Can Cats Eat Celery?

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Cat Eat CeleryCelery is a human food that has many health benefits. Whether you consume celery leaves, celery stalks, or celery juice, celery can be cooked, or you can eat raw celery and still have all the health benefits of celery. However, for your feline friend, the case for eating such healthy food in large amounts might be different. Celery is great for the immune system as it is considered a healthy vegetable for humans, but let’s read on to find out if celery is a good choice for your furry friend, an obligate carnivore.

Is Celery a Good Choice for My Cat?

The short answer is yes, celery is a good choice for your feline friend, even if they are meat lovers. Every part of celery, including celery leaves, celery stalks, and even celery seeds, excluding the celery roots, are edible by humans and cats. However, in the case of cats, we as cat owners should know that even though celery is non-toxic, too much celery can be toxic for your feline friend. As obligate carnivores, a cat’s diet must include meat as a majority portion and only around 4-5% of fruits and vegetables to make up their balanced diet.

This is a great way to keep them away from health issues and to give your cat a perfect diet with these extra treats. Even small amounts of celery are beneficial for your cat’s digestive system, but some cats might show some side effects, so it is better not to force them to eat celery. Celery leaves are also great for your cats as they consider them as their catnip and a small amount of celery juice are also a great healthy treat for your feline friend.

Celery, Cats, and Health Benefits

Celery is a healthy snack to give your feline friend a healthy digestive tract, celery has a high amount of fiber, and there is no doubt that there are many benefits of celery. Celery contains a chemical compound known as phytonutrients which is great for keeping your feline friend safe from digestive health issues such as stomach pain and upset stomach.

Celery has anti-inflammatory properties due to the high amount of phytonutrients present in it, and it also has antioxidants that fight free radicals, oxidative damage, and other toxic compounds. These help your feline friend to fight off oxidative stress and helps in resolving their digestive problem. As cat lovers, we should know that a cat’s diet is different for different cats, and not every cat can eat green vegetables, but if your feline friend does, it is a good thing.

Celery is a natural diuretic that can provide your little furry friend with unlimited diuretic properties and help them boost their kidney function. But too much of this wet food can cause your cat to drink little water and have dehydration, so make sure that a small quantity is given to them. Celery stalk has high fiber content, and that helps with many digestive issues in your feline friend as a single stalk of celery contains 95% of fiber and water, which is the best thing to intake for a cat’s overall health.  

Can Cats Overload on Celery?

Celery has lots of vitamins, including vitamin K, vitamin A, and vitamin C, and as human beings, it is a great source of dietary fiber for us and the best way to get a great amount of fiber and water. This helps us stay hydrated and whatnot, but as us humans, your feline friend is also not allowed to overload on celery. Cat’s body is different than humans, and their diet can easily affect their body, organs, and behavior, so as pet owners taking care of their diet is quite essential for us.

Suppose you give your cat celery in large amounts instead of small pieces and quantities. If you provide them with large celery stalks, your feline friend might end up in a choking hazard, upset stomach, stomach ache, allergic reaction, skin irritations, etc. And if your feline friend gets their stomach upset, it becomes severe following symptoms like vomiting, food-borne illnesses, and more which may lead them into a condition where you might have to visit the vet. So, it is better that you do not overload them with celery and only serve small pieces in small portions.

Disadvantages of Celery for Cats

An adult cat is different from a kitten and might already have a weak immune and digestive system, so there might be times when even the smell of celery might trigger them. Green beans and vegetables are not always your feline friend’s best friend, as some like them and some don’t, and if your little one does not like celery, don’t give them. Celery is a commercial diet and goes through a commercial growing process which means it is being sprayed with fertilizers and more such chemical compounds, and if your cat eats celery out in the wild, then it can be quite dangerous.

Even a little bit of celery that is not cleaned properly can take them to their death bed, so you have to take care of it. If your feline friend is allergic to natural things like grasses or mugwort, it might also be allergic to celery and can have severe reactions to their health.

How Much Celery Can My Cat Eat?

Even though it is good news that your feline friend can eat celery, too much of anything can become toxic food for them. The same is the case with celery. If it is given in small quantity, it is one of the best things, but if you overload, there are consequences. The main ingredients of celery are water and fiber. Even though both are harmless but too much fiber and water can cause issues with the digestive tract, which is something we do not want for our feline friend. So, to give them a balanced diet, you can feed them around one tablespoon of celery juice and 5-10% of other food sources such as celery stalks and leaves and keep them away from the celery seeds.


In the first place, giving vegetables and fruits is dangerous for your cat as most commercial diets of most cat foods already contain all of the essential nutrients. However, if you are concerned and want to give them celery, then you can, but you have to keep all the things discussed above in your mind to keep your feline friend safe from the dangers. Your cat won’t put on too much weight after eating celery, but if given in excess quantity, it can lead to many other issues, so it is better to let them enjoy it occasionally.

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