Chesador Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Chesador is a mix of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever and the Labrador Retriever. It is a large-sized dog with a well-proportioned and athletic body. The short-haired coat of this dog is tucked tightly to its body. This short, and thick coat has a waterproof peculiarity that makes this dog swim swiftly in water.

This is why it can be an incredible water retriever dog. Not just because of its coat but as both of its parents has this skill so the Chesador can also be an efficient retriever, gun dog, and gaming dog. It is highly prohibited for a person who lacks experience handling dogs as it is a whole task to do regularly. Read on to acquaint yourself with its diet, exercise, and much more.

Chesador History

Chesador Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowChesador is smart, intelligent, and quick to learn, having inherent skills and qualities. Let’s have a look at its parent history to know its background. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is one of the few dog breeds that are native to North America. It traces back its origin to the 18th century when an American ship rescued an English brig ship and got a rescuer couple of dogs from them as a reward. The puppies of these two canines, namely Sailor and Canton, were known to be Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.

The AKC added this breed to its roster in 1878. On the flip side, the Labrador Retriever started in Canada during the 1800s and enrolled with the AKC in 1917. Typically, it was mainly utilized for guide dogs and water retrieving dogs. It is still having these qualities and is widely used for these qualities, knowing to be the most popular dog in the US.

Chesador Characteristics

Your Chesador comes in various shadings and colors like dark, earthy colored, light earthy colored, gold, and yellow. It is massive in size with a thick, twofold waterproof coat that makes it appear even stronger. A unique feature of this doggy is its webbed feet that help a lot in swimming. It is further characterized by a large skull, drooping ears, and a squarer muzzle.

How Big to Chesador Get

The medium to large-sized Chesador stands almost 20 to 27 inches high and can weigh 50 to 80 lbs. The males are usually 22-27 inches and weigh almost 55-80 lbs. Besides, the female’s weight is comparatively less, ranging in between 50-70 lbs, and its height is about 20-25 inches.

How Long Does Chesador Live

Expect your Chesador to live the average lifespan of a healthy doggy that is 12-15 years. As we always mention, proper care and love from your side can easily exceed this value to few years.

How Much Does a Chesador Cost

The initial cost of your Chesador is around $1,000, but it increases to a great extent when combined with the dog’s annual medical and nonmedical expenses. So before buying a dog, prepare your mind to invest your time and money. Along with the essentials, you can go for dog accessories like Toys for Hyper Dogs, and much more if it is affordable.

Chesador Temperament/Personality

The parent breeds of Chesadors are well known for their friendliness and tender nature. Thus, the hybrid is also outstanding amongst human families, other pets and canines, and kids. Regardless of its hunting instincts, it is gentle with everyone, including strangers.

They are highly loyal and can easily be trained to be your watchdogs or guard dogs. Its parent dogs are known to be very protective that they negate themselves for the sake of the master’s protection.

Caring for Chesador

Chesador is a smaller dog and is prone to more injuries; thus, you have to take a lot of its care. You can also let it reside in a Dog Crate providing toys and stuff so that it may not get boring. Continue reading this heading as it guides you on the diet, grooming, and other requirements of your cute little doggy.

Chesador Nutrition

The Chesador is noticed to be a zesty eater that is easily prone to overweight. Taking its love for food feeds 3 cups full of dry dog diet but doesn’t tip this scale. You can make its food at home with dog nutritionist recipes but opting for commercially prepared food of Dog Food Brands is more convenient.

How to Groom a Chesador

This hybrid dog is hypoallergenic and sheds only when exposed to harsh unbearable climates. A single time brushing throughout the week is quite sufficient for its routine maintenance. Brush its teeth to maintain oral hygiene and check its ears once per week to clean earwax development, dirt or bacteria.

Chesador Activity Levels

The Chesador is a highly agile pup, so get ready for long exercises and walk after taking it around. It needs heaps of moderate or tough activity daily: climbing, swimming, long strolls, fetching objects, outings to the park, and running. Lack of required activity levels can lead to serious outcomes such as anxiety issues.

Caring for Chesador

Chesador is not meant to live in an apartment; rather, it must have a whole yard to live. You can decorate this yard with a Dog House, Dog Fountain, and the like to keep your doggo happy and excited. A pet parent must do for his canine the more he can.

But the foremost things to consider are fulfilling its dietary, grooming, and activity needs. Besides, look for its health concerns and keep it healthy by taking the measures given below.

Chesador Health

Chesador is a healthy dog that minimizes most of its parent breeds’ health problems during the breeding process. The concerns that it can be susceptible to are common in canines: Ataxia, Cataracts, Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia, Retinal dysplasia, Patellar luxation, and Obesity.

To alleviate these diseases and to prevent their occurrence take your pup for a routine vet visit.

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