Cairicocker Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Cairicocker Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThink about someone who remains eternally loyal. Now think about someone who can potentially lift your mood every time you feel down. Finally, add a tinge of love and humor. This combination is almost ideally encased in the heart of the Cairicocker. It’s a cross between the Cairn and the Cocker Spaniel, but then it’s so much more. To help you understand this breed’s beauty more comprehensively, we have accumulated a whole trove of data.

Cairicocker History

The downside of looking for a modern hybrid designer breed’s history is that you won’t find any history. That’s why to understand it; we must look for the closest history that it has. Yes, we mean the history of its parents. The Cairn terrier is the first parent. This breed is thought to be related to the Skye group of hunting and retrieving dogs, developed mainly in Skye’s Isles. The breed was named after its capabilities in chasing otters from Cairns. The breed was known for its senses and remarkably manageable body.

The second parent is the Cocker spaniel. The English Version of the coker spaniel came into the limelight in the 1800s. The breed quickly gained recognition for its small size manageability. The primary purpose of this breed was hunting small game, specifically small birds. That was what defined the idea of the Cocker Spaniel. The Cocker Spaniel’s size is thought to be the product of crossing it with the smaller Toy Spaniels. The AKC accepted the breed in 1935.

Cairicocker Characteristics

The Cairicocker has an appearance primarily based on speculation. The reason for that is the sheer rarity of this breed. Generally, though, it should either have a wiry coat, and the color variations should be centered on brown and white. It will have a generally well-proportioned body and lean muscles. The ears will most probably be high set and pointed with a slight sag. The legs will generally be short but proportional to the body.

How Big do Cairicocker Get

The Cairicocker is a small breed just like its parents. The height range for the males will be between 10 and 15 inches, while for the female Cairicocker, this value should range between 9 and 14 inches. The weight range for this breed will be between 14 and 28 lbs. For females, this range is reduced by an lb and becomes 13 to 28 lbs.

How Long Does Cairicocker Live

The average lifespan of the Cairicocker is highly dependent on its Cairn parent. Generally, it will have the same average lifespan of 14 years, though the value can rise to 15. At a minimum, the Cairicocker will live beyond 12 years.

How Much Does a Cairicocker Cost

The price of the Cairicocker isn’t that much compared to its posh-priced parents. Yet this doesn’t mean that you’ll find this puppy cheap because it still is a designer breed. Generally, expect to pay more than 500 dollars for a Cairicocker puppy. The price will fluctuate based on the seasons and the region of the breeder.

Cairicocker Temperament/Personality

Since there aren’t many Cairicocker that have been observed and their traits determined, we will look at the parents to determine their values. The Cairicocker generally be attention-gaining and friendly. It will get along with almost any human within the house. Strangers and other pets will have a problem adapting to this guy because of his intolerance. Socialization will be a necessity in this case.

Training it should be easy because both of the parent breeds are very intelligent and understanding. If, in the unlikely case that it does inherit a slight stubbornness, then reward-based training should do the trick for you. It will develop separation anxieties when you stay away from it for long periods. Overall this breed is an excellent breed that loves snuggling and playing.

Caring for Cairicocker

The Cairicocker is a breed that loves bonding and interaction. We will tell you how you can take care of it and bond with it.

Cairicocker Nutrition

The Cairicocker is a small breed and requires at most one cup of healthy and nutritious food per day. The Cairicocker is a breed that shouldn’t be given any more food than that because weight gain can be a significant problem.

How to Groom a Cairicocker

The Cairicocker will have a medium but wiry coat. To keep its coat free and flowing, we would recommend brushing its coat every week or two times per week. Considering its size brushing its coat shouldn’t take a lot of time. The Cairicocker will also need to be bathed when the need arises, for example, when you feel any odor coming from it. Have its nails shortened or filed to keep tears and infections by injuries minimum. The most important part is cleaning its teeth and ears from decay and infections, respectively.

Cairicocker Activity Levels

The Cairicocker is a breed that is on the moderate active side of dogs. Bluntly this means that two short walks of 30 minutes or more collectively should be enough to keep it sane. Please give it some leg space so that it can move around freely.

Caring for Cairicocker

The Cairicocker is a small breed and coincidentally requires small amounts of effort to maintain its health. First of all, comes the grooming, which requires almost no effort at all. The second part is training, which can be managed with positive reinforcements and reward systems. Finally, you have socialization. This breed is friendly to humans, but it’s going to have problems with pets. You can take care of that problem with early socialization. What more could one need? It’s the whole package.

Cairicocker Health

The Cairicocker is a hybrid breed, and this, unfortunately, means that the susceptibilities that this breed will face may be considerably higher. From what we know, these include Cardiomyopathy, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Hypothyroidism, Patellar Luxation, Eye problems, and allergies. Most of these problems will come with the onset of age.

Any disease can be cured if you have it diagnosed on time. So how do you get any conditions that your little boy may have, diagnosed on time? Obviously, through consistent and frequent check-ups. Please take it to the vet’s office as often as possible to give it a thorough check-up. That’s the main thing that you need to do.

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