Cat Cats Eat Raw Bacon?

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Cat Eat BaconMany believe that since cats are obligate carnivores, cat food must include raw foods like raw meat, raw bacon, turkey bacon, pork bacon, and other human foods.

However, that is not the case with your feline friend, a cat’s health can be affected if given raw foods because these human foods may contain harmful bacteria that can cause health issues. So, can our furry friend eat raw bacon?

Is Bacon Good or Bad for Cats?

Giving you cat bacon is fine, but what about the bacon grease, too much salt, and other ingredients in regular bacon? Because of these ingredients, bacon can be given to your feline friend as an occasional treat. However, passing your cat bacon regularly harms them as too much bacon can cause digestive issues and other health problems.

So, if your furry friend needs animal protein, why is bacon not good? It might be something you want to ask. Well, first, see the nutritional value of bacon, an eight-gram slice of bacon has around 137 mg of sodium and 3 grams of fat. High fat and sodium are harmful to humans, and we are here talking about our feline friend.

Too much sodium and fat in your cat’s diet can cause salt poisoning, feline obesity, and other serious health risks. So, as a cat owner, you should give your cat treats that are not harmful to them. Even though bacon is good for them, you should provide only small amounts to avoid health issues.

How Much Bacon is Allowed for Cats?

The short answer is that a small amount of bacon or a small piece of bacon if given as a special treat to your feline friend is acceptable. If you have some cooked bacon in your regular diet, do not give your feline friend the bacon daily; instead, give your friend some small bacon bits occasionally.

If your feline friend gets a taste of bacon, they will want more and might even eat more than they should. In this case, the high salt content and excess calories can give them an upset stomach and nothing more, so you don’t have to panic. Even though you can give your feline friend bacon as an occasional treat in small quantities, it can still cause health complications in the long term, so it is better to go for some tasty treats and better alternatives designed for them.

What Type of Bacon Can Cats Eat?

There are different kinds of bacon and meat in the market that your feline friend can enjoy as a treat, but which is a better option? Well, first look at the roots. Cured meats, fatty meats, lean meats, raw pork meat, raw chicken meat, and other raw pork products and bacon treats are available. However, a cat’s body needs a balanced diet for a healthy digestive tract, and a natural diet is not the best option for your cat’s system.

If you want, you can give your feline friend raw bacon but make sure it is not cured because cured meat is harmful due to the curing process, which includes different ingredients that can cause food poisoning and other health issues. Moreover, ensure that the raw bacon is cut into small slices and pieces to avoid a choking hazard, and before you feed any natural foods, make sure to ask your vet.

High salt and fat intake can cause problems in your cat’s body, so it is better to give them in moderation. Yes, your cat’s ancestors used to eat raw meat regularly, but too much time has passed, and the cat’s systems have evolved. So, giving them such food is risky. Moreover, you can also provide turkey bacon to your feline friend, but a strip of bacon or small bacon bits on rare occasions is acceptable to avoid any heart problems or weight gain.

Cats, Bacon and Health

The critical question is what happens to the excellent nutrient in bacon. So, the short answer is that your feline friend digests not everything. They may digest some saturated fats, B vitamins, animal protein, and other nutrients found in bacon, but they cannot digest a lot of salt or fat content. The high-fat content in bacon can cause weight gain, feline obesity, and other issues.

High-fat content in bacon and high salt content causes high blood pressure, which can sometimes make your feline friend blind. The high sodium content can also cause dehydration, salt poisoning, heart disease, constricting blood vessels, liver disease, pancreatitis, and other health problems. So, keeping your feline friend away from a lot of sodium is always better.

However, if you are suspicious of salt poisoning in your feline friend after overeating bacon, look for symptoms like excessive thirst, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, lethargy, lack of coordination, and worse cases, coma, tremors, seizures, and even death. So, take care of your feline friend and choose healthier alternatives than unhealthy cat treats.

Do Cats Love Bacon?

Your feline friend does love the taste of bacon. Whether it is the smokiness of the bacon or the saltiness, once your furry friend has gotten a taste of bacon, they will want more and more. Bacon is a treat that your feline friend can never get enough off.

Unfortunately, bacon is a treat that your feline friend cannot enjoy guilt-free as it contains too much fat and salt, which is not beneficial for them. So, giving them this taste treat regularly is not a good idea. However, you can give them this healthy treat twice or once weekly, and on the other days, give them more nutritious alternatives like cooked ham, beef, turkey, scrambled eggs, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, peas, etc. However, remember to give them occasional treats and not a regular diet.


To summarize, never give your regular cat treats as too much of anything can cause health problems in your feline friend. If they love bacon, then give them only as a special treat for when they are on their good behavior. As cat parents, it is always better to be conscious about the foods we are giving our feline friends because cats’ systems are sensitive, and they can quickly get gastrointestinal issues due to their diet being unbalanced.

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