Can Cats Eat Cake?

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Cat Eat CakeCats are obligate carnivores and love their meat, but do you think they would have a sweet tooth and enjoy a chocolate cake? As cat owners, we must know what our feline friend loves and if such dairy products are good for them or not. A typical birthday cake usually has unhealthy and sometimes toxic ingredients like a lot of sugar, medium fats, and dairy products.

Giving such human foods to give your furry friend a sweet taste is not the best option, especially if cakes are covered in cake icing, artificial sweeteners, and food coloring. A cat’s diet needs to be balanced and if you have an adult cat, then looking out for your cat’s health and their regular diet to avoid health issues is something you should do as cat parents. So, is cake good for your little feline friend? Keep on reading to find out.

Is Cake Good for My Cat?

What to do if your cat’s birthday is around the corner and you want them to enjoy a piece of cake? Are these sweet things good for your furry friend, or are the cake ingredients the biggest threat to your little buddy? Whether the cake is safe for cats to eat or not is a debate that leads us to discuss the nutritional value of this special treat.

For humans cake is considered to be filled with unhealthy ingredients such as too much sugar and artificial flavors and is said to be junk food. However, the same is the case with your little feline friend. For them, the cake is also a toxic agent that might cause health issues like upset stomach, blood pressure, etc.

If you look at the cake’s nutritional profile, it has nothing to offer to complete your cat’s nutritional needs. It is just a lot of carbs, high calorie content, high sugar content, high fat content, and large quantities of other harmful ingredients such as artificial flavors, which can cause health concerns for your feline friend, so to sum it up, the cake is not good for your cat. Still, there are different types of cake, and feeding you cat cake can solely change depending on the kind of cake.

Which Cake Can I Give My Cat?

The kind of food your feline friend consumes can lead them towards good health or can cause them health issues. There are milk chocolates, white chocolate, dark chocolates, and other types of chocolates that are added to the chocolate cakes to make it a tasty treat for humans and others. However, this single ingredient is something that can lead your cat to chocolate poisoning. 

Symptoms of chocolate poisoning are simple. Your feline friend will get convulsions, fever, blood pressure drops, diarrhea, vomiting, panting, weakness and palpitations. If the case worsens, then chocolate cakes can also cause death in extreme cases. Special cakes like cheesecakes have high protein content compared to regular cakes, which have low protein content, but it is still filled with sugar and fat, which can be given in small amounts occasionally.

Substituting cat food with cake is not a decision you should make to suit the taste buds of your feline friend. Then there is carrot cake, vanilla cake covered in chocolate frosting, cakes filled with macadamia nuts, ice cream, and even cotton candy. These types of cakes are also toxic to cats as they cause allergies, alcohol poisoning, illnesses like kidney failure, cat liver failure, weight gain, and more. So, the better option is a forkful of cake but just a simple vanilla cake that can be fed only if your cat does not have lactose intolerance.

Can I Give My Cat Cake Frosting?

There are different types of cake frostings, and as cat owners, you should know that chocolate frosting, out of all, is the worst. It is completely toxic for your kittens, and you should never allow them to eat it. Chocolate contains theobromine which is poisonous for cats, even if consumed in small amounts. So, if your feline friend eats some chocolate frosting, take them to the vet immediately.

Peanut butter is made from peanuts, a nut, but the butter content of this ingredient is highly fatty for your cat. If you have peanut butter frosting on a cake, make sure you avoid giving them, but that does not mean they will get ill if they accidentally eat some of the peanut butter frostings. However, if there is excessive sugar in the cake, then it can cause issues for the little cat. Other cake frostings containing extracts, coffee, and other chemicals are toxic as they may cause alcohol poisoning and related illnesses.

Why Do Cats Love Eating Cake That Is Harmful?

Like humans, cats’ taste receptors also crave certain types of food in which sweet foods are on top of the pyramid. Your cat must like sweet foods filled with too much cocoa, sugar, and fat, but that does not mean you should give them too much cake. The reason for your cat to like the cake is the fat content present in it.

Although many cats love eating cake, you should give them a low carb diet which means giving your cat cake in small quantities. It is best if, as cat parents, we keep them away from the food that they should not consume on a regular basis. 

Can Cats Eat Sugar?

There are diabetic cats and obese cats, despite their health conditions, might crave sweet things like cake and even cake frostings containing too much sugar. So, is it okay for your cat to eat sugar? The answer is simple, no.

Cats shouldn’t eat excessive sugar, especially for longer periods, as too much sugar can cause your cat to have health concerns, and too much carbs, sugars, and such foods may lead your feline friend to have abnormal heart rhythms. Not only is this condition risky and concerning, but it also comes in the way of your cat’s fun activity time. Excessive sugar can also lead to cancer, weight gain, and other dangerous illnesses which may lead to death.


Even if the entire universe claims cakes are a great sweet treat for your feline friends, make sure you avoid giving them. Cakes have too much fat, sugar, and calories. Your cats must love cakes because of the high fat content in them, which is the main reason why you shouldn’t give your furry friend a cake treat. Even if you have to give them a cake on special occasions such as their birthday so, do not give cake in large amounts. A forkful of the simple vanilla cake made with natural ingredients is enough for them. If there are any issues or you notice symptoms like coughing, difficulty breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., then take your feline friends to the vet.

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