Cane Corso Doberman Mix: Everything You Need to Know

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The Cane Corso Doberman MixIf the family is looking for great guard dogs, then this hybrid is a great choice. This mix between the Doberman Pinscher and the Cane Corso results in a dog that’s both trainable and protective. The union between these two dogs has plenty to offer and may just be your new favorite breed. Whether you already have one in your home or are looking to adopt a puppy, here’s everything you need to know about the Cane Corso Doberman Mix.  

Origins of the Cane Corso Doberman Mix

If you’re a fan of hybrid dogs, you may have heard of this combination; while it may sound intimidating at first, you may think differently once you learn more about the parents.  

Doberman Pinscher

These medium to large dog breeds were first introduced in Apolda, a town in the state of Thuringia in Germany. Bred by German tax collector Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman in 1890, he wanted to create a dog of a large size that could protect him while he collected tax and help ward off robbers. He dreamed of making a breed that has a combination of high intelligence, loyalty, strength, ferocity, and endurance. 

His work was then continued by Philip Groening and Otto Goeller, who later succeeded in the Dobermans known today. However, the exact breeds used to create the Doberman are still unknown; many experts believe it’s a combination of the Weimaraner, German Pinscher, and Beauceron. According to the American Kennel Club, breeds that contributed to the Doberman Pinscher include the Rottweiler, old shorthaired shepherd, German Pinscher, and black and tan Terrier. 

Cane Corso

Originating from Italy, the Cane Corso is one of the most ancient dog breeds and is a descendant of the Roman Canis Pugnax, which was used in times of war. This dog is a large Italian Molosser that’s related to the Neapolitan Mastiff — it’s a muscular dog but isn’t as bulky compared to other breeds of Italian Mastiff. It has been used in a wide range of jobs, such as big game hunters, guarding property, and cattle herding.

This breed was once close to extinction during the mid-20th century; thankfully, they were revived in the 1970s by enthusiasts, which is why they’re so popular in the United States today. They are highly valued for their power, versatility, bravery, and power. Cane Corso dogs are also well known for their status as the last of the coursing Mastiffs. 

About Cane Corso Doberman Mixes 

As mentioned, the Cane Corso Doberman Mix is a unique mix between the Cane Corso and Doberman Pinscher. The appearance of both parent breeds is very different, so their offspring can look like either one but they will often have a muscular and sleek build with coats that can look like any of the parents. One parent hails from Italy and the other is from Germany; while one is a great family dog, the other is used as a working dog, creating a mix that can do both. 

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix dog is truly special for various reasons; these aren’t dogs you see every day and most people won’t even know what Cane Corsos are. Dobermans, on the other hand, have always been intimidating due to their looks. While many people have heard of them, most will think that they’re only suited for guard work. 

But despite what people may think, the Doberman Cane Corso Mix is a loving dog that will protect their family members. However, they will need an owner who has both physical and mental strength to control such powerful dogs. Furthermore, the owner needs to be a leader and have the skills to show their dog that they are the leader of the pack. 

Cane Corso Doberman Mix Size 

 DobermanCane Corso
Weight60 to 100 lb.88 to 120 lb.
Height (at the shoulder)24 to 27 inches23 to 28 inches
Lifespan8 to 10 years10 to 12 years


Cane Corso Doberman Mix Personality

When it comes to this designer dog, the first thing you need to know is that they will demand a lot from you, both in terms of time and effort. A Cane Corso Doberman Mix puppy will be difficult to manage but once you cross this threshold and it reaches adulthood, they will be a lot more manageable. Even if they are large dogs that have an intimidating look, this shouldn’t stop you from getting one of these bad boys. 

These dogs will likely become “one owner” dogs, and will typically only see one person in the family as their true owner while trying to dominate everyone else. As the owner, you can’t let your dog be the leader of the family and take charge of everyone. Your dog needs to know that you’re the one in charge and make it respond to you, instead of the other way around.     

This mixed-breed dog is sensitive, serious, and has an excellent memory, so if you offend it by hitting it or raising your voice, it will remember those instances. This will result in an unhealthy relationship and could lead to aggressive behavior towards the owner. Even so, it will be an excellent guard dog that can protect your property against people and other dogs but it will need proper training to recognize threats.  

Feeding Your Cane Corso Doberman Mix

When caring for large breeds, giving them the right food and nutrition is essential since they impact your dog’s energy, health, and overall well-being. Because they’re such large and active dogs, their nutritional needs will vary depending on their weight, age, health, and activity level. This hybrid dog needs a balanced diet that consists of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and high-quality proteins. 

These specific dietary requirements will be able to support their high energy levels and size while promoting joint health and muscle development which is crucial for such an athletic breed. If you’re looking for commercial dog food, opt for options that are formulated specifically for active and large breeds. Always choose products that list real meat as their primary ingredients without any artificial additives and fillers.  

It’s also essential to take into consideration any health concerns and your dog’s age when picking out their food. These puppies require a diet that’s rich in nutrients to help them grow, while adults will benefit from weight management and joint health formulas. Because they’re such big dogs, these dogs won’t cope well if allowed to become overweight; so you’ll need to give them vigilant attention. 

Any excess weight will put unnecessary strain on their body and joints, which may lead to various health problems. To prevent obesity in these dogs, refrain from overfeeding and implement the correct portions during feeding time. It will also help to monitor your dog’s weight and modify their food intake according to their age and exercise level to ensure that they stay at a healthy weight.    

Grooming Your Cane Corso Doberman Mix

These dogs have a short coat but this doesn’t mean that you won’t need to put effort into their grooming. They shed a lot and will shed even more when shedding season is around so be prepared to groom them all year round. You’ll often find their hair everywhere, so be sure to get special combs and brushes to keep their hair neat as much as possible. 

However, their grooming doesn’t end with just regular brushing and you will need to bathe your dog if it’s dirty — all this dirt will stick to its coat and eventually end up on your furniture if you don’t immediately wash it. This dog comes in a wide range of colors and the most common coat colors are brown, black, brindle, and rust. Because they have such short coats, you’ll need to give them a coat to help them stay warm during winter; alternatively, you can give them a lot of exercise to give them heat. 

Exercising Your Doberman Cane Corso Mix

This active dog needs plenty of exercise so be sure to go on a brisk walk at least twice every day. These high-energy dogs won’t let rain stop them on their tracks and you can’t just take them on a stroll around the park; they need to be challenged. However, their activities don’t need to be too special — simply take them out for outdoor activities such as playing fetch or running next to your bike. 

Moreover, this dog will need lots of mental stimulation to ensure that their brain runs like a well-oiled machine. They are ideal pets for people with an active lifestyle, and they shouldn’t be left at home with no way to release their built-up energy. These dogs are easily frustrated and can turn to destructive behaviors when faced with boredom, so make sure that there’s always something for them to do.  

Training Your Doberman Cane Corso Mix

Doberman Cane Corsos are powerful dogs that need plenty of training, and owning one comes with plenty of responsibilities, not just for you but for your family too. Training and proper socialization should start at a young age. The good news is that they’re intelligent dogs; the bad news is that they come with a strong will. 

Because their parents have traits such as being independent, hard to train, and an eagerness to please, the puppies can fall into any of these categories. Experienced dog owners will know that these dogs need a confident and firm leader who will take charge. If you’re new to large dog breeds, your dog will benefit from obedience training to give your pooch the best start.  

Additionally, they need early socialization to help them get along with smaller animals and strangers. Because both parents are protective of their family and wary of strangers, they need help to distinguish friends from foes. If they aren’t socialized properly, their high prey drive may cause them to chase small animals; use positive reinforcement techniques to help them learn.   

Health Issues in Doberman Cane Corso Mix 

Whether you want purebred dogs or mixed-breed dogs, they will all have an equal chance of developing a genetic disease or other health conditions. This is the reason why you need to purchase your pet from a reputable breeder; moreover, health screenings are a must. Never buy or adopt dogs from a breeder who won’t give you details about the dog’s health or potential issues with their breeding process.  

You need to be aware that Cane Corsos may suffer from common health issues with this breed, such as elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, demodectic mange, gastric torsion (bloat), as well as eye entropion and ectropion. Your breeder should be able to provide you with clearance from the Canine Eye Registry Foundation, hip scores from the University of Pennsylvania (PennHIP), and a good or excellent certificate from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).     

Moreover, having your dog checked by your vet isn’t enough to keep it healthy. You’ll need to keep a close eye on their weight to stop them from getting big since obesity is one of their biggest problems. Keeping your pooch at the right weight will extend its life expectancy.  

When it comes to their Doberman Pinscher parents, they are a healthy breed in general but they are still prone to the following diseases: 

  • Von Willebrand’s disease is a blood disorder that can be inherited from parents and affects the ability of blood to clot. Its main symptom is bleeding excessively after surgery or an injury, while other symptoms include bleeding gums, nosebleeds, or stomach bleeding. 
  • Hip Dysplasia is another inherited condition where the thigh bone won’t fit properly into the dog’s hip joint. Some dogs will show lameness and pain in their legs but other dogs won’t have any symptoms.  
  • Color Mutant Alopecia is known as a genetic condition that affects dogs with different color variations which can lead to skin irritation and hair loss. Regular skin care and grooming are essential to manage this condition. 
  • Bloat or gastric dilatation-volvulus is a life-threatening condition that can affect deep-chested and large dogs. This can happen to dogs that eat a large meal every day while eating and drinking quickly. Combined with vigorous exercise, this can easily lead to bloat and is more common in older dogs. 

If you don’t seek immediate medical attention, the dog may die, so if you suspect that your dog is bloated, you will need to get it help quickly. Symptoms of bloat include depression, restless behavior, lethargy, and a rapid or weak heartbeat.  

Caring for Health Issues

The management and proper care of health issues are essential in ensuring the quality of life and well-being of your Doberman Corso Mix. As such, vet care and early detection are key to making sure that your pooch gets the breed-specific care it needs while promoting its health and happiness. Preventative care and regular check-ups with your vet are also important since these can protect and safeguard your pet’s health. 

Protective measures may help to save your pet from potential illness and diseases, helping to manage and detect health issues early on, while improving your dog’s quality of life. Now that you’re aware of the potential risks that your Cane Corso Doberman mix may face, it’s much easier to look for signs of illness in your puppy.  

Cane Corso Doberman Mix Lifespan

This hybrid is a young and rare dog breed so its lifespan hasn’t been accurately determined yet; what is known though are the lifespans of their parent breeds. Cane Corsos can live an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years, which is a lower life expectancy compared to other dogs. But this isn’t different from average dogs of a large size since they will usually have a shorter lifespan. 

They also age quickly and are more prone to some health issues. Their Doberman parents are pure breeds that can live a healthy life between 10 to 13 years if they’re taken on regular checkups, checked for genetic disorders, and are well taken care of. Cane Corso Doberman mixes can become healthy dogs with a lifespan of up to 13 years if given the care they need. 

Cane Corso Doberman Mix Cost

Because most breeders won’t cross the Doberman Pinscher with a Cane Corso, they can be hard to find but if you’re lucky enough to come across one, they could cost around $500. But if you don’t have the budget for this pooch, but are looking for dogs similar to a Doberman or Cane Corso, then you can look into the following breeds:

  • Great Dane
  • German Shepherd
  • Labrador
  • Golden Retriever
  • Border Collie
  • Staffordshire
  • Boxer
  • Dogo Argentino
  • American Pit Bull Terrier

Is the Cane Corso Doberman Mix Right for You?

This is certainly a great dog breed that will provide your home with the care and protection it deserves while sharing love and happiness with you. But like every other dog, it does have its downsides; they can become aggressive when you don’t invest in spending time with them. But with the right owner, they can form strong bonds even with young children, and is the best choice for families looking for a reliable guard dog.