Cav-A-Malt Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Cav A Malt Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Cav-A-Malt is another hybrid on the scene produced by a crossbreed of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Maltese. Little, carefree and simple to live with, this is a generally low energy breed that makes an incredible friend for running families.

It has such adorable looks that no one can resist touching its smooth fur and caressing it. You can easily do this pup’s grooming, training, and all very well, even if you are a first-timer. All you need is the dedication and persistent nature of keeping a pet and taking very good care of it.

Cav-A-Malt History

This adorable combination of the chivalrous Cav-A-Malt and the furry little Maltese is a toy-sized rare hybrid with a little history. Let’s look at its ancestry to acquaint ourselves with its roots. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the Renaissance period during 16th to 18th century. It has a royal history being favorite among Mary, Queen of Scots, and its son and grandson, “King Charles I, II.” Not ended here; rather, the dog enjoyed British royalty long after. The American Kennel Club recognized it in 1995.

On the other side, the Maltese are a toy-sized dog with long silky fur that is thought to have started in south-central Europe from spitz-type dogs. The AKC added it to the toy group in 1888 and ranked 33rd in popularity. Although there is no strong connection of this breed to originate in the island of Malta, despite its name, the Maltese was worshipped by the Egyptians and the Greeks.

Cav-A-Malt Characteristics

The Cav-A-Malt is a toy-sized canine with a medium to long wavy fur with a spunky personality. Its coat comes in varying colors, mostly red, tan, apricot, earthy colored, and dark. With a short and rounded pointed muzzle, it has a cherry black nose that adds to its cuteness. Continue reading to know more about this wonderful rare breed.

How Big to Cav-A-Malt Get

The toy breed Cav-A-Malt can grow to heights of between 8-13 inches. Besides, the weight ranges from 8-18 pounds or in between. It is an average estimate of this hybrid’s male and female counterparts.

How Long Does Cav-A-Malt Live

The Cav-A-Malt is a smaller dog with a comparatively longer life span than medium or larger-sized dogs. A healthy hybrid can live for about 14-16 years. Good care and supervision can increase this value.

How Much Does a Cav-A-Malt Cost

The Cav-A-Malt Cost is a designer hybrid but is available in a moderate price range. You can see its cost in a pet store or from a reputable breeder, starting from $500 to $800 on average. Adopting a puppy from rescues or shelters is better than buying it.

Cav-A-Malt Temperament/Personality

The Cav-A-Malt is an intelligent, moderately active couch pup that loves to be clingy around. Opt for this little puppy only if you have plenty of time to give it. We refrain you from having it if you already have a kid at home. It is best for the families who are seeking for a pet to give their love.

Having no tendencies like the wariness of strangers, pets, or kids, Cav-A-Malt is highly friendly. Easy to go with first-time pet holders, but consistency is important. Train it well at an early age with positive reinforcement to encourage the cute little fellow. Also, mingle it with pets and individuals in their early ages so that they are not shy.

Caring for Cav-A-Malt

The little yet healthy Cav-A-Malt is easygoing with a little time investment and love from the owner. Although its care is no joke and you hold the responsibility of its proper diet exercise and health. We have helped you in this regard, so read on!

Cav-A-Malt Nutrition

The smaller-sized dog needs a more calculated calorie intake as their little tummies can be filled with a smaller amount of food. You must give them High Protein Dog Food with no fillers. Moreover, you can opt for a Raw Dog Food or commercially prepared like the Blackwood Dog Food.

How to Groom a Cav-A-Malt

The Cav-A-Malt has a smooth coat with long and wavy hair. It is a hypoallergenic dog, so don’t hesitate to take it in your lap. However, there must be a daily brushing or at least thrice a week with a dog brush to avoid mats and tangles. Their skin is very sensitive, so bath them with a Puppy Shampoo to avoid dryness and allergies.

Cav-A-Malt Activity Levels

The small-sized Cav-A-Malt has low energy levels, and you can find it most of the time resting on a couch. It would help if you took it outside daily to better metabolism to keep up with good health. It is best to take it to a doggy park to develop interest and increase the activity levels.

Caring for Cav-A-Malt

Cav-A-Malt is a smaller-sized dog that mostly lives inside a house in your rooms. So, you must keep a Dog Potty Pads and train your doggy to remain there in case of an urge as it is a smaller puppy with a little tendency to bear extreme hot or cold weather, so you must keep Cooling Pads for Dogs and heating pads to keep them satisfied.

Furthermore, clean its ears after bathing with a cotton pad, wipe the eyes, and remove any tear stains. All these aspects not only keep your dog healthy but also make it appear more pretty, neat, and adorable.

Cav-A-Malt Health

The Cav-A-Malt is a healthy and sound designer breed that isn’t inclined to extreme infections. It is predisposed to kidney and liver illnesses, Intervertebral Disk Disease, patellar luxation, hypoglycemia, early tooth loss, and allergies.

To guarantee your pet’s wellbeing, take it to a veterinary visit once a month. Remain consistent with this routine to ensure a whole and healthy life span for your little doggy.

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