Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog) Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Caucasian Shepherd Mountain Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog) is one of the famous dog breeds of the world. It looks more like a giant bear than a dog. Otherwise known as Caucasian Mountain Dogs, Russian Bear Dogs, and Caucasian Ovcharka Dogs, it is a courageous and energetic dog. The more significant this doggy is, the more significant its heart is, making it highly loveable and friendly for the family.

You are stunned to know the outstanding traits of this unique canine. It will not withdraw from a battle, even against bears or wolves. Curious, energetic, yet obstinate, Caucasian Shepherd needs an expert dog handler to live with. If you don’t have prior experience with the canines, then this dog is strictly prohibited for you! Read on to know all about this exceptional dog breed.

Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog) History

The Caucasian Shepherd takes its name from its home place, the Caucasus mountain range of Eastern Europe. It is finding in Armenia, Georgia, Daghestan, Osettia, Turkey, Chechnia, Iran, and Azerbaijan. Bred from Molosser canines (like the Tibetan Mastiff), this massive dog has guarding and herding skills. Although this breed has existed since ancient times, it officially appeared for the time in the official Western Show-Ring in the 1930s, Germany.

According to research, the Caucasian dog is much close to the Asian Balkans and mastiffs’ sheepdogs. The Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and the United Kennel Club (UKC) accepted the authority standard implying a Russian name, “Ovcharka”, which means sheepdog in the Russian language. The Caucasian Mountain Dog keeps being reproduced and utilized in shows, just as turning out to be an astounding family guard and companion.

Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog) Characteristics

The Caucasian Mountain Dog is a giant dog, and its dense hairy look makes it appear no less than a bear. Its double coat consists of a soft underlayer and a harsh outer layer. The fur can vary from long, medium, or short, but it needs regular trimming in either case. Appearing in white rust, red, and commonly black color, this dog has a firm stature.

How Big to Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog) Get

The Caucasian Shepherd male’s weight ranges from 110 to 220 pounds, standing about 27 to 30 inches in height. The female weighs around 100 to 180 pounds with approximately 25- and 28-inches height on the converse.

How Long Does Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog) Live

Expect this giant fellow to live for about 10 to 12 years. Being a big dog, the requirements of a Caucasian Mountain can be high as it needs plenty of food, exercise, and ample space to live. Help your pup to enjoy this lifespan in good health by fulfilling its needs properly.

How Much Does a Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog) Cost

Caucasian Shepherd’s puppies can be available in pet stores for about $1000 to $1500. You can also adopt it from a nearby rescue group or pet shelter home. It is going to be a better option as these pups are looking forward to you.

Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog) Temperament/Personality

With exceptional qualities such as self-confidence, loyalty, and fearlessness, the Caucasian Shepherd makes the best guard dog as well as an excellent family companion. Being widely used as home defenders against wild hunters in the harsh, these dogs developed a remarkable sense of hearing and sight.

Not suitable for amateur pet holders, these pups need a firm and experienced leader to train them and keep them balanced. They need regular supervision, especially during their interaction with kids and. The modern Caucasian Shepherd used to hunt the wolves etc., is different from today’s variety that is harmless and affectionate.

Caring for Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog)

No matter how big a canine is, it still wants an owner or family to take complete care. If you have a Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog) around you, you must read this article. It contains all the necessary information you need for your dog’s care.

Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog) Nutrition

Feed your Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog) on a complete nutrition diet enriched with proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. But make sure that there is an adequate amount of these nutrients in the pup’s diet so that it may not overweighs it. Seek your vet’s guidance on a diet for an enormous canine.

How to Groom a Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog)

The Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog) has a double coat that needs frequent or daily brushing. Brushing can help avoid mats and tangles, keeping the shedding in control. You need to help a professional groomer as this dog is more significant than your size, and handling it can be a little tricky.

Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog) Activity Levels

Your Caucasian Mountain Dog is not as vigorous as it appears to be. It instead has moderate activity levels needing 60 to 70 minutes of daily walk or exercise. However, this breed is unfit for apartment life. Instead, accommodate in large yards having a fence.

Caring for Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog)

You need to feed your Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog) on a high-quality diet that can cater to its dietary needs. It is sharply developed, having a double-layer waterproof coat that can withstand harsh climatic conditions.

However, give suitable conditions to your pup where it can live a healthy and carefree life. Hire a professional groomer for its occasional bathing, teeth brushing, ear cleaning and nail clipping, etc.

Caucasian Shepherd (Mountain Dog) Health

Considered to be a healthy pup, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is less likely to have diseases. However, it is not immune and can be prone to some health concerns like all other individuals. It can have health issues of common giant breeds, i.e., hip dysplasia, cataracts, obesity, and bloat.

Luckily you can help your canine avoid all these issues by taking it to a veterinarian doctor regularly. Please give it proper exercise and an appropriate diet. Remain consistent with all the routines and regimens of your puppy.

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