Burgos is a relatively pure breed dog with a documented history. The existence of this breed can be traced back to the 15th Century. The breed was primarily developed in the Iberian region of Portugal for hunting. Its keen senses and coupled with its wit, makes it’s the prime retrieving breed. That’s why it quickly became popular in hunter circles. The breed had such desirable traits that it became vital to the formation of other pointing breeds.

The Burgos itself is thought to be related to the Sabueso Espanuel and the strong Old Spanish pointer. Due to constant experimentation and manipulation, the stature of the Burgos Pointing has shrunk over the years. Fortunately, the qualities that defined the Burgos pointing remain as desirable as ever. During the chaotic era of the 20th Century, the breed declined and was on the Brink of extinction. Yet, thanks to the efforts of some devoted fans, the breed persevered and overcame.

Burgos Pointing Characteristics

The Burgos Pointing is a large dog with royal poise and demeanor. The breed stands tall and proud with a solid and lean body. The coat on this breed is dense and short, with the colors varying between white, liver, and a combination of slight ticking. The head of this breed is moderately large, and the defining features look handsome on it. It has a squared short muzzle and drooping ears. The eyes are deep and understanding, usually amber or brown colored.

How Big do Burgos Pointing Get

The Burgos Pointing is one large and chunky doggo. The height range for this breed will vary between 20 and 25 inches for both males and females. The weight range is a heavy 50 to 70 lbs.

How Long Does Burgos Pointing Live

Over the years, constant experimentation and genetic changes have reduced the lifespan of this breed. The modern average value is between 10 and 13 years. This value can change based on the diet/exercise that it is getting.

How Much Does a Burgos Pointing Cost

The Burgos Pointing is a desirable breed, mainly because of its rarity and its efficiency. The price of this breed, based on pedigree and health, can be anywhere above 800 dollars.

Burgos Pointing Temperament/Personality

If there’s anything that describes the Burgos Pointing accurately, then it’s smiles. The Burgos Pointing is the friendliest of breeds. It gets along with both humans and other animals alike. Yes, you may have some problems with it if it’s your first time meeting, but it tends to open up quickly. This makes it genuinely adaptable and lovable. There is a small catch. This breed may have a slight tendency to kick into hunting mode when it sees a small pet.

The best solution to that problem would be early socialization. Training it can also be easy because of how much they tend to rely on the guidance of their masters. Training it is so easy that you actually may enjoy training it. This breed is known for its composure and level-headedness. These are the two most vital qualities of a hunting breed dog.

Caring for Burgos Pointing

The Burgos pointing is a royal breed and royally requires care. To help your highness understand, we have collected a short set of instructions and follow-up plans.

Burgos Pointing Nutrition

The Burgos pointing is a big boy/girl, and it certainly has the energy to demand a hearty meal. We would recommend giving it a healthy serving of three standard cups of food per day.

How to Groom a Burgos Pointing

The Burgos pointing doesn’t have the uncertainty of varying physicality because of hybrid genes, which makes predicting its care needs way easier. The Burgos Pointing will usually need a firm brushing just once or maybe twice. This will keep its coat clean and the natural oils in its skin distributed. Excessive bathing should be avoided with this breed because it will flush the beneficial natural oils’ from the skin. Brush its teeth and have its nails shortened. Finally, keep its ears clean from dirt and debris.

Burgos Pointing Activity Levels

The Burgos Pointing has been made for the outdoor. That’s why it’s no surprise that it will have the energy of a cheetah. This breed needs high-tier intensive exercises to keep it safe and healthy. We would recommend giving it at least two hours of intensive exercise. Try to make these exercises as challenging as you can. Give it a fulfilling job if you don’t have a lot of time to take it specifically outside for a walk.

Caring for Burgos Pointing

The Burgos pointing is a well-rounded breed that requires no real effort to maintain. The grooming portion for this breed is as easy as it ever becomes. The training part is even easier because of how much it loves pleasing its master. The only genuinely thoughtful or relatively concerning thing is how much energy it needs. This guy needs a lot of exercise, and you just may not be able to keep up. That’s why we wouldn’t recommend it for the people who would rather stay indoors.

Burgos Pointing Health

The Burgos Pointing is purebred, which means no more fuss of vulnerabilities and susceptibilities to diseases. The Burgos Pointing has a healthy immune system and will very rarely experience any unconventional syndrome or condition. You may have to attend the vet’s office in a hurry a few times because of knee sprains or elbow joint problems. Apart from that, it should be fine.

We would still recommend remaining in constant contact with your vet. We would want any hidden condition to affect our little buddy. That’s why you must take our pet and have it thoroughly analyzed. Please give it a healthy diet and proper exercise to keep it safe and healthy.

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