Chi-Chi Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Chi-Chi is a hybrid got by mixing the Chihuahua and the Chinese Crested. It is n adaptable and affectionate, the agreeable canine who is commonly smaller in size. Little and lively, these puppies acquired the best characteristics from both of their parents.

Also known as the Mexican Crested and the Crested Chi, it can be seen with or without hair. It loves to play and get well with kids knowing to be the best family dog. Its smaller size makes it great apartment dogs best suitable for an active family. Continue reading to know all the traits and facts about Chi-Chi.

Chi-Chi History

Chi Chi Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowChi-Chi is a hybrid with very little history. We have the privilege to look at a hybrid’s parents’ history for its background. The Chihuahua has a vague history with many theories of its origin. It is thought to have been originated in China. It is thought to be descended from the ancient Techichi dog known for its spiritual properties. The dog was believed to be a native of Mexico and connect the soul to live after death. Around the 1800s, the first-ever Chihuahuas was discovered in Mexico.

Similarly, the other parent of Chi-Chi also has many theories on its origin. According to a theory, the Chinese Crested dog is produced by crossing the Mexican hairless dog and the Chihuahua. Its place of origin is Africa, from where it was taken on to Chinese trading ships in the 13th century. This dog is deprived of hair and was known by the name “African hairless terrier.” The AKC recognized Chihuahua in 1904 while the Chinese Crested dog in 1991 after it arrived in Europe in the 1800s.

Chi-Chi Characteristics

Chi-Chi’s appearance can vary depending upon the most prominent genes of one of the two parents. Its coat has shorter hair or sometimes no hair and comes in an assortment of shadings or patches. Most canines of this variety will have white hair on the stomach, paws, or chest. The neck is long, and the body is fairly rectangular and muscular.

How Big to Chi-Chi Get

Chi-Chi is a little canine normally weighing somewhere in the range of 4 and 10 pounds. It normally stands 5-12 inches at the withers. Note that male dogs are marginally bigger than females.

How Long Does Chi-Chi Live

Everyone wants their cute little pups to live a longer life. For that, you will have to take abundant care of your dog, giving a proper diet, exercise, and all. The average life expectancy of Chi-Chi is 14-16 years. It depends on the dog’s health and fitness, which you can maintain by its good care.

How Much Does a Chi-Chi Cost

Chi-Chi has very economical price ranges starting from $650, reaching the maximum of $800 or $900. It will help if you look for a reliable and reputable breeder before buying a dog. Moreover, you can search for it in rescues and shelter homes as well.

Chi-Chi Temperament/Personality

The Chi-Chis are lively and spunky pups who are well disposed and fun-loving. He will coexist well with everyone developing a friendly relationship within less time. It has a stronger character and may act bravely towards new people, a quality that makes it a decent guard dog.

It would help if you did not leave it for a long time, creating separation anxiety. Although it goes well with the kids, the kids must also be instructed to be nice with this delicate pup. Its training needs you to be firm and patient while giving positive reinforcement. It is a clean, active, and intelligent canine that is highly trainable and eager to learn.

Caring for Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi is a smaller dog that needs a lot more care as it is prone to injuries. We recommend you take a Dog Crate to reside your dog for additional safety and security. Moreover, you can provide Chew Toys for Dogs and Puppy Toys to help him remain busy.

Chi-Chi Nutrition

The Chi-Chi is noticed to be a highly active dog that is less prone to overweight. Taking its size and energy levels, feed it 1 or 1.5 cups of dry dog diet divided into 2-5 frequent meals throughout the day. We suggest some quality Dog Food Brands buy the best food for your dog.

How to Groom a Chi-Chi

The grooming needs of this hybrid will rely on the coat that he acquires, whether short or bare. The short-haired canines need brushing once per week, while a bald should be cleaned with a moist fabric a couple of times every week. Dental care, including teeth brushing and other body parts cleaning such as ears, is significant.

Chi-Chi Activity Levels

The Chi-Chi will require standard exercise incorporating long walks indoor and outside play. It is suggested that you watch out for his legs when he is hopping or climbing steps as it has acquired the delicate legs of the Chihuahua.

Caring for Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi is a small-sized doggo with little dietary/grooming needs while high activity levels. It is shorthaired or mostly bare, so you need to take a lot of care of its skin as the hair help combat a harsh environment. Apply sunblock to its skin in warm situations and use Cooling Vests for Dogs.

While in a colder situation, make it wear a Dog Sweater to keep safe from the chill. Also, keep it inside in extreme hot or cold.

Chi-Chi Health

Chi-Chi may diminish a lot of the health issues that are common in its parent breeds. It can get some common canine uses, including dental issues, joint issues, Intervertebral Disk Disease, patellar luxation, hypoglycemia, and allergies.

Your puppy can easily cope with these diseases if it is under good consideration. A regular veterinary visit is essential to minimize the risk of these ailments. Please keep it in good hygiene, cut the nails, clean the ears, and give a healthy living environment.

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