Chippiparai Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Chippiparai Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThe Chippiparai goes by many names; Tamil Sightdog, Tamil Greyhound, and Tamil-Coursing Dog and gets its name from where it was first developed, that is, Chipparai, Tamil Nadu (Madurai), India. It was once quite the popular dog amongst the Indian nobility, but its popularity fell as the British rule took over, and it has been fighting against extinction ever since.

The Chippaparais are intelligent, loyal, and devoted dogs and will do anything to make sure their owner is safe in case of an emergency. They’re not very friendly, but if early socialization and training are given to them, they’ll prove themselves to be wonderful companions.

Chippiparai History

As aforementioned, the Chippiparais are of Indian origin and were given very high regard in their golden days of glory. Unfortunately, their happier times got over once the British rule came. All things come to an end, right? Whether they’re good or bad, everything is temporary. The Chippiparai is thought to be related to an Egyptian dog breed, the Saluki, because of their similar physical features. However, there is no solid evidence or record to support that statement.

The Chippiparais were treasured for their excellent hunting skills, loyalty, intelligence, devotion, endurance, and adaptability. Their appreciation got reduced once the foreign breeds were introduced along with the British rule, and now they’re just regular dogs that, sadly, have also become quite rare.

Chippiparai Characteristics

First glance at the Chippiparais makes you think they’re probably malnourished, but that’s usually not the case, and a slender body with visible ribs is just the right look for this breed. They have a deep chest that provides stamina, long, graceful legs with cute, round paws, and a raised, tucked-up tummy which gives them the Saluki or Greyhound build.

The face and head of this dog are narrow and long, so it would be rude to ask them, “why the long face?” even if they can’t understand you… or can they? Their ears can be semi-erect, and their eyes are big and face forward. It is said that their eyes are positioned in a way that they have a 270-degree scope of sight! The coat is very soft and smooth and pretty short, perfect to tolerate India’s hot weather. The Chippiparai’s coat has a wide range of colors, but the common ones are brown, brindle, fawn, white, and gray.

How Big Do Chippiparais Get?

The average Chippiparai grows up to be around 20-25 inches big or 64 centimeters and weighs about 30-65 pounds, both male and female.

How Long Does A Chippiparai Live?

The Chippiparai has a pretty nice lifespan of about 13-16 years. It can reach its maximum age if proper nutrition, care, love, enough exercise, and your time are given to it. What we all require, basically!

How Much Does A Chippiparai Cost?

In India, the dog costs around 5000-8000 Rupees, and other expenses like pet insurance, vaccinations, flea prevention, collar and leash, food, treats, toys, license, etc., can cost you about 2000-4000 per year. The price of the dog generally depends on its quality, coat color, whether the dog has been certified by the Kennel Club or not, and another factor is the type of breeder you’re going to, so make sure it’s a trusted one who is not looking to gain profits.

Chippiparai Temperament/Personality

The Chippiparais are gentle and calm, energetic yet quiet, reserved yet confident, and most importantly, independent-minded yet devoted to owners. Because of their devotion to owners, they are relatively easy to train. They are normally suspicious of everyone else and only show affection to people they form special bonds with.

One might think that they’re not friendly with other pets, but the truth is, they are quite friendly and make good friends if they are taught to socialize during their early stages. However, small pets are considered prey; thus, make sure to keep your dog on a leash so that it doesn’t go around chasing them while you’re out on a regular walk.

Caring For Chippiparais

Early training and socialization are something you don’t want to take lightly if you want a Chow Pei as a family dog. Also, make sure to teach your kids to behave around your dog and not poke or trigger it because they may snap. Chippiparais are intelligent, so they seem to train quickly. However, praise and treats are an important part of training, so make sure to keep that in mind; otherwise, their stubborn side may take over.

Chippiparai Nutrition

The BARF diet (Biologically-Appropriate-Raw-Food) is essential for Chippiparais and mostly consists of raw meat that is supplemented with rice, vegetables, etc. Fluids, mostly found in cereals, are essential for growth. In addition to that, calcium for bone health, protein for muscle development and strength, and essential fats are vital to health.

How to Groom a Chippiparai?

The Chippiparais have exceptionally short coats, so not much grooming is required by them. Brushing them once or twice a week is good enough. They love getting massages, so you won’t hear them complain! If they don’t naturally wear down their nails when outside, ensure clipping them weekly or twice a month. Dental and ear health are of great importance; therefore, clean your dog’s ears weekly and brush its teeth 2-3 times a week, and other than that, shower them with lots of love!

Chippiparai Activity Levels

Very active best describes the activity levels of the Chippiparais. They require at least 90 minutes of exercise daily and love running around in a yard or the dog park. Due to their high energy levels, they are not well-suited for apartments. Also, make sure to keep your dog physically as well as mentally challenged, as it is essential for healthy growth.

Chippiparai Care

Playtime with your dog, keeping it engaged in different activities to promote mental growth, grooming whenever necessary, keeping the ears and teeth clean, are important. So, make sure to keep all these things in check.

Chippiparai Health

The Chippiparais are a pretty healthy dog breed, but they can be prone to some diseases like all other animals. Some health concerns include Canine Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy.

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