Chinese Imperial Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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In a nutshell, the Chinese Imperial Dog is sweet, sturdy, and energetic. It is almost similar to the Shih Tzu in its appearance, the only difference being its size and head-to-body ratio. This dog is the perfect companion for people living in apartments, thanks to its tiny size. 

They are playful and friendly with children and love to spend time with people in their circle. They are harmless to children, but they can get hurt quite easily due to their small size, so it is advisable to keep them away from children. They are not easy to find in the US, so you might have to pay more for this dog than other tiny dogs.

Chinese Imperial Dog History

Chinese Imperial Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowChinese Imperial Dog was a famous dog among the Chinese nobility for its companionship and tiny size. These small dogs were often gifted to foreign dignities along with the Shih Tzu. As claimed by the Chinese imperial dog club, they have been in existence for more than 2000 years, but America kernel Club (AKC)states that their origin dates back to the 1980s.

This tiny canine resulted from breeders trying to genetically modify the larger Shih Tzu, a process known as dwarfing. They were initially called mini or teacup Shih Tzu. But then the AKC stepped in and standardized the size requirements for the Shih Tzu. They believed dwarfing was unethical and harmful to the dog. And so, the Chinese Imperial was born.

Chinese Imperial Dog Characteristics

Chinese Imperial have long coat with wavy hair. Their coat colors have a lot of variety. This includes the colors like fawn, brown, black, white, red, silver, and pied. They have a wrinkly, short-muzzled face and a curled tail. 

They are tiny, compact, and muscular. Although their body can be seen due to their dense coat, they have a well-structured and proportionate body. Their puffy, dense, and fluff coat gives them an appealing teddy-bear-like look. 

How Big do Chinese Imperial Dog Get

Chinese Imperial Dog is a small breed. On average, they weigh around 4 – 7lbs and reach an average height of 7 – 8 inches for both males and females. 

How Long Does Chinese Imperial Dog Live

As a small canine, this dog lives a long life. The average life span lies between 10 – 18 years. Some live up to 20 years if they’re provided with proper nutrition, care, and attention.

How Much Does a Chinese Imperial Dog Cost

As with all the other dogs, the Chinese Imperial’s price is subject to different factors. They can be pricy as they are not easy to find. On average they cost above $1900. 

Chinese Imperial Dog Temperament/Personality

Chinese Imperial Dog is one of the most friendly, calm, and loveable dogs. Usually, they love to cuddle with people and spend time with them. But they have the ability to stay put for long periods of time, which can be quite a relief if you’re often busy. 

These dogs have a cooperative nature, but they can be quite mischievous at times. So you have to keep a firm hand or get ready to deal with endless battles and tantrums with them. However, this tiny companion deserves all the kindness and love. They have the uncanny ability to read your moods and mirror them, and sometimes that’s all we need on a bad day. 

Caring for Chinese Imperial Dog

Chinese Imperial Dogs are sensitive and require a lot of attention from their owners. Although you won’t have to spend a lot of time taking them out for walks, it is important that you give them the proper food to meet their nutritional needs and groom them. This will ensure that your companion lives a healthy and comfortable life. Continue reading to find out more on this. 

Chinese Imperial Dog Nutrition

Due to its small size and low activity requirements, they don’t need a lot of food. They do well on a diet with high-quality and fresh dog food. This can be homemade or commercially manufactured. It is important to supervise your dog’s daily caloric intake to prevent obesity. If you think your dog is getting overweight, it’s always a good idea to take it to the vet and get a proper diet plan. 

How to Groom a Chinese Imperial Dog

Chinese Imperial Dog has a double coat with a longer outer coat which requires brushing daily brushing. Their inner, softer core makes them vulnerable to overheating, so keeping them in a cool environment with clean water for drinking is advisable. 

You should clean their eyes with a damp cloth and comb their mustache every day. To avoid irritation trimming the hair above their eyes is advised. And don’t forget to trim their nails and clean their ears.

Chinese Imperial Dog Activity Levels

Chinese Imperial Dogs are usually laid back and a bit of a couch potato. But it is essential to fit some exercise into their daily schedule. 30 – 40 minutes of daily walk or indoor playtime is sufficient to meet its daily activity requirements. 

Caring for Chinese Imperial Dog

Chinese Imperial Dog is a tiny lap dog that adapts quickly to apartment life. But it is your responsibility to take it out for walks and spend time with them. This ensures that your dog doesn’t get isolated and becomes socialized. But once outside, they can overheat, so look out for signs and if you sense that your dog is panting excessively, take it to a cooler place immediately. 

Chinese Imperial Dog Health

Chinese Imperial dogs are generally healthy and resilient. But if the breeders are not careful, they can develop health issues like Patellar Luxation Canine, hip Dysplasia, hypo-glycemia, heart Conditions, and eye problems. Other minor issues include Reverse Sneezing, Ear Infection, Heatstroke, and Inflammation Allergies, requiring blood tests.

Therefore, It is advisable to take your dog and get it tested regularly.

Breeds Similar to Chinese Imperial Dog


Best Dog Food For Chinese Imperial Dogs

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Adult Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Salmon & Rice Formula is an ideal dog food for Chinese Imperial Dogs. This dry food is rich in high-protein contents, so it helps maintain a healthier growth. Since this meal is rich in prebiotic and probiotic fiber, your Chinese Imperial Dog will be able to digest the food easily. 

  • The dog can easily digest this food.
  • It is rich in the nutrients of Salmon. 
  • Omega 6 fatty acid offers healthy and nourished skin.

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Best Puppy Food For Chinese Imperial Dogs

Hill's Science Diet Puppy Healthy Development Small Bites Dry Dog Food

The lovely Chinese Imperial puppy will get the best nutrition from Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Healthy Development Small Bites Dry Dog Food. This food comes with wholesome ingredients like barley, savory chicken, etc. This food seems excellent for puppies up to 1 year and pregnant dogs. 

  • Natural DHA makes it perfect for healthy brain and eye development. 
  • It is available with a blend of vitamin E, C, and antioxidants. 
  • It does not come with added colors or flavors.

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Best Dog Crate For Chinese Imperial Dogs

Midwest Icrate Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

For proper housetraining, a Chinese Imperial Dog requires a crate, and dog parents can opt for Midwest iCrate Double Door Fold & Carry Dog Crate. It is available in all sizes, and the enclosure helps your Chinese Imperial Dog feel safe inside it. It offers a comfort zone for the crate, and it comes with top-quality material that is durable and will not hurt your Chinese Imperial Dog too. 

  • It is available with double doors. 
  • This crate is easy to carry.
  • You can place it conveniently at your home. 

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Best Dog Bed For Chinese Imperial Dogs

Aspen Pet Self Warming Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

Aspen Pet self-warming beds will be the best choice for your Chinese Imperial Dog. This dog bed helps keep your Chinese Imperial Dog warm during winters. The cozy faux lamb wool offers the utmost comfort to your pet buddy, so your Chinese Imperial Dog would love resting in it.

  • It offers a comfortable interior layer. 
  • It is lightweight to carry. 
  • You can clean it easily. 

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Best Dog Harness For Chinese Imperial Dogs

Petsafe Easy Walkdog Harness

PetSafe Easy Walk Black & Silver Dog Harness is the best harness for Chinese Imperial Dogs. It offers your pet pal the comfort that he desires during long walks, and training sessions. It does all that by eliminating the undue pressure that a collar can potentially exert on your Chinese Imperial Dog’s neck.

  • It is available in an adjustable loop.
  • It is ideal for outside training of your Chinese Imperial Dog. 
  • It does not create pressure on the throat. 

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