Cat Cats Eat Ice Cream?

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Cat Eat Ice CreamCats are obligate carnivores, and most cats have lactose intolerance, so giving them dairy products is risky. Whenever we eat, we want to give our cats small quantities of human food and, in this case, some ice cream. Cat’s digestive systems are sensitive, so if next time you watch a viral video of a cat’s brain freezing due to cold temperatures of ice cream, do not believe it because too much ice cream is not good for anyone.

Is Ice Cream Good for Cats?

Back in the 20th century, cats were given a saucer of milk with a small amount of bread dipped to make a tasty treat. It was considered a good choice for cat food, and the milk was usually used for either whole milk, goat’s milk, or cow’s milk. Giving your cat milk was fine back in the day, and dairy products were not as dangerous as they are considered these days.

However, in the 1930s, the good idea of cat food shifted to meat and water instead of milk and bread, and that is from where the cats were known to be lactose intolerant and someone who cannot easily digest even small amounts of dairy products. Your cats can eat a small amount of ice cream; however, it is not good to give your cat ice cream.

Ice cream contains too much sugar, artificial sweeteners, and milk and is a cold food that many love, but giving artificial sweeteners to your cat can be toxic. They can cause upset stomachs, stomach aches, and other side effects.

Do Cats Love Eating Ice Cream?

The short answer is that your cat does not have sweet taste receptors, meaning it cannot get the taste of ice cream. If your cat eats ice cream in large amounts, it does not mean they love eating ice cream. They are only eating the bowl of ice cream because of the main ingredients that have high fat content present in the ice cream. 

Even though eating ice cream can cause your feline friend health problems, they will still want to eat it. So, as cat parents, if your cat wants some ice cream and you do not want them to have their stomach upset, then you can give them some special treats like special kitty ice cream, which is specifically made for cats to digest and do not have any lactose or dairy products in it.

Cats, Ice Cream, and Their Reaction

Kittens can digest ice cream but giving them ice cream is not a great idea as they might face extra difficulties later in life. You can give them only a small amount of ice cream, specifically for cats. The adult cat is already lactose tolerant, so they cannot eat ice cream without any digestive issues.

If this is the case, you can give your cat some ice cubes to eat or a small amount of ice cream, but remember, if they take large quantities at once, then the cold temperature will cause brain freeze. The brain freeze will happen due to constriction of the nervous system, and blood vessels and the pain receptors in your cat’s mouth will also numb. 

Your cat will feel a strange sensation, which won’t be good for them. So, next time you feed your cat some ice cream, make sure to give it in small portions and avoid giving them any dairy products, as they will cause stomach aches, diarrhea, ingestion, and nausea.

What Type of Ice Cream Can My Cat Eat?

There are different types of ice creams available in the market. Most of them are dairy products made directly with cream and whole milk, while others are non-dairy ice creams made with skim milk, yogurt, lactose-free milk, and goat milk. Then there are flavored ice creams such as chocolate ice cream, plain vanilla ice cream, peanut butter ice cream, strawberry ice cream, etc. So, as pet parents’ what type of ice cream we can give our cat is usually our concern, and the answer is simple.

Chocolate is toxic for cats so feeding them a little bit of ice cream containing chocolate makes it harmful as chocolate is a harmful ingredient added to the ice cream. If we consider plain vanilla ice cream, it is also harmful as a lot of ice cream can cause digestive issues in our feline friends. However, here is the good news, the best way to give your cats ice cream without disturbing the cat’s stomachs is to give them non-dairy ice cream or homemade ice cream with organic compounds made with lactose-free milk. It does not contain high-fat content, has health benefits, and makes a perfect cat treat on a hot day, but that does not mean that you start giving your cat ice cream on a regular basis, as it will affect its digestive tract.

Can Kittens Eat Ice Cream?

Kittens generally do not have lactose intolerance as they feed on their mother’s milk and have all the essential nutrients in their body while having strong immune systems. Compared to adult cats, young cats can easily break down lactase enzymes and enjoy dairy products. As the kitten grows, the cat’s body changes, and it starts eating more solid food, and the chemical compound responsible for breaking its lactase enzymes decreases little by bit.

So, you can give your kittens some sweet treats, only milk, and an ice cream bowl full of this cold treat. But that’s also a bad idea as overloading your kittens on sweet things is not good for a cat’s diet and digestive system. As cat owners, it is best to keep ice cream as an occasional treat in your kitten’s life. According to research studies by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals, you should not feed your kittens some ice cream as it can affect their digestive system in the early stages of life and can create more complications and nutritional deficiencies in adult cats.


To keep your feline friend away from health issues, you must keep them away from human foods, especially foods that contain the lactase enzyme, such as dairy products, including ice cream, which has no nutritional value for them and does not offer any nutritional benefits. So, if you are eating sweet foods, especially ice cream, prepare a better option for your feline friend to minimize their chance of getting stomach problems.

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