Chin-wa Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Chin Wa Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowChin wa is a tiny, friendly and loveable dog. They are a designer breed produced as the result of a cross between the Japanese Chin and the Chihuahua. They are very social and love to spend time with their owners and love them unconditionally. Their coats can be either short, medium or long. This depends on which parent breed dominates in them

Their coat can be brown, red, off-white, black, white, and greyish. Their ears can be either upright or floppy. As a small dog it won’t require a lot of activity. Training them can be difficult because of their stubborn nature.

Chin-wa History

Even though their origins are not clear, both of chin-wa parents have a rich history. The Chihuahua originated from Mexico. They are considered amongst the smallest breeds dog available today. It is believed that the Toltec people raised this Mexican pup and one of its ancestor, the Techichi.

The Japanese chin originated in the Chinese imperial court. They were initially reserved for the royalty and were gifted to the ambassadors visiting the court. Similarly the Chin-wa was also considered a prized possession in Japan. People starting breeding them according to their personal preferences at that time.

Chin-wa Characteristics

Chin-wa can have a long, medium or, short coat. This can be brown, red, off-white, black, white, and greyish in color. This toy breed hardly weighs almost 8 pounds and reach up to 11 inches in height. Their legs are short and their hairy tail curls backward.

Their eyes are round and bulgy, and their nose is similar in appearance to that of the Japanese chin. Their ears are either floppy or folded from the tips, like those of the chihuahua’s. Similarly, they adopt their apple-like head-shape from the chihuahua

How Big to Chin-wa Get

Chin-wa is a toy dog with a small physique. The males reach an average height of 8 – 11 inches and an average weight of 4 – 8 pounds. The females varies slightly in size. They have an average height of 7 – 11 inches and an average weight of 4 – 7 pounds.

How Long Does Chin-wa Live

As a small dog this dog enjoys a long and prosperous life. Their average life expectancy is 10 – 12 years. This number is easily bumped up by looking after them properly and giving them an adequate diet.

How Much Does a Chin-wa Cost

Chin-wa is a medium priced dog. It’s price varies in different countries. In the US it costs $200 – $700 meanwhile in the UK, where it is more popular, it costs around £400 to £800. There are several factors that may increase this price, like breeder’s reputation and parent’s pedigrees.

Chin-wa Temperament/Personality

Chin-wa are small dogs with cute, adorable and expressive eyes. They have an expressive nature so their moods are quite visible on their face. They have a very loving nature so they like to spend most of their time with their owners and form tight bonds with them.


They can be quite difficult to train so you have to be patient with them. But if this is done early on you won’t have to fret so much about this. Due to their social nature they do well with strangers and children. But they can get hurt due to their small size so it is advisable to keep them away from children.

Caring for Chin-wa

Chin-wa is a dog that may require a great deal of care and attention from it’s owner. you won’t have to take them out for long walks and spend a lot of time playing with them. But giving them the right amount of food, taking care of their health and grooming them properly is essential to ensure that your little canine lives the best life possible. Continue reading to know more about this.

Chin-wa Nutrition

Chin-Wa is an particularly small dog, consequently it requires an equally small quantity of food to meet its daily energy requirements. They also don’t need a ot of activity, this lowers their overall metabolism. They do well on 1 cup of high quality dog feed daily.

How to Groom a Chin-wa

Grooming depends on what kind of coat your dog has. As we’ve mentioned earlier they can have a short, medium, or long coat. If your chin-wa has a long or medium coat it is advisable to brush them at least once a week with a Pin or slicker brush. They are prone to tooth decay so it is important to brush their teeth on daily basis. Clipping their nails and giving them a bath should also be a part of their monthly grooming routine.

Chin-wa Activity Levels

Chin-was is a lap dog with low energy levels that loves to take naps, cuddle in laps, and relax in its bed. You don’t have to take them out for long walks or spend a lot of time playing with them. However spending at least 30 minutes with your dog will ensure that it doesn’t become lethargic or obese.

Caring for Chin-wa 

Chin-wa is a loveable, social and playful dog. They love to spend time with their owners and if left alone for long periods, they can develop separation anxiety. So, as an owner, it is your responsibility to spend lots of time with them and ensure they don’t spend large amounts of time alone.

They’re usually suited for all kinds of environments but you have to ensure that they don’t overheat or become too cold. Look out for signs such as excessive panting or shivering and take immediate action if you notice them.

Chin-wa Health

Chin-wa is a mixed breed and they can inherit certyain health problems from either of their parent. This may include Patellar Luxation, Tracheal Collapse, Liver Shunts, Cataracts, and Hypoglycemia. Other small health problems like allergies and heart murmurs may also appear occasionally.

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