Cairmal Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Cairmal Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowYou can even call it caramel because is this the sweetest joy out there. Its cuteness has the potential to melt hearts, and its antics can have the most saddened hearts light up. The best thing about this breed is how close-knit it becomes with you. It listens to your words and tries to understand them. To it, you matter more than anything in the world. To tell you a bit more about this beautiful breed, we compiled some essential data.

Cairmal History

“The Cairmal is a breed with a long and well-documented history” we would say this phrase, but unfortunately, the Cairmal is a modern designer hybrid. Thus to understand it, we will have to look at its parents. The first terrier is the Cairn terrier. This breed is related to the Skye group of terriers found around the Isle of Skye. Talk about creativity in naming breeds. Nevertheless, the breed was commendable in hunting small-time prey. It was explicitly good at chasing otters from Cairns or stones used as memorable marks.

The second parent is the Maltese. This breed is perhaps one of those few original breeds about which there are vague but vast numbers of references. This is thought to be an ancient breed thanks to its records in Egyptian, Roman, and Greek history. The Maltese are still speculated to have been bred in the Mediterranean. The Maltese were brought first to France in the 15th Century. Afterward, it spread to England and became more widespread. The Maltese is thought to have changed over the years considerably into their current state.

Cairmal Characteristics

The Cairmal is a small breed, meant to look royal, just like the Maltese. It will have semi-drooping ears and small round eyes. Its eyes are beautiful because of the intelligent look that they exhibit. The Cairmal will typically have a semi-long to medium-length Wiry coat. The color of the coat can be tan, cream, white, silver, brindle, or black.

How Big do Cairmal Get

The Cairmal is the very definition of the word tiny. The max height for this breed’s male and females is 13 inches; the minimum height is 10 inches. The weight range of 10 to 15 lbs is an apt fit to its height range.

How Long Does Cairmal Live

Most Cairn crossbreeds have a lifespan that is a derivative of the lifespan of the parents. This remains true for the Cairmal. It will, at minimum, live beyond the age of 12 years. Its maximum average lies at the boundary of 15 years. A healthy lifestyle and a humongous amount of love will have your boy pushing past the general limit.

How Much Does a Cairmal Cost

The Cairmal is a rare breed, mainly because of the lack of knowledge and awareness about this breed. That’s why it’s tough to find this breed and costs a lot of time to find a credible breeder. If you remain persistent enough and manage to find a breeder with cute Cairmal puppies, then expect to pay a figure between 350 and 1000 dollars. This figure will change based on the health and the credibility of the puppy.

Cairmal Temperament/Personality

The Cairmal is a happy-go-lucky breed with a slight mix of mischievousness. The breed loves playing around and basking in the attention of its owner. You can expect to enjoy the company of every person in the house, including children. Yet, we would recommend keeping an eye on it around children because rough play may invoke its anger.

The Cairmal will remain cautious around strangers. It will also not get along with other pets, small pets even less so. Small animals may be at risk of being chased. The best solution to that is giving it early socialization to change its outlook and tolerance. Training it can be hard or easy depending on the method you’ve chosen. Overall it’s a good breed skilled at winning hearts.

Caring for Cairmal

The Cairmal is a small breed, and fragile thus requires all the care that you can provide. To help you in that cause, we have compiled some instructions and probes.

Cairmal Nutrition

The small tum-tum of the Cairmal can only hold a small amount of num-num. The acceptable amount of food that you should give it per day is one cup. Give it nothing more, because it can have weight problems later on.

How to Groom a Cairmal

The Cairmal is a small breed and doesn’t need a lot of grooming. Generally, its short coat will need a firm brushing session every week. The main goal should be removing matts and any dead hair. The slight shedding can become a problem for people with allergies because this isn’t a hypoallergenic breed. Give the longer hair around the ears etc. A professional trim every once in a while to prevent any accumulation near those sensitive areas. Use a canine toothpaste to give its teeth that spotless shine. Finally, the most crucial part is the ritual of cleaning its ears. Use soft swabs and a safe solution to clean its ears.

Cairmal Activity Levels

The small Cairmal isn’t very athletic. It’s moderately active; that’s why we recommend giving it between 30 to 40 minutes of daily activities. Most of the other requirements it can cover inside the house by itself.

Caring for Cairmal

The Cairmal is a sweet little joy ball that doesn’t need a lot of care. Its grooming needs are below average. The main focus of this breed is always upon the socialization aspect. It will not get along well with other breeds if it’s not socialized well. Once that’s out of the way, everything else is relatively easy to carry out. The training aspect can be pretty easy to work out because it quickly learns thanks to its intelligence. We would recommend this breed for both first-timers and experienced owners.

Cairmal Health

The Cairmal is a hybrid breed which means that it is susceptible to certain diseases. In this case, the list of these diseases includes Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Legg-Calve Perthes Disease, Testicular Tumors, Glaucoma, Hypothyroidism, and  Cataracts.

The best solution to all of this is, first of all, prevention. Give your Cairmal buddy a good diet and plenty of exercises. Second timely check-ups are essential. You have to make sure that you give your little boy/girl a thorough check-up every week or every other week. Finally, following the instructions that have been given to you to cure your buddy are essential.

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