Cairn Australian Shepterrier Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Cairn Australian Shepterrier Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Cairn Australian Shepterrier is the best of the two countries, so you can expect it to tug at the strings of your heart. It has an immeasurable amount of love to give away in its heart. Its eyes feel like deep blue pools from those scenic movies. One look at it, and you’re already in love with it. Seems a bit too much to believe, don’t worry, we have facts to prove our opinions.

Cairn Australian Shepterrier History

The worst thing about searching for modern-day hybrid breeds’ history is that you won’t find much on them despite extensive efforts. That’s why to understand them; you need to understand their parents. Although the Cairn terrier’s history stretches back to ancient Roman times, its actual inception is relatively recent. During the 19th Century, based on size and color, this breed was separated from the other similar breeds in the Skye group. This breed has, over its history, remained confined to the Island of Skye. It was named after its tendency to chase otters from Cairns or stones.

The Australian Shepherd, as you may have inferred, is related to the vast expanse of Australia. Or that’s what you thought? In reality, this is a breed that has developed in California. It was named the Australian Shepherd because it came about after breeding dogs imported from Australia with local dogs. The ancestors of this breed are thought to have arrived with flocks from Australia in the 1840s. The AKC recognized the breed in 1991.

Cairn Australian Shepterrier Characteristics

The Cairn Australian Shepterrier is a breed with a coat that resembles the Australian Shepherd more. The eyes of the Cairn Australian Shepterrier can be brilliant blue and brown based on genetic dominance. Generally, the muscles of this breed are well-toned and ready for action. Its ears are bound to be triangular and semi-drooping. This breed’s true beauty lies in its size, which is medium and perfectly manageable for hunting or herding actions. The breed is easily recognizable thanks to its resemblance with its Australian parent in almost every aspect.

How Big do Cairn Australian Shepterrier Get

The Cairn Australian Shepterrier is a medium-sized breed at best, and this fact is more than evident from its proportions. The average height range for the males of this breed varies between 15 and 17 inches, while for the females, this value varies between 14 and 16 inches. The weight range for this breed’s males and females is 15 to 45 lbs and 10 to 35 lbs, respectively. 

How Long Does Cairn Australian Shepterrier Live

You don’t need to worry. Your little boy/girl will remain beside you for at least twelve to fifteen years.

How Much Does a Cairn Australian Shepterrier Cost

The price of the Shepterrier can be anything above 500 dollars. The actual price will vary based on your locality and the pedigree of the parents. We would recommend looking for a credible breeder to ensure your future companions’ health.

Cairn Australian Shepterrier Temperament/Personality

The Cairn Australian Shepterrier is a breed that thrives on work and praise. Giving it lots of affection should do the trick for you. It is also very affectionate and loves putting its family above all else. The Cairn Australian Shepterrier will love playing with both children and adults. The Cairn Australian Shepterrier may have problems with strangers since it tends to get protective of its family. Yet once properly trained, it can understand and adapt quickly to situations.

The Cairn Australian Shepterrier will most certainly have problems with smaller pets. To eliminate these trivial irritants, we would recommend giving it early socialization. Training it can be pretty easy because the Cairn Australian Shepterrier loves to put obedience above everything else. If it does inherit some little independence and stubbornness from its parents, then a few obedience training sessions should do the trick for you. You must remain patient with it and shower it with love and praise.

Caring for Cairn Australian Shepterrier

Constant care and maintenance keep everything in working order; the same applies to humans and even pets. That’s why we have collected a couple of probes and pointers for you to understand the needs of your little buddy better.

Cairn Australian Shepterrier Nutrition

The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized breed with a considerable fat-burning capability. To keep it happy and healthy we would recommend giving it at least two to three cups of healthy food. Overfeeding a pet is the worst choice an owner can make for its health.

How to Groom a Cairn Australian Shepterrier

The coat of the Cairn Australian Shepterrier will resemble that of its Australian parents more, and it won’t be hypoallergenic, mostly. That’s why you must take care if you are prone to allergies. The coat will require weekly brushing to keep everything untangled. Bathe it only when the need arises. Mostly that should be every two to three weeks. Brush its teeth as often as you can, but preferably more than two times per week. Keep its nails trimmed and away from tears and infections. Clean its ears with a sterile solution approved by the vet.

Cairn Australian Shepterrier Activity Levels

Think about a hyper-active cartoon. Yes, that is the most likely definition. This guy loves playing games, running around, and working. To keep it happy, play Frisbee with it, or give it agility drills. Either way, ensure that it gets a lot of activities. A note of warning, please do not take it out in extreme weather since its coat reduces its tolerance.

Caring for Cairn Australian Shepterrier

The Cairn Australian Shepterrier is an easy enough breed to maintain. How, you may ask? Well, in all honesty, the grooming needs are moderate. The only thing you have to look out for is whether you are compatible with its hypoallergenic nature. After that, we know that training is pretty easy, so you can expect everything to work perfectly. Socialization is necessary with this breed, but with the right approach, even that should work out. Plus, the results that you’ll get will be easily worth it.

Cairn Australian Shepterrier Health

As beautiful as they are, hybrid breeds are also very fragile because of how susceptible they are to certain inherent conditions. The Cairn Australian Shepterrier is also susceptible to certain conditions, including patellar Luxation, Hip Dysplasia, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, Glaucoma, and Hypothyroidism.

The best cure is and will always remain prevention. In the Cairn Australian Shepterrier’s case, we would recommend going to the local vet’s office as often as you can to prevent any complications. Give the Cairn Australian Shepterrier full body checkups and Complete Blood Counts. By doing that, you will make the diagnosis of any problems much more straightforward and thus increase the chances of your little buddy fighting those problems quickly.

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