Can Cats Eat Bacon?

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Cat EatingAs we all know that our little feline friends are obligate carnivores, and they love anything that is meat. Even though cats cannot eat all the human foods, they can enjoy some of them as their occasional treats. There is no doubt that your feline friend will not love raw meat, which includes raw meat, raw bacon, turkey bacon, pork bacon, and other cat treats.

These cat treats usually have high fat content, and as cat owners, we need to take care of our cats so they do not suffer from health risks related to feline obesity, upset stomach, digestive issues, and more. A balanced diet is what your little feline friend needs, so is bacon good for cats or not? Let’s read on to find out.

Is Bacon Good for Cats?

The short answer is that giving cats bacon or regular food to your feline friend is not a great idea. The important question is why? The answer is simple: the bacon we buy has high-fat content and may contain high sodium content, sodium nitrite, and too much sugar that you do not need for your furry friend, as too much bacon with such ingredients can cause health issues.

Even though a small piece of bacon is a tasty treat for your feline friend, it is not something you should give them on a regular basis. The small amounts of bacon bits can cause high blood pressure, salt poisoning, heart diseases, weight gain, and much more. All because the raw bacon is not really raw and contains too much salt, bacon grease, too much fat, hidden sugar, and sodium nitrite, which are toxic for your feline companions. So, if there are so many disadvantages, what are the benefits of giving bacon to the cat, you might ask?

Bacon, Cats, and Benefits

As pet owners, we know that our feline friends are obligate carnivores, and any kind of bacon with its health benefits suits the taste buds of these little feline companions. However, giving your kittens little bacon can be good but giving them on a daily basis and in the long term is not a good idea. After looking at the nutritional value of a slice of bacon, you may think that the essential amino acids, protein, B vitamins, etc. are good news for your furry friend, and they can have it for their Sunday brunch, but you can never be more wrong.

This juicy bacon contains a lot of salt, and even pork products contain harmful bacteria, which is not a good thing to add to your cat’s diet. Cat food needs to be balanced so that cats’ health is not affected in any way and they enjoy their time with you without unnecessary visits to the vet. So, the great thing is to go for healthier alternatives and lean meats, which can help your kitten get the protein it requires without becoming a hassle and causing irritations to the cat’s digestive system.

Turkey Bacon and Cats

A lot of people believe that a small amount of bacon is fine, and if you cook it, it is good for your feline friends’ health. What they get wrong is that bacon especially cooked bacon, contains sauces, spices, and other ingredients that enhance the taste of bacon and let your feline friend enjoy it but also increase the risk of food poisoning in a cat’s body. So, a better option is to give them raw pork instead of cooking it.

However, another healthier option and a better alternative can be considered turkey bacon for your little feline friend. Eating turkey bacon in large quantities is also not ideal, but small quantities can make a tasty treat for your kitten. Compared to regular bacon, turkey bacon does not contain a lot of sodium, but it still has a high salt content and preservatives, so that it won’t be good for the blood vessels of your feline friend. A small quantity is enough if they love to eat turkey bacon.

Raw Bacon and Cats

A strip of bacon contains 579 mg of sodium and is a slice of fatty meat with around 12g of fat, so giving your cat bacon is something you should avoid. However, to some extent, our feline friends can handle raw bacon, but you have to ensure that it is completely raw and not cured meat because that can cause health issues in your furry friend. A raw diet is great for cats as that is what they eat in the wild, but we usually don’t get original raw meat in our local markets, and if given the conditions, you cannot keep the meat preserved for too much time even by coating it with too much sodium.

Instead of a lot of bacon with high salt, high fat content, sodium nitrite, sugar, and more, you can go for raw chicken, which can become a good treat for your furry companion. You can also give pork belly, but then again, you must keep the small quantities and a balanced diet for your feline friend.

Is Bacon a Good Treat for Cats?

Cats love the taste of bacon, which can become their favorite occasional treat. The reason may be the smokiness, saltiness, or meat itself. However, the bad news is that too much bacon is not a good treat for your feline friend. 

As a pet parent, keeping your furry friend healthy is your duty; to do that, we recommend that you don’t give them too much bacon. The pork bacon provides the essential meat in a cat’s diet, but the excessive salt can make their diet unbalanced and cause health issues.


Are you worried that your cat ate a small piece of bacon? Well, there is no harm in it. However, now after reading all about bacon and how it is not a good idea for your cat to eat, you can decide on your own whether they require this occasional treat or not. We believe it is better not to give your little bundle of joy, even small pieces of bacon, but if they love it, then allow this tasty treat in small quantities, and occasionally, do not substitute it for a regular treat or food. Find some healthier options and allow your feline friend to enjoy them.

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