Cheagle Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Cheagle Dog Breed InformationA Cheagle is a small and compact furball bursting with energy and a cheerful spirit. It is a combination of the two most loved breeds of USA, Beagle and Chihuahua. So, you can imagine this breed to be an explosion of adorable qualities. 

This breed is known for its Chihuahua size, floppy ears and body markings of a Beagle. These are cute, amicable and are growing in popularity slowly for their highly desirable features. 

If you have been longing to add a loving furry member to your family, a Cheagle can be the right pick for you! To know more about this fun-loving and power-packed breed, read on!

Cheagle History

It is usually difficult to trace the origin of crossbreeds, but a Cheagle is well known as the Beagle Chihuahua mix. One of its parent breed Chihuahua comes from Mexican Origin that dates back to the 9th century. These were prominently known and admired for their compact size.

On the other hand, the other parent breed, Beagle descends from the English scent hounds of the 18th century. This origin justifies the flathead and a small snout similar to that of a Chihuahua. Beagle like spots, round eyes, a curly tails and dark brown floppy ears of a Cheagle.

Cheagle Characteristics

A Cheagle is a hybrid dog known for its tireless and ever-energetic spirit and hunting abilities. It is a scent hound with high intelligence and was developed primarily to hunt hares. They are rather timid but playful, crave a lot of attention and need socializing too. Else they can later build aggressiveness.

How Big do Cheagles Get

This breed is mainly found in small to medium (15-23 cm) due to the Chihuahua features that it inherits. A Cheagle weighs nearly 9 to 20 pounds depending on its age and breeding line. It has body length smaller than that of a Beagle but comparatively bigger than that of a Chihuahua.

How Long Does Cheagle Live

A Cheagle is a crossbreed, which makes it a mostly healthy breed with little maintenance. However, like every hybrid breed, it is prone to specific health issues as well, regular check-ups are necessary. So, they will easily live up to 10-14 years on providing the right amount of care and diet.

How Much Does a Cheagle Cost

As Cheagle is not an AKC recognized breed, you might wonder if it costs too much. Well, on an average, a reputed breeder is likely to charge you about $300-$650 for a Cheagle pup. A few legacy breeders might demand a much higher rate at times because of the purer breeding lines.

Cheagle Temperament/ Personality

Being a mix of Beagle and Chihuahua, a Cheagle displays a set of behaviours found in both the breeds. It is readily outgoing and playful like a Beagle, which gets very well along with the family. It is better suited for being around older kids too, and it is recommended to have senior supervision when with smaller kids.

As Cheagle inherits the small size from a Chihuahua, it needs to be handled tenderly and carefully. Also, they require proper socializing on an early note; otherwise, they can get rather aggressive to other dogs. Thus, training is necessary to suppress its aggression at an early stage. 

The smaller size of a Cheagle allows the owners to carry them along on their travels without any problem. Like a Beagle, they tend to have separation anxiety which can leave them furious and frustrated on extended periods of separation.

Caring for Cheagle

Now that you know a Cheagle’s general attributes, we bring you the right ways to take care of your furry friend. While Cheagle is an easy-going breed, it is fragile and requires a proper diet to meet the correct energy levels. 

Cheagle Nutrition

Cheagle is a small energetic dog, which requires food that caters to its energy needs easily. It must also have the right set of nutrients and supplements that allow faster metabolism to avoid the risk of obesity. So, you must abide by the veterinarian’s feeding guidelines and make changes with proper consultation only. 

How to Groom a Cheagle

The coat of a Cheagle is short and does not shed heavily, which makes brushing their coat off 3-4 times a week sufficient. You must bathe them with a dog shampoo only whenever dirty and get their nails clipped from the groomer whenever required. Lastly, you must wipe their eyes and ears and make sure to check them for any infection regularly. 

Cheagle Activity Levels

This breed of dogs is always bursting of energy and has a tireless spirit for such a small body. However, this makes it highly difficult to train them as they behave independently and even violently. The owner/trainer must be firm and use positive reinforcement methods to teach/train them early for best results.

Caring for Cheagle

As Cheagles have very high energy levels, you must indulge them in regular exercises and activities. Daily walking/playing sessions are necessary to keep their aggressive nature from showing up. At least 40-60 minutes of daily work out is required to keep their well-being in check.

Their hunting descent also makes them curious, and keeping them on leash becomes essential. Adequate exhaustion will avoid the development of destructive behaviours like excessive barking or chewing. Other than these, proper socializing with dogs, other family members, and kids is essential to keep the aggression under check. 

Cheagle Health

Like any other hybrid breed, Cheagles also have combined health issues of both breeds that must be taken care of. Similar to small-sized dogs, it also is prone to skeletal problems and conditions like hypoglycemia. Other than these, it is at a risk of hypothyroidism which restrains the production of thyroid hormone. 

Another inherited condition common to Cheagles is Hip Dysplasia where the hip joint and thighbone do not fit well. Lastly, obesity can also surface, which makes other conditions even worse and thus requires regular check-ups. 

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