Chinese Frise Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Chinese Frise Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowChinese frise is a mixed dog. They are a hybrid made from the cross between the Chinese crested and Bichon Frise. Like both of its parents, this dog has a small size with a height that doesn’t usually exceed 12 inches. 

Their coats come in various colors like white, black, cream, red and dark brown. Their coats are dense and can be straight or curly, depending on the dominating parent breed. They have affectionate, energetic, and playful personalities. So having them around is almost like a breath of fresh air!

Chinese Frise History

Chinese frise is a relatively new breed, so they don’t have a lot of history yet. Therefore, we look at their parents’ history to determine their characteristics and learn more about them. The Bichon Frise is believed to have a long history. They are thought to be descended from the Maltese, but others believe their ancestors to be Miniature Spaniel and The Poodle. In the early 1300s in Italy, they were used by sailors to barter.

Chinese crested has its origin in the 1200s in Africa from the African Hair-less terrier. Their population flourished when the Chinese sailors started using them as ratters on their ships. And eventually, they were all over the world. 

Chinese Frise Characteristics

Chinese Frise is a small dog with an average height of only 7- 14 inches. They have a dense coat with hair that can be straight, wavy, or curly. Hairless is a possibility too. This depends on the parent breed that dominates in them. Their coats can be of solid colors like white, black, cream, red, and dark brown, or it can be a mixture of 2 or more of these colors. 

They have big, floppy ears, long legs, and a  small head. Their eyes are big, dark, and round. Their muzzle is short. They are usually covered with a bushy fur on their bodies, but it can also be short, like a poodle.  

How Big do Chinese Frise Get

As both of its parents have a small size, the Chinese frise has a tiny stature. The average height is 7 – 12 inches for males, and the average weight is 7 – 14lbs. The females have an average height of 5 – 11 inches and an average weight of 8 – 12lbs. 

How Long Does Chinese Frise Live

Just like the other little canines, Chinese frise enjoys a long life. Their average life expectancy ranges from 12 to 14 years. You can easily bump this number up by providing them with an adequate diet and caring for their everyday needs. 

How Much Does a Chinese Frise Cost

As designer breeds, the Chinese Frise doesn’t come cheap. Different factors like breeder’s reputation can affect its price. You can expect to pay around $1000 – $1200for a full-grown dog and somewhere between $500 – $700 for a puppy. 

Chinese Frise Temperament/Personality

Chinese Frise is spirited, playful, and loving. The Form tight bonds with their owners and love spending most of their time around them. They are okay with new faces and friendly with children. 

Their small size and calm nature makes them a good option as an apartment dog. They can be a little tough to train because of their stubborn personality. So you have to be patient and start the training process as early as possible. 

Caring for Chinese Frise

Chinese Frise ranks high amongst the list of sensitive dogs. Consequently, it would be best if you gave a lot of care and attention to them. This will include developing a grooming routine, watching out for potential diseases, and ensuring that they get their daily activity needs to be met. Watching your dog happy, healthy, and sound will give you a different kind of satisfaction. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Chinese Frise Nutrition

As a small, designer breed, the Chinese Frise has a low daily caloric requirement. So they require a small amount of food. They do well on 1 cup of high-Quality food daily. You can split this into 2-3 meals according to your preference. It is recommended to get a proper diet plan from your local vet if your dog has weight issues. 

How to Groom a Chinese Frise

Chinese Frise has a dense, curly, and rough coat, so it is good to brush them daily. You may use a brush with hard bristles or a metallic comb. This will ensure that your dog doesn’t get a matted coat or sheds excessively. Cleaning their eyes, teeth, and ears should also be a part of their grooming routine. And don’t forget to clip their nails as per need. 

Chinese Frise Activity Levels

Chinese fries is a lap dog. It likes spending most of its in taking naps or in its owner’s lap. But ensuring at least 40 – 60 minutes of daily exercise can prove beneficial for their health. 

This will keep them calm and prevent them from getting bored and agitated. They have an affinity towards different games like play ball and flyball. They will also make good companions on hikes, walks, or jogs. 

Caring for Chinese Frise

Chinese Frise is a sensitive dog. They tend to get hurt because of their small size, so ensure that you keep them away from small children. When taking them out for walks or jogs, keep them on a leash at all times, so they don’t wander around and get hurt. 

They are prone to heating due to their dense coats. So keeping them in a cool place and providing clean and fresh water at all times is important. If your dog starts panting excessively, it is a sign that he is overheating and needs to cool down. 

Chinese Frise Health

Chines Frise is a healthy dog with a small number of health concerns with it may inherit from either parent. This includes patellar luxation, cataracts, Canine Hip Dysplasiaallergies, among others. They are also prone to allergies which may develop due to ticks, dust, or chemicals. 

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