A Dog’s Right to Attack: Canine Love Bites

A Dog's Right to Attack: Canine Love Bites

A “Beware of Dog” sign is posted in visible sight for anyone who comes near your property to see. This sign protects you from any negligent person who thinks they can stick their hand through your fence for a pat on your doggie’s head. Strangers walking down alleys love to attempt this feat. If they get bit you aren’t responsible. You’ve done your part to warn people your dog is quite capable of biting. Besides not all-aggressive dogs bark off a warning before they will take a hand off. Though friendly dogs will pull off a playful bite if they are seeking attention and get worked up enough.

There is a way to tell if a dog isn’t playing and is in an attack stance. Look at the dogs’ tail if its wagging then the dog is friendly and wants to play. If the tail isn’t wagging the dog is preparing to attack. If you happen to come into contact with an unfriendly dog, don’t run. The dog will run after you. The bigger a dog is the better it can jump up and knock you down. If an angry dog does knock you down curl up into a ball and play dead in the same way you would if you ran into a wild bear. The dog may lose interest and walk off. If at any time the dog lunges at your throat quickly raise an arm in front of your neck to protect it. Its better to get bitten in the arm or hand than to have your throat ripped out.

Small children living next door often tend to wander off onto neighboring property if left unattended for even a few minutes. If a neighbors child trespasses into your yard and uses a stick to poke and tease your dog making it angry enough to bite you have every right to refuse paying doctors bills for two reasons.

Number one, the parents should have been watching their child. If they weren’t paying enough attention to their kid that the child had considerable time to wander off and get hurt then the next time the child disappears could be a fatal one. The kid could always roam into the street and get run over.

Number two; poking your dog with a stick could have just as easily hurt it. The child could have poked an eye out. Even humans don’t like to get jabbed with a stick. It’s irritating. A “Beware of Dog” sign is sufficient in warning neighbors that they should leave your dog alone and they should tell their children to do the same. Besides your dog has the right to defend itself and its territory.

A dog that has escaped from its yard may not be hurt in any way if it watches or barks at someone as long as it isn’t on his or her property. A neighbor, whose yard you’re dog is destroying, when it escapes under the electric fence, cannot be harmed or killed. As long as the dog isn’t physically harming anyone law protects it. If the neighbor does kill or hurt your dog when they obviously aren’t in physical danger you can sue for emotional anguish and veterinary bills. The angry neighbor distraught over your dog’s handiwork to their yard may sue for property damages.

A seeing-eye dog of a blind person is well trained, but they can be distracted. A blind person who makes it clear they don’t want anyone petting their seeing-eye dog and someone decides to ignore their wishes anyway, if they get bitten they are on their own. The blind person isn’t responsible. Dog laws vary from state to state, but dogs do have rights.

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