Cairanian Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Cairanian Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThink about the perfect volume of cuteness, intelligence, and quirkiness mixed to make a personality. Then imagine that mix being put into a tiny doggo with the fluffiness of an angel. That doggo that you have imagined is the Cairanian. This little boy has the attitude to be a spoilt child, yet despite its rebelliousness, you’ll never have the heart to hate it. Understand this breed like us, to understand why it’s why we love it so much.

Cairanian History

The Cairanian is a modern designer hybrid, which lacks the credible safety of a well-documented history. That is precisely why we will understand this breed through the history of its parents. The Cairn terrier was responsible for hunting small-time pests and games like rabbits, foxes, and mice. This breed became separated from the Skye Terrier after 1873. It was registered as a separate breed by the AKC in 1913. The breed has gained a considerable boost in its popularity over the years, thanks to its use in movies and dog shows.

The Pomeranian is another gift from the lands of Germany. In this case, Pomerania is the birthplace of this breed. It is thought to have first been recorded during the 1800s. The breed is thought to be related to the Spitz family group because of its size and remarkable features. The AKC recognized this breed in 1888 after Queen Victoria took a liking to this breed. Its size and color, coupled with its beauty, make it an excellent breed.

Cairanian Characteristics

The Cairanian inherits the features of the Pomeranian and the Cairn in both its coat and stature. The Cairanian is a short and cute breed with a puffy coat of medium-long length. The color of this coat can vary between brown, red, gray, black, tan/white, and sometimes just tan. The composition of the coat is silky. They have round, expressive eyes and pointed ears, which are hidden behind the flowing coat.

How Big do Cairanian Get

The Cairanian is a small breed with a cute little height ranging between 10 and 12 inches for males and 8 and 13 inches for females. For males, the weight ranges between a petite 10 and 14 lbs and a meager range of 4 to 11 lbs for females.

How Long Does Cairanian Live

The Cairanian inherits a long lifespan from both of its parents. The average value can vary between 12 and 15 years.

How Much Does a Cairanian Cost

The Price for this breed will be affected by various factors, including region and lineage. Generally, since it’s a designer breed, expect to pay anything more than 600 dollars.

Cairanian Temperament/Personality

The Cairanian has a lively personality that suits its size very well. It’s a naughty little boy with the cuteness that lures in both adults and children alike. The Cairanian will get along well with humans, but other pets may be a problem. Why? Small breeds have territorial tendencies, and they tend to believe that the other animal is trying to obtain his spot.

To eliminate any chances of it being aggressive with other animals, give it a lot of early socialization. Training this breed can be slightly problematic. Why? The Cairanian will never have a straight line of thought; it tends to have this flowing chain of command s going through its mind. Couple that with its stubbornness, and you’ve got a breed that an amateur won’t be able to train.

Apart from that, it’s a loving breed. It loves attention; the more you can give it, the better it will be. This also means that you’ll have to deal with potentially severe separation anxieties when it comes to the Cairanian.

Caring for Cairanian

The Cairanian is no joke when it comes to taking care of it. This breed demands and deserves your attention, and its needs being fulfilled the proper way.

Cairanian Nutrition

The Cairanian is a small breed that loves eating, but you have to restrain yourself for its sake. Give it not more than two cups of food per day. Overfeeding will lead to weight gain, which will create significant problems for it later on.

How to Groom a Cairanian

The Cairanian has a coat that isn’t easy to maintain. You will need to brush it regularly to keep it healthy and free from matt. It would be best if you bathe it only when you feel that it needs a bath, the reason for that is simple. Excessive bathing will eradicate all of the nutrients found on the skin of this breed.  Brush its teeth at least two times per week and give its nails a trim every other week. Finally, the most important is cleaning its ears. Use a vet-approved solution to clean its ears from dirt and wax.

Cairanian Activity Levels

If I were asked to name one thing that the Cairanian has in limitless amounts, I would say its stamina and restlessness. This little guy just wants to be doing something. This is the main reason why it needs a lot of exercises to keep it happy. At least 90 minutes of challenging exercises should do the trick.

Caring for Cairanian

The Cairanian Is, in simple words, a high-maintenance breed. First of all, the grooming of this breed isn’t that easy to carry out. The Fragility of the coat can make even seasoned pros shiver. Second, the training of this breed can be torture. Its stubbornness has made it quite infamous. Finally, the socialization of this breed can be pretty hectic. You may encounter the significant problem that it doesn’t get along with certain pets despite socialization attempts. We would recommend this guy to people who already have experience regarding pets.

Cairanian Health

If you think that being a hybrid is terrible, then think again. In the Cairanian’s case, it’s not only a hybrid but also a crossbreed stuck in a dwarfed size. This makes it weak to a lot of diseases. The primary diseases you should look out for are, Entropion, Cataracts, Mitral Valve Disease, Patent Ductus Arteriosus, Patellar Luxation, Craniomandibular, degeneration, Intervertebral Disc, and Osteopathy.

These diseases can be fatal, and that’s why you must turn to your vet for solutions instead of folk medicine. Give your Cairanian an extensive list of tests, including Eye, Liver, Blood, and Ear tests. The frequency of these tests will determine whether something is ailing your little buddy or not.

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