Cava-Chin Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Cava Chin Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Cava-Chin is a cute hybrid of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Japanese Chin. It is a smaller-sized, adorable dog that can be easy to handle. There is good news for you if you are a first-time pet owner who can easily have this dog with you. It is easy to groom, reliable to accommodate, and content with the love you give.

This designer canine is probably going to be under eighteen pounds with an assortment of shadings. Regardless of its size, it is well disposed, nice, and excessively dynamic. Ideal for those who live in an apartment, this little puppy can be a wonderful addition to your family. Let’s see how this pup is going to be the best for you.

Cava-Chin History

While there isn’t much data on the Cava-Chin breed, we can find out much about this variety by considering the parent breeds. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a new dog bred a few decades ago. Its old variety is different from today’s variety. Favorite among the eminence and the royalty, he was the favorite of Mary Queen of Scots and her grandchild’s Charles I and II. Due to this fact, this variety ultimately took their name.

This breed of lovers formed the club with its name in the 1950s, and the AKC gave it recognition in 1995. On the other side of Cava-Chin’s parents, we have the Japanese Chin, which was initially called Japanese Spaniel. Having an obscure history, the Cava-Chin has some theories on its origins. It may be started in Japan when the Chinese emperor gifted this pup to the Emperor of Japan. However, this breed got recognition from AKC in the late 1800s.

Cava-Chin Characteristics

Portraying a great mix of both the parent breeds, the Cava-chin is typically a toy-sized breed almost one foot in height. The main characteristics depend largely on either parent’s dominant genes, but its general appearance is small and cute. Please read below to know its traits in detail.

How Big to Cava-Chin Get

Quite small with hair medium to long, the Cava-Chin hybrid weighs about 14-18 pounds. It stands 8-12 inches at the shoulders, and this is the average height and weight for a fully grown-up doggy. In almost all doggies, the male counterpart is slightly larger than the female canine, but the case is the other way round.

How Long Does Cava-Chin Live

All-time affectionate, lovable and cute Cava-Chin lives for about 14-16 years. There are great chances of exceeding this lifespan if provided with a proper diet and exercise.

How Much Does a Cava-Chin Cost

We already recommend you adopt this dog from a shelter or rescue. Here there are two advantages; one is that the pup is waiting for you to rescue, and second, the people who can’t spend a lot on buying pups can easily get their desired result. If you want to buy a side, its cost can be low as $650 or even high as $2,500.

Cava-Chin Temperament/Personality

The Cava-Chin is a delightful lap-size designer breed that makes a wise, perky, and energetic pet with a charming attitude. Reproduced from two famous friendly dogs, it is a great deal of fun, enjoyment, and sweetness. Calm and amicable by nature, yet energetic and agile is this pup requiring plenty of exercises daily.

With a lack of love, attention, and care, your dog can be predisposed to destructive behavior incorporating disgusting habits, i.e., littering here and there, loud barking, scratching the couches, etc. To avoid this condition and all the other undesired tendencies, you have to give your doggy early life proper training.

The training must be effective with positive reinforcement in which you give a lot of motivation to your Cava-Chin. In this way, it will be showing quick positive results. Don’t worry about the dog children relationship as this dog goes fantastic with the kids and other pets.

Caring for Cava-Chin

The Cava-Chin is a sweet-natured, fun-loving, and cherishing canine that mostly wants to remain the center of attention. So never opt for it if you are a busy person or have kids at home requiring your time. This canine can go best in families with youngsters and older people who want a little fellow to give their attention.

Cava-Chin Nutrition

Serve your Cava-Chin a cup full of dry dog kibble formulated for the small-sized moderately active canine. The food must be of higher quality, and this one cup is not meant to feed at one time. It would be best to split it into frequent portions to give throughout the day.

How to Groom a Cava-Chin

The Cava-chin is not difficult to groom and is a moderate shedder. You need to brush its coat with a firm bristle brush or pin brush three or four times a week. The more you brush your dog’s coat, the less it is prone to shedding.

Cava-Chin Activity Levels

The active and playful Cava-Chin can easily accommodate an apartment life. However, you must take it out for a minimum of 30-40 minutes of daily exercise. It not only keep your puppy happy and fresh but also helps to maintain its health and fitness.

Caring for Cava-Chin

Make a routine for everything and condition your dog according to it. Act like a firm leader and remain consistent with the routine so that your dog adapts to it easily. When you buy a pup home, things seem tricky at first, but they become steady and smooth as the days pass.

Cava-Chin Health

If not provided with the proper food or exercise, the Cava-Chin can be sick or having health issues such as skin infections, joint issues, allergies, dental issues, etc. Once the puppy loses its health, then it becomes a little difficult to retain its health. That is why you need to take a great deal of its health at first place by giving a good quality diet and taking it regularly to vet’s examination.

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