Carillon Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Carillon Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowCarillon is a cross between two very adorable dogs, the Cairn Terrier and the Papillon. It mixes each and everything of its parents, starting from its name to its personality traits, habits, and demeanor. Inheriting from their parents, these dogs turn out to be intelligent, loyal, and playful companions.

It is a relatively new hybrid with less information. But we will analyze the traits of both its parents to extract the personality of their hybrid. Looking more like a Cairn Terrier, this designer hybrid is cute with round shiny and deep eyes.

Carillon History

Carillon is a designer dog coming from two wonderful purebred dogs with long-standing histories. The Papillon is an ancient dog that developed in France. It traces its origins to almost 700 years ago where the Italian frescoes and compositions portrayed its presence. Known to be royalty companions and nobles back then, this dog got recognition from the AKC in 1915. Although it initially didn’t have the “butterfly wings,” which are their hallmark now. The name Papillon is a French word that means butterfly in English.

The Cairn Terrier originated in Scotland’s Isle of Skye, chasing back to the fifteenth century. It is one of several terrier breeds that was placed in the Skye Terrier classification. Earlier, it was utilized to chase foxes, the badgers, and otters. Its exact history is vague until 1887 when it was named Cairn Terrier. This dog was exhibited at British dog shows of the era and gained tremendous popularity. The American Kennel Club recognized it in 1913.

Carillon Characteristics

A Carillon is a small-sized hybrid having the sturdy build of a Terrier and the papillon parent’s delicate features. Other features it got from the Papillon are thin legs, gently curved paws, slightly drop-pointed ears, and bright eyes. We have listed the rest of its features under this heading.

How Big to Carillon Get

Generally, a Carillon weighs somewhere in the range of 11 and 14 pounds when fully grown up. Likely, it stands approximately nine to 12 inches tall. In case your pup is below this scale even at its young age, then take your vet’s recommendation on it.

How Long Does Carillon Live

The lifespan of a Carillon is average for small breed dogs at 13 to 16 years. It can be easily exceeded to 17 or 18 years with proper care. Continue reading this article to know the salient points of your pup’s care.

How Much Does a Carillon Cost

The cost of a Carillon is low as compared to its purebred parents. You can get it from a reputable breeder for between $600 to $800. However, we recommend you adopt it from a rescue or shelter rather than purchasing.

Carillon Temperament/Personality

Carillon is a cute mix of the temperament from both the parent dogs. Like the Cairn parent, it is a small, shaggy, alert dog with eyes that shine with intelligence. The Papillon parentage gave it eager to please and fun nature that loves to join large families.

It is known as a devoted family buddy that craves its master’s attention. Always ready to please you, this hybrid is a fun-loving pet that loves to play and hang out. It can be vocal at times, and this tendency might be coming from the Cairn Terrier.

Moreover, Carillon has a high drive for chasing to pursue other little creatures whenever given the opportunity. It would be best if you never left it unsupervised while interacting with kids and pets. Most importantly, give your pup good training at an early age to avoid all the negative tendencies.

Caring for Carillon

The Carillon do well on high-quality dog food. It needs grooming and exercise regularly, along with a regular veterinary visit. This section covers your dog’s food, grooming, exercise, and health requirements.

Carillon Nutrition

You can give your Carillon commercially manufactured or raw food prepared at home. However, the homemade food must have the veterinarian’s recommendation and approval. In general, the dry dog kibble is best that meets the dog’s age, weight, and activity levels.

How to Groom a Carillon

Carillon has a medium-sized dense coat that needs twice a week brushing. It is a partially hypoallergenic dog that can be highly maintained with occasional bathing, routine teeth brushing, and nail clipping. Dry out its ear folds with the help of a cotton swab as trap moisture can cause infection.

Carillon Activity Levels

The Carillon is a moderately active toy breed dog that needs medium exercise daily. It would be best to take this little doggo to a doggy park and let it enjoy for 40 to 60 minutes. As the people who live in smaller areas such as apartments opt for this and like dogs, they must go outside for fresh air daily.

Caring for Carillon

The Carillon live best on one cup of good quality dog diet a day. It can be inclined to getting overweight, so watch your canine’s calorie utilization and weight level.

This toy-sized dog can be contented to play indoor games to remain active. Also, it can adapt to all types of environments – urban, rural, suburban. However, you must ensure regular exercise to remain active and fit.

Carillon Health

The Carillon can be a very healthy designer dog if it has a decently active lifestyle alongside its owner. Being a hybrid, it suppresses various inherited diseases that plagued its parents. Still, it has the chance of developing any health problems like any other living being.

The canine diseases to which your Carillon can be predisposed are very few, including Eye Problems, Joint conditions, or dentistry issues. Watch their calorie intake and maintain a grooming regimen to avoid these issues as well. Moreover, take your puppy to a vet regularly and mark it as an essential part of its routine. It helps avoid diseases and keeps your doggy healthy throughout its life.

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