Chien d’Artois Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Chien d’Artois, widely known as Artois Hound, is a rare dog breed that started in the fifteenth century. It is a descendant of the Bloodhound and probably parent to the most famous Beagle. Though it too depicts the best qualities like these two breeds, it still gained not as much popularity as them.

Overall, the dog is a great companion, as well as an excellent hunter. This variety has been a favorite among the eminence and nobles for its balanced nature, well disposition, and extraordinary skills. Below we listed all the information of this outstanding canine.

Chien d’Artois History

Chien D'artois Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Chien d’Artois traces as far back as the 15th century; thus, it has a long-standing history. Believed to be accepted to descend from the canines of St. Hubert’s, which were profoundly like the advanced Bloodhound, it remained one of the best breeds for hare hunting. This breed included two varieties, a Basset Hound-type and a bigger “Picardy Hound.” By the 1600s, the bigger Picards took the name “Chien d’Artois” and came in two sizes, large and little, with the latter being substantially more typical.

Originating in Northern France, the Artois Hound was a favorite among the French nobles by the 17th, while it became a favorite dog of French hunters by the 19th century. It is the ancestor of the famous Beagle as well. This breed encountered a near extinction in WWI and WWII. Still, luckily a man named M. Audrechy took the natural specimens of their original dog and aimed to return the variety to its original look in the 1970s. From that point forward, their numbers have expanded to a better level. Today the Chien d’Artois is recognized by various organizations, including FCI and UKC.

Chien d’Artois Characteristics

The dog named Chien d’Artois and widely known by the name Artois Hound is a medium-sized dog. It has a well-proportioned and athletic body standing under two feet at maximum. With a broad and domed skull and a muzzle shorter than the head, it appears unique.

How Big to Chien d’Artois Get

The medium in size Chien d’Artois weighs an average of about 62-66 lbs. It has a height ranging from 21-23 inches at the shoulders. Their hind legs are strong and slightly angled, while the front legs are sturdy and straight.

How Long Does Chien d’Artois Live

In suitable living conditions, expect your Chien d’Artois to live for about 12 to 15 years. It is not the hard and fast estimate of this dog’s life as there are strong chances of exceeding or decreasing this value.

How Much Does a Chien d’Artois Cost

The Chien d’Artois is a rare type of scent hound with outstanding traits and qualities. It only costs you around $1,200, and you can also look to your local rescues and shelters if interested in adoption. The annual medical and nonmedical expenses of this canine take $1000 as a starting figure.

Chien d’Artois Temperament/Personality

Chien d’Artois is an even-tempered excellent canine that is not only an amazing tracker but a best companion dog and watchdog. They are dearest for their well-disposed and agreeable characters but known to be independent and willful.

To counteract this, you must train them at their early age with patience and persistent nature. Positive reinforcement is the key to train your dog well and quickly. It tends to chase other animals, which you can also minimize with good training. In general, it does well with kids as well as the rest of the family members.

Caring for Chien d’Artois

Chien d’Artois has a great potential to be working, guarding as well as a companion dogs. If you take it with you, then its proper care is your responsibility, and you must not have taken it lightly in any case. Serve it a high-quality diet and fulfill its requirements listed ahead.

Chien d’Artois Nutrition

The Chien d’Artois is a moderately active pup, but it is a zesty eater and loves to eat. Feed your doggy 3-3.5 cups of Dr. Tim’s Dog Food, Black Gold Dog Food, or any other brand of your choice or your concerned vet’s recommendation. Split it meals to frequent short meals to avoid issues like bloat and obesity.

How to Groom a Chien d’Artois

Like its French dog family members, Beagle and the Bloodhound Chien d’Artois is a low-maintenance breed. They take brushing not more than one time in a week with a Dog Brush. They can sometimes get a doggy odor, so it would help if you use Dog Deodorizer. This dog keeps up their neatness by licking, but you need to wash them twice a year with a Dog Shampoo.

Chien d’Artois Activity Levels

This rare adorable doggy has medium to high energy that needs heaps of exercise per day to keep up with good health. They prefer to have walked and exercise with their human partner for about an hour daily.

Caring for Chien d’Artois

Chien d’Artois is not clingy and has a balanced nature, yet they love being the center of attention. Whenever left alone for a longer duration, they can be very touchy and sensitive, displaying anxious behavior.

So, you must give them a lot of time and consideration and don’t ignore their grooming. Clean their floppy ears and brush their teeth 3– 4 times per week. The primary concern of a pet parent (along with the other) is to give proper training and socialization to their dog.

Chien d’Artois Health

Chien d’Artois has certain health problems that may incorporate Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Anesthesia Sensitivity/Allergy, Ear Health and Infection, Foot and Toenail Injuries.

 Guarantee monthly visits of your puppy to its concerned vet to keep away from ailments and combat them quickly if there is any.

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