Chipin Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Chipin, also known as Minchi and Pinhuahua, is a small dog resulting from crossbreeding two adorable breeds: the Miniature Pinscher and the Chihuahua. They are loving, affectionate, and caring, which enjoy spending time with their human family. This dog has a hard, short coat that can be brown, black, fawn, or a mix of these colors. 

Chipin is smart and a quick learner. Training and teaching them would not be an issue, but it’s recommended to socialize them early to develop their confidence. This canine is great with pets and small kids and makes good family pets. This designer breed can be found in rescues and shelters. 

Chipin History

Chipin Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowChipin is believed to be known since 2001. It is quite a new designer breed, so let’s look at the background of its parent to have a better idea. The Miniature Pinscher has its origins in Germany, where they have been known since the 1600s. These canines were used for hunting small animals like mice and rats. Germans brought them to the United States by the 1800s, where they became popular. The AKC (American kennel club) registered them in 1925.

The Chihuahua does not have a well-documented history, but most people believed that they have their origins in Aztecs. Another theory is that they originated from China, where people bred them with other dogs. Another bunch of people believed that they were brought to America from Mexico (Chihuahua). The AKC recognized this breed in 1904.

Chipin Characteristics 

Chipin is a small, beautiful dog with loving nature. The physical appearance is dependent on the dominance of the parent, so that it may vary. Usually, their coat is smooth and shiny that can be of any color like chocolate, cream, tan, golden black, and a mix of black and tan. They have small round heads with large ears, which can be upright or floppy.  

Chipin’s small body is sturdy-built with straight legs and small feet. Their tiny pointed muzzle looks cute with a small nose at the end of it. They have brown, deep, shiny, and almond-shaped eyes that give them curious-looking expressions. 

How Big do Chipin Get

Like both of its parents, chipin is a small-sized canine. The males reach an average height of 10 – 12 inches and weigh around 9 – 15 pounds. However, the females can be anywhere between 8 – 11 inches, and their weight can be 5 – 12 pounds. 

How Long Does Chipin Live

Chipin is a small pup that lives longer than bigger dogs. It can live anywhere from around 10 to 12 years. Ensure to keep them healthy and fit to help them live a happy life.  

How much does a Chipin cost

Chipin is a hybrid dog, so its price can vary according to several factors like reputation of breeder, lineage, parent’s healthcare assurance, and many others. You should expect to pay around $150 to $600 for a pup. 

Chipin Temperament/Personality

Chipin is a caring, loving, and affectionate dog. They are family-friendly dogs who love to be around their family all day, so it would be your responsibility to accompany them. Otherwise, they are likely to develop self-destructive behaviors. These canines are not difficult to train, but you’d have to follow the rules during their learning time. 

Chipin can be stubborn and conservative, so ensure consistency during training. These loyal canines do not care about the size of the enemy; if their owner or family is in danger, they dare to fight with dogs even double their size. They are great with other pets and children, but supervision is necessary around small kids as they have small size and can get hurt.  

Caring for Chipin

Chipin is a hybrid dog. They require a moderate level of care and attention to stay in their best shape. Giving them the best quality food and ensuring their grooming would help to keep them looking healthy and fresh. Keep on reading to explore more about tour dogs.

Chipin Nutrition

This small-sized canine is energetic and active, but it does not require a huge amount of food to stay alert. Only 1 cup of top-notch food would do great for this furry dog. Nothing is more important than your pup’s nutrition, so make sure to use organic products to keep them sound and healthy. Don’t forget to include meat and vegetables in its ingredients list.  

How to Groom a Chipin

Chipin does not need high maintenance. Usually, they have a short coat that is quite easy to handle. Brush them daily using a special brush for dogs to keep their coat smooth and shiny. Bathe them only when they are really dirty and try to use a mild shampoo (made for dogs). Other shampoos may irritate and dry out of their skin. Wipe their ears and eyes with a soft cloth to remove dirt. Clip your pup’s nails at least once a week using a special nail clipper for dogs, and don’t forget to brush their teeth regularly with medicated toothpaste to avoid dental issues. Professional grooming after 5 – 6 months is also recommended. 

Chipin Activity Levels

Chipin is a dog full of energy. They need at least 45 minutes of daily activity to maintain their weight and body. These dogs are likely to develop destructive behaviors if they don’t get enough exercise and playtime regularly. Running, hiking, and walking are their favorites. A fenced yard would be a good option to let them run freely. It will cheer them up. Ensure their mental stimulation as well. 

Caring for Chipin

Chipin is an alert, active and energetic dog. Keep their health under check and groom them properly to maintain their beauty. This breed tends to gain weight quickly, so keep them on a healthy diet to avoid obesity. Meeting their daily requirements would help them to live their life happily. 

Chipin Health

Chipin is a healthy dog, but it can be affected by inherited health problems from its parents. The major concerns include Patellar luxation, Color dilution Alopecia and dental problems. They are also prone to obesity due to their high levels of energy. It’s best to visit their vet at least twice a month. 

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