Can Cats Eat Whipped Cream?

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Cat Eat Whip CreamWhenever we are eating ice cream, cakes, whip cream, or other sweet treats, we always wonder if we can give this human food to our cat or not. As cat owners, we should know that cat food is the best thing you can give your furry friend.

However, there are times when you can give your feline friend human foods different than your cat’s diet but is giving whipped cream a good idea?

Is Whipped Cream Good for Cats?

As pet owners, we should know some basics about our cat’s health, one of which is that our feline friends suffer from lactose intolerance. If you give your feline friend human foods filled with lactose, your furry friend might get an upset stomach and serious health problems. Even small amounts of dairy products can bring health issues to adult cats.

Whipped cream contains large amounts of sugar and protein, which give your feline friend a bad idea. These main ingredients in the whipped cream cause a healthy cat’s digestive problems and are the main reason you shouldn’t give your feline friend dairy foods. It is better to stick to healthy food or pet foods designed for your cat than to give them human foods.

Though you can give them human foods as occasional treats, giving them these foods with a lot of sugar in them and milky products with too much lactose is a call for many digestive issues and stomach issues, making your cat’s digestive system unstable. So, the short answer is no. Whipped cream is not good for your feline friend.

Why is Whipped Cream Not Allowed for Cats?

Regarding the overall health of our feline friends, giving your cat dairy products is not recommended due to the high fat content, too much sugar, artificial sweeteners, vanilla extracts, corny syrup, nitrous oxide, and other toxic ingredients added to this tasty treat. Vanilla extracts usually have a high amount of ethyl alcohol which, if eaten by your feline friend, can cause alcohol poisoning.

The nitrous oxide from the whipped creams is one of the chemicals they do not need, and corn syrup is no different; it contains artificial sweeteners like xylitol, which is poisonous to cats. Whipped cream also has high fat content, which can cause weight gain leading to kidney failure, liver failure, diabetes, heart problems, and blood pressure issues. These are a few reasons why your feline friend is not allowed to eat whipped cream.

What Happens If Your Cat Eats Whipped Cream?

Everyone knows cats are obligate carnivores and love to eat raw meat, so giving them junk foods like heavy cream is not recommended. However, kittens and cats are both different. Kittens’ diet is usually their mother’s milk which contains a little bit of lactase enzyme, which can be digested through the kitten’s digestive system. But when it comes to adult cats, they are not designed to digest lactose, and the undigested lactose disturbs your cat’s stomach. 

Our cat’s stomach is quite sensitive, and when given foods rich in lactose, they show two main results which are not good for them. First, your feline friend’s colon often produces a foul mixture of fluids because of fermentation, as the lactose sugar is undigested in their system. It can cause diarrhea, vomiting, or both, and the other effect is stomach ache, so all these issues are uncomfortable for your feline friend.

What To Do If My Feline Friend Eats Whipped Cream

Cats are obligate carnivores and should only be given meat as their digestive systems are designed to digest meat. That is why they cannot handle cow’s milk and should not be given sweet foods as the high sugar content can cause them health problems. Your furry friend might get stomach aches or kidney damage if this tasty treat is given to them on a daily basis. For this reason, your feline friend should be given a natural diet, which is good for these intolerant cats’ digestive upsets and overall digestive tract, rather than junk food. 

With its high sugar content and sweet taste, a little lick of heavy whipping cream is not an issue, even though it won’t harm your feline friend too much. However, if you observe your feline friend having symptoms like diarrhea, fever, vomiting, or decreased appetite, you will have to take them to the vet. So, here is the good news, you can give your feline friend some other human foods which are good for them, like chicken, fish, cooked eggs, etc.

Other Human Foods Bad for Cats

Different types of foods can be given as healthy treats to your feline, which are also good for your cat’s stomach and won’t cause gastrointestinal issues like the little whipped cream does. A little bit of these healthy human foods in moderate amounts is not a bad idea. However, other human foods are bad for cats despite these good treats.

This food list includes cheese, yogurt, cow milk, chocolate, and ice cream, all of these food items are dairy foods, and they are not good for your feline friend, so refrain from giving them even a little bit. Then grapes, raw eggs, garlic and onions, fat trimmings, and liver that contain too much vitamin A are also hazardous for your cats and dogs and should never be given to them.


Giving you cat milk or other dairy foods on rare occasions or if they eat cool whip cream accidentally is fine unless they have taken xylitol in their systems. Sweet things have a safe side, too, unless your cat is diabetic or is already obese. So, giving them dairy foods is not a good idea, and if next time you see your friend attacking some cake with cream on it, immediately take it away from them. Whipped cream is not a healthy food for your cat, and they will not digest it as it has all the ingredients that are not suitable for your cat’s stomach. Therefore, it is better to keep them away from such dangerous snacks.

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