Chin Crested Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Chin Crested Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowChin crested is a relatively new breed. It is one of the most exotic-looking dogs you’ll find. It is a mix between the Chinese crested and Japanese chin, both of which are toy breeds who like to spend most of their time in their owner’s lap. Consequently, Chin crested is also a low-energy dog.

This makes it the perfect companion dog who would accompany you in your spare time without causing any fuss. It comes in two variants; Hairless, which has no hair on its body except on the head, tail, and feet. And the Powderpuff, which has a full coat.

Chin Crested History

Chin Crested doesn’t have clear or well-known history. This includes their origin as well, which can be easily misunderstood from their names. But no, Chinese crested does not have a Chinese origin. Although there have been accounts of Chinese sailors using this dog as Ratting dogs on their ships.

Chin crested comes from a unique set of parent dogs. One of these is the Japanese Crested, which was part of the imperial law in China and was considered one of the most precious dogs of its’s time. The name chin was given to this breed when It was gifted to the emperor of Japan. They believed that it wasn’t a dog but a different Being, Chin.

Chin Crested Characteristics

Chin crested is a dog with diverse characteristics. The hairless variant has a stylish, sleek, and dashing look. With silky, smooth hair on its head (crest), Tail (the plume), and feet (the socks). The dog can have a pink or black undertone.

The Powderpuff, on the other hand, has a full coat. Its hair is of medium density and medium length. This coat comes in many colors, either solid or spotted. These colors include navy blue, mahogany, black, copper, and white.

How Big do Chin Crested Get

Chinese crested has an average height of 5-11 inches and an average weight of 5-10lbs for males and females.

How Long Does Chin Crested Live

As with all the other small-sized dogs, this cute little canine lives a long life. On average, they have a lifespan of 10 – 14 years. Taking care and providing proper nutrition can enhance their health. This ensures that they live the full extent of their lives. Continue reading to find out more about this.

How Much Does a Chin Crested Cost

The price of any dog depends on many different factors. If you’re buying it from an established breeder, you can expect to pay between $1200 – $2000. This breed is often used in competitions, and many breeders sell them for even higher prices.

Chin Crested Temperament/Personality

Chin crested is one of the most loveable, intelligent, and adorable dogs. They crave a lot of attention, and they spend most of their time curled up in their owner’s lap. They are usually introverted and don’t mix up quickly with new people. But if they accept you as their own, you will become its world!

They are intelligent and smart and can be easily trained. But many trainers believe the opposite of this. The chin crested can be stubborn at times, but all this means is that you will have to be patient with them.

As highly social dogs, they form tight bonds with their immediate circle. But this, combined with their suspicious and reactive nature, makes them needy.

Caring for Chin Crested

Chin crested needs a lot of attention. Giving them proper nutrition and grooming is essential for their well-being. Although they are resilient, taking the necessary precautions is also essential to maximize physical and mental health. Keep reading to find out all the details you need to know about taking care of your small companion.

Chin Crested Nutrition

Due to their small size, the chin crested doesn’t require a lot of food. The daily average recommended amount is ¼ – 1 cup of dry, high-quality dry food per day, depending on its activity level.

This should be divided into two separate meals. Over-feeding can cause obesity in many cases. If your dog has a weight problem, you should consider visiting your local vet to discuss its nutritional needs in more detail.

How to Groom a Chin Crested

If you own a hairless chin crested, you should consider bathing it frequently, so it doesn’t develop any skin condition. They can develop acne pretty quickly. Exempt the use of moisturizers, sunblock, or lotions, which can cause irritation and unease. The Powderpuff has a unique double-coat with a shorter inner coat and a longer outer coat.

Although you don’t need to bathe them as frequently as the hairless crests, you should brush them at least twice a week. And don’t forget to clip their nails and clean their ears as per need.

Chin Crested Activity Levels

Chin Crested is a lazy dog. It is a hybrid between two lazy breeds, and It will choose to nap over exercise any day. This makes it a breed that’s perfect for indoor environments like apartments. But as with any other canine, it is beneficial to take the dog for a walk for a short time daily.

Caring for Chin Crested

Chin crested is a social breed; they need to spend a lot of time with the people in their circle. So it is your responsibility to play with them, take them for walks or let them sleep in your lap. This will ensure that they don’t become lonely.

It would be best if you were cautious not to let them roam outside freely and prevent them from exposure to heat for long periods. All visits outside the house should be appropriately supervised.

Chin Crested Health

The primary health concerns for the chin crested are Progressive retinal atrophy, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, and Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca. They can occasionally develop deafness or Elbow dysplasia. It is recommended that you take your pet to the vet for physical examination, eye examination, and radiographs.

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