Chesa-Poo Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The medium canine covered with curly fur Chesa-Poo is a unique outcome of the breeding between highly famous Chesapeake Bay Retriever and the royal Poodle. Combining the royal instincts of one parent while hunting from the other, it is an incredible companion, guard, and watchdog.

The dogs with wavy fur are noticed to be moderate shedders; however, it doesn’t apply to all cases. The Chesa-Poo has a thick and wavy coat with moderate grooming needs and is good to go with the first-timers. If you are looking for a dog to be your family companion and your adventure partner, then look no further than this hybrid. Please read this article to know all about it.

Chesa-Poo History

Chesa Poo Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Chesa-Poo is a modern hybrid that doesn’t have a long-standing history as obvious. So we are going to look at its parentage. On one side, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is an AKC-recognized famous dog that originated around the 18th century in the United States. Since its origin, it has been widely used as a gundog, hunting dog, upland, and water retriever. It is a dog produced by the cross between two Newfoundland dogs that were believed to be coming from certain Bloodhounds such as Irish Water Spaniel.

Chesa-Poo’s other parent, the Poodle, is quite famous and is an ancient breed tracing back its origin to almost the 1500s. It was not only a favorite pup among aristocrats but also a wonderful water retriever. The doggy stylists uniquely trim its hair, stripping the chest and back of the hair, and this became the signature style of Poodle that helps in swift swimming. It was used to hunt ducks, but later it started performing in a circus, other sports and became a multi-talented dog. The American Kennel Club not even recognized it in 1887 but ranked as the 7th most popular dog in the US.

Chesa-Poo Characteristics

Chesa-Poo is a medium to a large sized dog as one of its parents is larger and the other is moderately built. It is distinguished by its thick and wavy fur appearing in various colors, e.g., white, yellow, tan, earthy colored, dark, red, and blue. All the body is covered with a dense short fur, including the tail as well as ears.

How Big to Chesa-Poo Get

 Although the variations keep on occurring with every other cross, the average height and weight of Chesa-Poo is estimated to be 22-29 inches weigh 50-80 lbs, respectively. However, this is the male dog’s estimate; the female  Chesa-Poo stands 19-24 inches at the shoulders with 40-60 lbs.

How Long Does Chesa-Poo Live

Chesa-Poo is a healthy dog that overcomes the health concerns of his parents; thus, it lives a relatively long life. Proper care is the key to let your dog a longer and fuller life. With good keeping, your doggy can live for 12-15 years at a minimum. You can maximize it by taking the measures which we mentioned ahead.

How Much Does a Chesa-Poo Cost

Chesa-Poo is not a very common breed not easily available in the market. After searching for a good breeder of this hybrid, you can get it in the range starting from $600 going anywhere around $800.

Chesa-Poo Temperament/Personality

The Chesa-Poo is a smart, intelligent, highly trainable, and dynamic dog from two breeds with strong hunting instincts. You can make it fit any place you want. It can be a hunting dog, guard dog, your friendly companion, or all in one!

For that, you will have to do a little effort in its training. Persistent nature, positive reinforcement, and patience are the keys to the best dog training. Regardless of their urge to chase small animals, squirrels, and rabbits, they are quite gentle and friendly with kids.

Caring for Chesa-Poo

Like all other canines out there, your Chesa-Poo seeks the love and attention of its master. You need o to be very careful and alert, taking the dog’s dietary needs and all other requirements. No one wants their doggo to become sick, so you must take its care well before it is prone to any health concern.

Chesa-Poo Nutrition

Chesa-Poo needs good dog food that can either be homemade or industrially prepared. You can opt for anyone you want, but in either case, the food must be of high quality, given all the nutrients required. Royal Canin Dog Food and Eukanuba Dog Food are among the dog food brands which you can trust.

How to Groom a Chesa-Poo

Most individuals who own Chesa-Poos get their doggy groomed by an expert to keep their coat well maintained and other grooming up to the mark. However, after learning two or three grooming sessions from a groomer, you can easily prepare your doggo by yourself. If you keep stuff like Dog Brush, Dog Grooming Clippers, Toothbrushes for Dogs at home, grooming can be easy and effective.

Chesa-Poo Activity Levels

The Chesa-Poo needs a great deal of exercise that can be running, walking, playing, and fetching objects. A daily exercise is necessary to keep your active and fun-loving doggo cheerful and healthy. They love to chase little animals due to their hunting instincts, so better take them with their Leash for Dogs that Pull.

Caring for Chesa-Poo

Neither Chesa-Poo appears to be a delicate and overly sensitive canine, nor he is. It is strong enough to withstand changing climatic conditions as well as loneliness. However, not leaving your pup for a longer time is advisable.

Moreover, if it doesn’t get sufficient exercise, it can get lazy and be found dozing and lying on the ground most of the time. It is a highly alarming situation that can put a doggy at risk of health.

Chesa-Poo Health

Chesa-Poo turns out to be a healthy hybrid, but it can be susceptible to a few health conditions. The issues can be Entropion, Sebaceous Adenitis, Hip Dysplasia, Bloat, Cataracts, Retinal Dysplasia, and Degenerative Myelopathy.

A regular veterinary visit can help avoid all of these issues. In case of developing one, start a prompt medication to recover the puppy as soon as possible.

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