Cattle Collie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Cattle Collie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe breeders keep on experiencing the cross of different dogs to produce hybrids. Some of these crosses produce more promising results than the other, and the Cattle Collie Dog is one of them. Created from the crossing of Australian Cattle Dog and the Border Collie, it is a highly energetic, intelligent, and friendly pup who can be an excellent companion.

If you want a working and companion dog with a friendly attitude, then Cattle Collie Dog can be a better option. Continue reading this article to see if this dog meets your requirements or not.

Cattle Collie Dog History

Cattle Collie Dog is a hybrid dog, has little documented history. As with all other hybrids, we will see its parental history to acquaint you with its background and lineage. The Australian Cattle Dog was recognized as a working dog by the American Kennel Club in 1980. It originated when New South Wales cattle farmer cross-bred dogs that were being used as drovers in Northumberland. The breeders further developed these dogs into two distinct breeds, and one of them was. The Australian Cattle.

The Border Collie traces back its origins to the 18th century, where the artworks and frescoes from Thomas Beckwith marked its appearance. It was renowned with the title of a famous dog among nobility and royals believed to be Queen Victoria’s favorite. The standard variety of this dog was established in 1906. The American Kennel Club registered this dog in 1995. However, the Cattle Collie Dog is not registered by the AKC due to its hybrid status.

Cattle Collie Dog Characteristics

The Cattle Collie Dog mixes the characteristics of both the parents, strongly resembling both. While there is no standard for this hybrid, it can be dense short-coated or dense, long-coated. Color combinations also vary, but the size is medium mainly. It wonderfully balances the parental traits.

How Big to Cattle Collie Dog Get

With a long, high tail, the Cattle Collie Dog is a medium-sized dog. It weighs approximately 41-65 lbs. and stands almost 22-24 inches at the shoulders. The female doggy is always slightly smaller than the male counterpart.

How Long Does Cattle Collie Dog Live

Like all other medium-sized dogs, the Cattle Collie Dog is observed to have a life expectancy of 12-15 years. As the pup relies on you, help let it live an entire life span by giving good care.

How Much Does a Cattle Collie Dog Cost

The Cattle Collie Dog can be readily available within the cost range of $600 to &700. When buying from a breeder, make sure to have a health certificate and the hybrid’s lineage proof. Moreover, you can also find this canine in rescue homes/shelters waiting for your help!

Cattle Collie Dog Temperament/Personality

The intelligent and enthusiastic Cattle Collie Dog craves the love and attention of its master. It not only asks for love but knows to return love as well. An eager to please canine who is highly faithful to its master. Its protective nature makes it wary of strangers; that is why you need to provide early life socialization.

Easy going with the kids, but defensive as the little kids can sometimes irritate the pups in their plays. So, it would help if you always supervised when the Cattle Collie Dog is interacting with kids. Early training helps counteract undesired habits and helps your dog distinguish between friends and suspicious people. Altogether it is an excellent canine that can be your partner and guard at the same time.

Caring for Cattle Collie Dog

Caring for the pup is an exciting task that never lets you get bored. Whether it is grooming exercise or else, once the doggy is stick to its routine, it will need no extra effort from your side.

Cattle Collie Dog Nutrition

It is best to feed your dog on a good quality dry dog kibble explicitly formulated to the canine’s age, size, and activity requirements. Feed your Cattle Collie Dog on a medium-sized, highly active dog kibble.

How to Groom a Cattle Collie Dog

The Cattle Collie Dog is not a hypoallergenic breed, so keep it away from the allergic members of your home. Daily brushing with a pin brush is recommended to avoid matts and tangles, ultimately reducing shedding. The grooming routine must contain teeth brushing, nail clipping bathing, and hair brushing.

Cattle Collie Dog Activity Levels

Your Cattle Collie Dog is known to be a highly active dog that needs a daily hour of vigorous exercise in a larger place. It can be a nearby park or a playground where your dog can efficiently run, fetch a ball, walk and jog.

Caring for Cattle Collie Dog

Caring for your Cattle Collie Dog is not an easy taking task. The pups trust their owners with their needs and being a pet parent; you must fulfill their requirements in the best way. At a minimum, you must bathe it after four months and clip the nails a couple of months.

Furthermore, this dog can keep well in moderate climates, keeping it away from harsh living conditions. Don’t even take out for exercise when there is extremely hot or cold weather. Although it can manage to live in apartments but giving a large yard for accommodation is the best.

Cattle Collie Dog Health

As with all other canines, the Cattle Collie Dog can get diseases that are common in dogs. These are elbow and hip dysplasia, PRA, bloat, obesity, joint issues, ear infections, and skin allergies. The primary health concern which this dog can likely get is a Congenital Heart Defect.

Luckily you can keep your dog safe from all these health issues by taking it regularly to the veterinary clinic. A routine visit to your vet can help a puppy live a long healthy life.

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