Central Asian Shepherd Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Central Asian Shepherd is a well-known dog breed having a muscular and sturdy appearance. A natural protective breed that was immensely used to guard sheep and herd goats. You can utilize it even today to perform these tasks; however, it is common to be your guard and companion dog.

Incapable of accommodating an apartment life due to its larger size, this doggy needs a fenced yard to take out the incredible energy levels. You must not keep it if you lack early experience in handling dogs. See below to get full-fledged information on account of the Central Asian Shepherd dog.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowCentral Asian Shepherd History

The Central Asian Shepherd is a livestock guardian dog is an ancient dog breed dating back over 5,000 years. Unlike most breeds today, this breed was not intendedly produced by a breeder; rather, it came into being by the climate and culture of an uncivilized time long ago. The countries of its origin are mostly Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and their territories.

Surviving through extreme climates, invading armies, and much more, this breed got recognition from FCI. Russia’s various kennel clubs refer to it as one of the most popular dog breeds in the country, rating as the number one breed in the country around 2000. It is a symbol of pride and national heritage in Turkmenistan and is recognized by various organizations and clubs except for the AKC.

Central Asian Shepherd Characteristics

The large, and muscular, and strong Central Asian Shepherd is longer than it is tall. The supportive bones carry a strong back and take on a strong chest. It displays an athletic look starting from the facial features to the muscular shoulders and brawny thighs. Let’s see what else does it flaunt.

How Big to Central Asian Shepherd Get

Central Asian Shepherd presents an impressive character weighing 121-176 lbs. for males and 88-143 lbs. for females. The height of male counterparts ranges between 27-32 inches, and that of females is 24-27 inches. You must have noticed that the males are marginally bigger than the female canines.

How Long Does Central Asian Shepherd Live

The Central Asian Shepherd naturally lives a long and healthy life between 14 to 16 years. This value can vary based on the care, attention, and love it receives.

How Much Does a Central Asian Shepherd Cost

A puppy with a health clearance will have higher rates as compared to the one who has not. It is best to buy a dog from a well-reputed breeder that provides you with all the satisfactory details. The estimated cost of a Central Asian Shepherd on average is around $800-$1,500.

Central Asian Shepherd Temperament/Personality

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are the fascinating dogs known to be the oldest breed still existing today. Their long thriving history indicates their strength and adaptability and that they won’t be much demanding and clingy.

Impressive in every way, they are affectionate and friendly at the same time. They are perfect to be used as your hunting companion or partner in adventures and picnics. It is one of those dogs that can handle the situation indoors and outdoors with the same confidence.

Good with kids and other canines, the Central Asian Shepherd is gentler than its looks. Some recommend that oversight is altogether necessary when the canine is around little youngsters. If all around mingled, it will coexist with other family pets like cats, dogs, strangers, and the new family members with a generous heart.

Caring for Central Asian Shepherd

Caring for Central Asian Shepherd can be a very interesting task if you are fond of dogs. If you provide your pup with sufficient food, time, and exercise, it will treat you like its favorite person obeying all your orders and commands. Keep reading to know the details about this pup’s diet, exercise, and more.

Central Asian Shepherd Nutrition

Feed your Central Asian Shepherd Dog on a diet formulated for a large breed, i.e., Food for Large Dogs. Monitor its calorie intake and make sure it doesn’t exceed the normal weight. If you notice any such thing, switch it immediately to Dog Food for Weight Loss.

How to Groom a Central Asian Shepherd

Grooming is necessary for your Central Asian Shepherd to retain its charming looks. It is a relief that this pup needs minimal grooming, and once a week, brushing is enough. Avoid excessive bathing and best use Dog Shampoo

Central Asian Shepherd Activity Levels

Central Asian Shepherd breed will not do well in small spaces such as an apartment. It is best to give it a large fence yard where it can walk and run freely.  The Central Asian Shepherd may sometimes resort to chewing, so we recommend giving Chew Toys for Dogs in such cases.

Caring for Central Asian Shepherd

You will need to take care of your Central Asian Shepherd Dog for its wellbeing. It might be fluctuating its requirements a little through the different periods of his life, so keep on updating yourself by remaining in touch with a professional dog holder.

What you feed your canine is an individual decision; however, discussing with your veterinarian will be an ideal approach to decide this. Go for the best diets from best dog food brands, i.e., Canidae Dog Food, Nutro Dog Food, etc.

Central Asian Shepherd Health

The Central Asian Shepherd was not a very healthy canine in the past, but natural selection played a big part in weeding out the diseases which plagued him earlier. Presently it is prone to very common issues such as Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, and skin infections.

Even the risk of these issues you can resolve by taking your pup monthly to its concerned vet. If handled with care, your dog will always remain healthy and fit throughout its life.

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