Cesky Fousek Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Český Fousek is known to be a Czech breed that belongs to the versatile gun dog. It is also known by the names Bohemian Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Czech Coarsehaired Pointer, Slovakian Wirehaired Pointer, and the Rough-coated Bohemian has a great resemblance with the German Wire-haired Pointer.

It is a purebred dog that is characterized by a coarse hair coat, beard, and mustaches. Known to be outstandingly adaptable, it can be a great escape artist, so make sure to keep it in a fenced yard about 6-foot high, or you can also use Electric Dog Fence. It can be a wonderful doggy to have around if you have experience with handling dogs.

Cesky Fousek Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowCesky Fousek History

The Český Fousek originated centuries ago in a place now known as the Czech Republic. Its exact origin is unknown; however, the ancient art pieces marked its appearance, and eventually, we get to know its standard variety by the Middle Ages. It was officially acknowledged by the name Bohemian Water Dog in a letter from a Czech nobleman. In 1348, this letter was written, which stated a dog called Canis Bohemicus as the only wire-haired hunting dog in Europe.

The dog he mentioned is the very Český Fousek of the modern-day. Around 1883, they got recognition when a famous hunter and author “Josef Cerny” documented them as “Český Ohar” in his hunting book. The dog was truly attributed by its present name, which changed its suffix later replacing Ohar with Fousek. The word Fousekisd derived from fousy” means facial hair, and this name gets perfectly matched with the dog’s personality. It got recognition from the FCI (1964), American Canine Association, United Kennel Club, and Dog Registry of America.

Cesky Fousek Characteristics

The Český Fousek is a medium-sized breed coming from old wire-haired Pointers; thus, it has its coats. The body is athletically built, incorporating a thick undercoat and a long, coarse external coat. The distinct features of this incredible and strong-looking canine are its facial hair, bushy eyebrows, mustache, and beard.

How Big to Cesky Fousek Get

Cesky Fousek has a mediumly size and athletic body, having the front legs straight while a large, docked tail adds about 3/5 of its characteristic length. Besides, there is a dramatic size difference between the males and females of this breed, with males weighing 62-75 lbs. and females 49-62 lbs. The height of a male is 24-26 inches, and that of a female is 23-24 inches, respectively.

How Long Does Cesky Fousek Live

The highly energetic Cesky Fousek is a healthy dog that can thrive in almost all sorts of environments. With this adaptable nature, it is a strong canine that completes the average life of a medium-sized dog being healthy and fit. The recorded life span of this breed is approximately 12-15 years.

How Much Does a Cesky Fousek Cost

The Cesky Fousek price range can be as minimum as $900 and as maximum as $1500.

Cesky Fousek Temperament/Personality

The Český Fousek is incredibly cordial, warm, fun-loving, and anxious to please canine. They are generally reserved with outsiders yet do very well with youngsters and different pets. We must not ignore the hunting drive and never leave its sessions with pets and kids unsupervised.

They need a ton of activity which means they are most appropriate for completely dynamic families. Lack of enough space to run can predispose your doggy to become lazy, which is harmful to its health. It is not that sensitive to get separation anxiety, but don’t like living alone as much.

Caring for Cesky Fousek

Cesky Fousek is a hunting dog that can adapt to any climate and be the best land and water hunting dog. Not only this, it can make an excellent family dog as well as an upland and water hunting dog. The caring measurements of such incredible doggy must be up to the mark.

Cesky Fousek Nutrition

The medium-size and active Cesky Fousek needs food accordingly. You can feed it on Food for Large Dogs confining the meal dose 3 to 4 cups per day. Try not to overfeed it because it might be prone to obesity.

How to Groom a Cesky Fousek

The coat of the Cesky Fousek is a low maintenance dog that is very easy to groom. Its coat and wiry hair do not shed in great numbers and can keep well with a couple a week brushing. Active and smart dogs like Cesky Fousek may need a professional groomer. If you are skilled enough to groom it, we recommend keeping certain grooming instruments like Dog Grooming Clippers, Dog Grooming Table, and Nail Clippers for Dogs at home.

Cesky Fousek Activity Levels

More exercise is of great importance for this enthusiastic and highly energetic breed that takes a lot of activity to wear out. Don’t ever keep it indoors as it needs a larger place to live and will try to rush outside every time.

Caring for Cesky Fousek

The moderate shedder, highly active, adaptive, and friendly Cesky Fousek is not so demanding to take care of. If you buy it as a puppy, then training becomes a quick task. Grooming also looks tricky, but your pup develops a routine later on, and things become smooth.

Not just grooming or training, your pup gets attached to you over time, and you do its care as a part of your daily chores.

Cesky Fousek Health

Cesky Fousek is a healthy pup, but you must regularly examine it to ensure there is no dust trapped in its nails/ears or does not show the symptoms of any diseases. In case of noticing some unusual things, take it immediately to a veterinary doctor.

This canine is prone to certain diseases, including Canine, Hip Dysplasia, and Alopecia, but ensuring a regular visit to the vet can reduce their risk as well.

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