Chi-Poo Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Chi Poo Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowChi-poo, also known as Poochi, Chi-Poodle, and Choodle, is a hybrid dog. It was produced from crossing two popular breeds, the Chihuahua and the Poodle. They have a very independent, domineering, and bossy nature. They adopt their intelligence from Chihuahua and courage from the Poodle.

They are hypoallergic if they inherit their coat from Poodle, and this coat can be either long or short. It comes in various colors like blue, grey, black, and white, among others. Their small size and calm nature make them perfect for apartments, but they do well in large households as well. And that makes Chi-Poodles one of the most versatile dog breeds in the market.

Chi-Poo History

Like most hybrid dogs with the Poodle DNA in them, Poochies most likely originated in the US back in the 1970s. It wasn’t until recently that they started gaining popularity, so there is not much known about them. However, both of their parents have rich histories.

The Poodle was bred as a hunting dog for waterfowl. They have their origin in Germany. They started flourishing when they arrived in Paris, and people started breeding them as a distinctive breed. Chihuahua originated in the Mexican city of Chihuahua. They arrived in the US around 1890 and became popular rapidly.

Chi-Poo Characteristics

As a hybrid dog, chi-poo has many common characteristics with its parents. Their head shape can be either apple-shaped like that of Chihuahua or round like that of the Poodle. Their eyes are of an almond shape which gives them an appealing face. Their ears, which can be floppy or pointed, are mostly upright and sometimes droopy at the tips.

Their coats tend to show a lot of variation. The possible coat colors are white, black, creamy, blue, silver, brown, fawn, tan, grey, and golden. Their hair can be long or short, depending on the dominating parent breed, straight, wavy, or curly.

How Big do Chi-Poo Get

Chi-poo is a tiny dog. Just like both of their parents, they usually don’t get that big. The males reach an average height of 9 – 13 inches and an average weight of 10 – 20lbs. The females have an average height of 7 – 12 inches and an average weight of 8 – 18lbs.

How Long Does Chi-Poo Live

Chipo is a healthy dog breed, and with proper care, it can live a long life. They also have the advantage of being small-sized canines, which have longer life-spans than the bigger ones. On average, they live 12 – 15 years. Providing them the proper nutrition and care will ensure that they live a long life.

How much does a Chi-Poo cost

The price of a dog can be affected by various factors like the breeder’s reputation and the age of the dog. You should expect to pay anything between $600 – $1400.Finding a breeder locally would help you cut the cost. It is advisable to double-check if the breeder is trustworthy or not.

Chi-Poo Temperament/Personality

Chi-poos are warm, caring, and devoted. They will love you in all the ways it knows of. They usually get attached to one particular member of their human family. They will love spending time in your company and cheer up with its cute actions. 

Just like the Poodle, they are intelligent dogs. They learn quickly and are easy to train. Leaving them alone for a long period may induce boredom which can make them self-destructive. They are mostly friendly with other pets and fellow canines.

But they are quite suspicious around the stranger and tend to bark at them. This is a result of their courageous nature and makes them excellent watchdogs. Ensure that you don’t leave them alone with young children because they can get aggressive at times.

Caring for Chi-Poo

Chi-poo is a designer breed. They need a lot of attention and care to stay in their best possible shape. Grooming them properly will ensure that they maintain their aristocratic look they’re famous for.  Giving them an adequate diet and meeting their daily activity requirements is vital for your pup to be happy, healthy, and comfortable.

How to Groom a Chi-Poo

The amount of effort that goes into grooming the chi-poo depends if your dog has a long or short coat. For the ones with longer coats, you’ll have to brush them bi-weekly, and weekly for the short coat ones. In the shedding season, you may have to brush them almost daily. Using a hard bristle or metallic brush will help if they have curly or wavy hair.


Don’t forget to clip their nails at least twice per week. Brushing their teeth daily is important as well. This will ensure that they don’t develop any gum disease or tooth decay.

Chi-Poo Activity Levels

Chi-poo requires moderate levels of exercise daily. They should get at least 30 – 45 minutes of daily activity. They love to play with toys. Due to their intelligent nature, you can teach them a variety of different games. They are usually okay with walks, but their short legs should be kept in mind. So keeping the walks short but frequent is important. 

Caring for Chi-Poo

Chi-poo is social, loving, and intelligent. This combination of characteristics makes them prone to loneliness, boredom, and depression. So it will be your responsibility to accompany them, play with them, and love them. It is advisable to keep them on a leash at all times so they don’t wander off when going out. Keep them away from children, as they are small in size and can get hurt.

Chi-Poo Health

Chi-Poos are healthy dogs. But they inherit some diseases from their parents and some that are specific to them. The major health concerns are Patellar Luxation, Glaucoma, Hypoglycemia, and overactive tear glands. Obesity is also a health concern with Chin-poo. So make sure you take your little buddy to the vet often for checkups.

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