Should You Choose a Boxer or German Shepherd as Your Next Family Dog?

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Should You Choose a Boxer or German Shepherd as Your Next Family Dog

Boxers are the type of dog that looks mean and their name suggests a dog with a bad nature. A boxer is actually a very sweet, people loving dog. They are great for families with children or other pets.

Boxers need a fair amount of attention. If left alone for long periods of time, bad behavior can result. Although they look all loving, a boxer can also be a good guard dog. Since they are such people lovers, if they are not trained properly, they will most likely welcome an intruder into your house with licks instead of growls. Their loving personality makes them great around children and other animals. They are usually only good around other animals if they have been raised around them.

They are really easy to take care of because they have a short haired coat. They also enjoy learning, so training should be a breeze. Since they get bored easily, it is best to exercise them regularly or keep them outside if you need to go somewhere.

Boxers are the perfect dog for any kind of family. The boxer adapts well to any personality or place. They do not do well with boredom, loneliness, or harsh treatment.

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German Shepherd or boxer family dog

German shepherds are typically known as police dogs or known to do tasks such as catch the bad guys or find drugs and bombs. While German shepherds are intelligent enough to do all these things, they also make a great family dog. Just like any dog, a German shepherd can be trained to be a killer or a big softie.

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A German shepherd’s most common trait is faithfulness and loyalty. You can even see these two traits in their large, beautiful eyes. Since the German shepherd is so faithful, he can also get jealous easily. Older dogs are usually jealous of new lovers, babies, or guests that take away your attention from them. Most German shepherds are not big on cuddling or too much affection. They also make great companions for children because of their tolerant nature.

German shepherds are also extremely intelligent and will learn quickly. Owners should take full advantage of training their German shepherd when it is a puppy. Waiting too long to train a German shepherd puppy can lead to a rebellious and hard to train dog later down the road. A German shepherd can be trained to be an excellent guard dog as well as many other things.

Overall, German shepherds make a great, loyal companion. They are great for training and beautiful for showing. They may have aggression problems when dealing with new people, but they can be fixed with training.