Chinaranian Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Chinaranian Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe chinanarian is considered one of the most well known aristocratic dogs in the US. It is a hybrid dog made from 2 excellent dog breeds, the Japanese Chin and the Pomeranian.

Also known as the crested pom. They are small, creative, and lively dogs. Their soft, silky, and thick coat gives them an appealing look. It can be black, blue, brown, or cream. 

They can be ideal for children older than 6-8 years of age and adults. But not suited for families with young children as they can hurt them accidentally. Despite their small size, you must groom them regularly to maintain a good shape. 

Chinaranian History

Due to their intelligence and feisty nature, the chinaranian has been a popular choice among aristocrats and civilians. Famous people on this list include Martin Luther King, Mozart, Issacs newton, and Michelangelo. Queen Victoria bred her own smaller variety of the dog. 

They are believed to be bred down in size in the Pomerania region of Poland and Germany, and this is what they have named after. The first Chinaranian, named Dick, entered the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1888. But AKC recognized it as an official breed in 1900. 

They have a Mexican and African origin as their parents are related to the African Hair-less and Mexican Hair-less dogs. 

Chinaranian Characteristics

The chinaranian have tiny legs, a short tail, and dense, puffy hair. This gives them a cute and puffy appearance; they also have a small nose and beady eyes. They come in various coat colors. Continue reading to know all about the chinaranian characteristics in detail. 

How Big do Chinaranian Get

This breed is famous for its small size, which depends on the parent breed that dominates in them. An adult chinaranian, both male and female, can grow up to 12 inches in height and weigh up to 10 pounds. 

How Long Does Chinaranian Live

This breed has a long life expectancy. This is an advantage of having a small-sized dog as they live longer than the larger dogs. Their life span can vary from 12 to 14 years. But you must provide proper care and attention to their health. By doing this, you can bump up this number.

How Much Does a Chinaranian Cost

Like all the other dogs, the Chinaranian’s price can vary according to different factors. They can be pricy. On average, they cost between a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1500 for a “pet quality” one.

But if you’re looking to buy a “show quality” chinaranian and win awards, you can expect to pay around $3500 to $4000.

Chinaranian Temperament/Personality

As they are an intelligent breed, the chinaranians can be easily trained. This makes them an entertaining and manageable pet to have. They can be pretty attention-seeking because of their curious, expressive and sensitive nature. 

If you adopt this dog, they can’t be left alone for long periods, as they require constant stimulation. Despite their small size, they need a lot of physical activity. 

Usually, they are affectionate to their owners, and if trained well, they will hug their owners with their paws as a show of affection. They are pleasant and do well with other dogs. But it is essential to socialize them as soon as possible. 

Caring for Chinaranian

Chinaranian is a small feline that enjoys socializing. It demands a high amount of care and attention. They also need human affection frequently. A proper diet and exercise are essential to ensure your dog’s health and growth. A proper grooming routine is also essential to make sure that your dog looks good. Following are the aspects detailing your dog’s care.

Chinaranian Nutrition

As a little dog, the chinaranian does’t require a lot of food. They Only need up to 1 cup of dog food as an adult. Which costs a mere $0.80 – $1.00. This makes the monthly expense $25 – $30. They are prone to various diseases, so it is vital to give them a healthy feed. It would be best if you took the veterinarian’s recommendation in this regard.

How to Groom a Chinaranian

Chinaranian has a dense coat with thick and straight hair. It is a puffy dog with a furry tail that needs hair trimming at least once a year. This can minimize their maintenance level. Usually, they require brushing 3-4 times per week due to their dense hair. Their teeth require constant attention. And don’t forget to clip their nails frequently.

Chinaranian Activity Levels

Chinaranian requires a decent amount of activity, despite their small size. But you can overdo this and make your dog lethargic. In summer, they can overheat and become dehydrated, so it is important to minimize their activity levels when the weather gets hot.

Chinaranian love to go out in the park and meet other dogs. They also love playing various games in an indoor environment, like a fenced yard. You should aim for at least 30-40 minutes of activity daily and at least 8 miles of walking per week.

Caring for Chinaranian

Chinaranian is a small lap dog that adapts quickly to indoor life. But it is your responsibility to take it out for walks. This will ensure that it socializes with other dogs and won’t become lonely, keep exploring, and stays active. This will also prevent the dog from separation anxiety.

It is important to train your puppy early on. Giving positive reinforcement regularly so It in an acceptable manner. Their nutritional needs should be met by giving them healthy food. This will ensure proper health. 

Chinaranian Health

Chinaranian is a healthy dog like all other designer dogs. But it is prone to certain common diseases. Lens Luxation and Retinal Atrophy (progressive) are the significant concerns you should look out for in your puppy, and Patellar-Luxation, Entropion, and Tracheal Collapse are the minor concerns. 

Your dog should have frequent physical examinations, Ophthalmic Examination and Blood tests. 

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