Cao da Serra de Aires Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Cao Da Serra De Aires Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Cao de Serra de Aires is an original breed from the wonderful land of Portugal. It’s a healthy boy with the looks to lure any unwary stranger in. Beware its beauty and smile, because last we know, it had us searching pictures of it on the internet for hours. It truly is a danger to behold. Look at its pictures at your own risk. You never know how quickly it will call you to itself. Absurdity aside, this is the good doggo that we all dream about. Why? You’ll understand that shortly.

Cao da Serra de Aires History

The Cao de Serra de Aires is a dog native to Portugal. It’s one of the few breeds that have a clear and documented history to a certain extent. The breed is primarily a herding and guarding breed. It is a breed that is thought to have been developed in the past Century. This breed’s blood is thought to be a mingling of the Pyrenean Sheepdog and the Briard. Its direct inception can directly be connected to the Count de Castro Guimaraes, who imported this breed. The breed was crossbred with the Catalan, according to some accounts.

As you may have inferred from its name, this breed is from the Serra de Aires mountains. These mountains are found in the scenic Alentejo regions. This breed died in the 1970s but quickly regained its foothold thanks to the farmers of the area.  The breed still hadn’t gained its previous population but quickly was on its way back to its former prowess by the 1990s. The breed was accepted by the UKC in 2006 and is yet to be accepted by the AKC.

Cao da Serra de Aires Characteristics

The Cao de Serra de Aires has a physicality meant to survive in the Aires Mountains’ harsh environment. It will have a smooth coat with long hair and a firm muscular body. The shape or type of the coat can vary between wavy and smooth. The Cao de Serra de Aires can come in Fawn, Yellow, Black, Brown, or Wolf Gray. It will have eyes small and round, mostly brown in color. The ears of this breed are normal in size and droop to the side of their heads.

How Big do Cao da Serra de Aires Get

The Cao de Serra de Aires is medium in size at best. The height range of the Cao de Serra de Aires varies between 16 and 22 inches. You’ll be glad to know that its muscular body gives it a suitable weight range of 26 to 40 lbs.

How Long Does Cao da Serra de Aires Live

It will usually live enough to watch your children grown up. Its average lifespan is thought to be between 12 and 14 years.

How Much Does a Cao da Serra de Aires Cost

The Cao de Serra de Aires is a rare breed. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find it. If you do, then based on its rarity and health, you should expect to pay anything more than 900 dollars.

Cao da Serra de Aires Temperament/Personality

The Cao de Serra de Aires is a friendly breed that loves attention from its owners. This means that it wants you to watch it doing stuff without any orders. It inherently has an independent nature. This makes training it a great pain and complication. This problem is almost unsolvable for first-time breed owners. The Cao de Serra de Aires will remain happy with all of the family members, including children.

It will be inseparable from the people it wants to protect after it has bonded with them. Strangers, though, will have a hard time getting on its good side. It will not get along with other pets in the house either. To eradicate that problem, you will have to give it early socialization sessions. With that out of the way, we can ascertain that this breed is a nice doggo with the potential to be your best friend.

Caring for Cao da Serra de Aires

Every good doggo deserves the love and care of its owner. Similarly, it’s your responsibility to take care of your buddy without taking any shortcuts.

Cao da Serra de Aires Nutrition

The Cao de Serra de Aires is a breed with considerable size but surprisingly needs a minute amount of food. The general limit for this breed is between one and two cups of nutritious food per day.

How to Groom a Cao da Serra de Aires

The Cao de Serra de Aires will require a regular brushing session to keep its coat healthy and tangle-free. A smooth pin brush should ideally be used to make things even easier. The Cao de Serra de Aires will need to be bathed only when the need arises. Excessive bathing will do more harm than good. Have its coat trimmed professionally every once in a while to prevent unnecessary tangles and matting. Its nails will have to be trimmed to prevent any tears and infections from building up. Finally, clean its ears with a soft cotton ball soaked in a sterile solution approved by the vet.

Cao da Serra de Aires Activity Levels

The Cao de Serra de Aires is a moderately active breed and doesn’t bother its owners much with self-destructive behavior. Yet to bond with it and keep it healthy, give it at least 45 minutes of exercise or walks per day. It loves playing games, and a quick game of Frisbee or fetch should suit it nicely.

Caring for Cao da Serra de Aires

The Cao de Serra de Aires is certainly not a low-maintenance breed. Its grooming is intensive and ranges from medium to high in effort. The length of the coat makes it especially problematic. Training it can be hell if you don’t have prior experience. You will need professional help with this. Having it used to other pets and humans can also be a major problem in itself. It will need a vast period of socialization. If you can take care of these problems, then you’ll find the Cao de Serra de Aires as a very loving and desirable companion.

Cao da Serra de Aires Health

The Cao da Serra de Aires despite its recent inception to is a very healthy breed. Its immunity is like that of the high-end, almost ancient breeds. The only thing you’ll have to go to the vet’s office for this breed will be a slight fracture or age-related problems. Even if it has high immunity, we would still recommend giving it the usual run-in of checkups and examination.

It’s also vital that you give it the right diet after consulting your local vet. A poor diet can cause more than a stomach ache. It would also be best if you kept it active through the exercise routines daily.

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