Chi Apso Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Nearly looking like a teddy bear, the Chi Apso is a hybrid of two famous dogs, the Chihuahua and a Lhasa Apso. It is a sweet dog not only by its looks but also by its heart. Although it is lively by nature, filled with a little energy, and loves to rest most of the time.

Wether you are an experienced pet holder or a first-timer, this pup will be the best with you. A faithful family pet who is eager to please its master and loves to be a lap dog. See below the list of this breed’s information and requirements.

Chi Apso History

Chi Apso Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Lhasa Apso originated in 800 BC in the capital city of Tibet, known as “Lhasa,” which is also a holy city there. The dog is named after it and is considered sacred in Tibet. The suffix “apso” in its name is also a word from the Tibetan language. It was bred as an indoor sentinel of temples and the dogs of monks and noblemen. Later it became popular around the world and made its entry into the US. The AKC recognized it in 1935.

The Chihuahua is a small dog with an uncertain lineage. However, according to a theory, it is known to be a descendant of the “Techichi” dog considered a healer by the ancient Toltec people. This Techichi dog is from ancient Mayan times, and people also believed that it could guide a person about the other side after death. The American Kennel Club added Chihuahua to its list in 1904. The hybrid of both these dogs, Chi Apso, is recognized by Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Dog Registry of America, and a few more.

Chi Apso Characteristics

At first glance, this hybrid seems like a whole fur walking around. Its eyes are covered with furry brows letting it tilt the head upwards to see, and this gesture is extremely cute. Its deep round eyes, floppy, and hairy ears, and a black cherry nose with open nostrils are among a canine’s best facial features.

Chi Apso Get

The toy breed Chi Apso doesn’t weigh more than 15 lbs. The muscular body gives it a sturdy built under its thick long, and highly dense fur. On average, it can have a height of 10-11 inches and a weight of 13-15 pounds.

How Long Does Chi Apso Live

The normal life expectancy of the Chi Apso breed is 12-15 years under reasonable and convenient everyday environments. In case your puppy isn’t carrying on with normal life by getting its needs satisfied, it will prompt a less sound life.

How Much Does a Chi Apso Cost

Chi Apso is a hybrid of two famous breeds and can be showing fluctuations in its cost. Its minimum range is $800 can go around $1500. Search for a good breeder or pet store online or in your localities to buy a healthy canine.

Chi Apso Temperament/Personality

The Chi Apso is an amicable, extremely cute, and loyal dog born to be the best companion dog. Appropriate to families with small kids and different pets, it is highly sociable but can be shy sometimes. You can overcome this shyness by giving proper socialization at its early age. This little doggo can be highly prone to separation anxiety resulting in destructive behavior.

This destructive behavior is in the form of a dog’s loud barking, scratching floor and couches, etc., biting different stuff, and the like. It is a bit of time taking process to take your puppy to the normal situation, so it is better to take its good care in the first place. Please don’t leave it alone for a longer duration, and make sure to give early life training.

Caring for Chi Apso

As with all other doggies, especially the smaller ones, Chi Apso needs full consideration and love. Owing to its small size, this dog is prone to have injuries, so we recommend keeping it in Dog Crate for additional safety. Give it high-quality food that meets its dietary necessities and read on to know other requirements.

Chi Apso Nutrition

Taking Chi Apso’s little size contrasted with its activity levels, we recommend one cup of dry dog food each day. Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs is advisable as its tummy is smaller and the activity levels are low, which can be a hurdle to digest the food leading to stomach problems.

How to Groom a Chi Apso

Chi Apso requires moderate maintenance needing to be brushed once per week to detangle the hair. Regular brushing can keep the shedding low. Bath it with a Puppy Shampoo maintaining a gap of 4 months. Moreover, brush its teeth using Toothpaste for Dogs for dental health keep up.

Chi Apso Activity Levels

The activity levels of the Chi Apso are generally low, but they are still anxious to take a walk outside. We also recommend taking it outside daily as the indoor life will make it even more sluggish. Exercise is important to keep its metabolism active so that the food is easily and smoothly digested.

Caring for Chi Apso

Chi Apso is not adaptive enough to withstand extreme hot or cold environments. Thus, you ought to keep it in a moderate environment. You can also make him wear a Dog Sweater in cold climates, which adds to its cuteness.

Trim his nails and examine the ears every week to ensure that they are free from ear wax and dampness. Moreover, purchase a grooming pack containing a canine toothbrush, nail trimmer, metal brush, etc.

Chi Apso Health

Hybrid canines are created to diminish the infections in their gene pool. Thus, the Chi Apso is a healthy puppy with few ailments: Patellar Luxation, Cataracts, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), and allergies.

Take your canine to a customary veterinary visit to forestall the dangers of these issues.

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