Choosing the Best Underground Fences for Dogs

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Choosing the Best Underground Fences for DogsChoosing the best underground fences for dogs is rocket science. As dog owners, we all love our furry friends, but it’s okay to admit that sometimes they can be a bit of a handful. Whether it’s running out into the road or digging up the garden, our dogs can be a LOT. That’s why investing in an underground fence for your dog can be a great idea.

Not only does it keep your pet safe, but it also prevents them from running rampant in your garden or garden. However, you also are looking not to invest so much money in traditional fences, especially if you have small dogs or a large acreage to fence in.

But with so many options out there, how can you know which underground fence is the best invisible dog fence for your pup? In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some of the best underground fences for dogs, so you can make an informed decision.

Training is Important

If you’re considering an underground fence for your dog, the training process is important to consider. Wired fences need a bit of work to install – you’ll need to bury the wire around the perimeter of your backyard and additional wire anywhere else you’d like to section off. Then, you’ll need to train your dog using flags, your remote control, and positive reinforcement to help them understand where the invisible electric fences are. Your dog will probably first receive a warning tone and then receive a mild electric shock.

Wireless dog fence systems don’t require as much installation, but the signal can be disrupted by trees, large objects, or power outages, which can affect the system’s functionality. Of course, with wired fences, there’s always the danger of wires being ripped by lawnmowers or interloping critters.

Training your dog to use an underground fence requires a few easy steps. Ideally, you should start training your pet after they’ve settled into their new home. The first step is teaching the pet to recognize the safe zone. This is the area designated by so many underground feet of wire where the dog is allowed within the boundary line. Once your pet has identified the safe zone, you can begin to reward them with treats whenever they stay within the safe zone. This will help them associate staying within the designated underground wire area with good behavior.

Types of Underground Fences

There are two main types of underground fences for dogs, wired and wireless systems. Wired fences are buried under the ground and send radio signals through a buried wire, as opposed to a physical fence above the ground. This creates a safe zone for your dog, and if they cross the boundary line, they’ll be corrected by their collar. Wireless systems are also available, and these don’t require any buried wire. Instead, the transmitter sends a radio signal that creates a boundary line around your property, and your dog’s collar responds to this. These models might just be the easiest and lowest effort and the best choice for renters or those not planning to stay in one place for a long time.

Extreme Dog Fence

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One of the best-wired underground dog fences is the Extreme Dog Fence. This fence comes with a 16-gauge wire that’s rated for up to 1000 feet. It’s also waterproof and comes with rechargeable batteries that have long battery life. Additionally, you can customize the fence’s boundary to suit your needs by choosing from five levels of correction and adjusting the distance from the electronic dog fence.

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Conovo Electric Dog Fence

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Another great option is the Conovo Electric Dog Fence. GPS dog fences are also becoming a popular option for pet owners who want an invisible fence that will keep their pets within a safe zone. They work by using GPS technology, which allows you to create a boundary around your home. The system comes with a receiver collar that sends signals to the GPS dog fence receiver. If your dog ventures outside the designated boundary zone, the collar will send a notification to your smartphone, allowing you to take quick action.

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PetSage Stay and Play Wireless Fence 

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If you’re looking for a wireless system, the PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence is a great choice. It creates a circular boundary around your property and comes with a rechargeable and waterproof collar. The collar has five levels of correction and can be customized to suit your dog’s needs. Additionally, the fence has a play wireless fence mode that lets you create a smaller boundary line for your dog to play in.

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Find One That Fits Your Needs

In conclusion, investing in an underground fence for your dog can offer you peace of mind and help keep your furry friend safe. Wired fences are reliable but require a bit of installation and training to get started. Wireless fences offer a quick and easy solution but can be disrupted by large objects or power outages. No matter which type of fence you choose, make sure to get a collar with a long battery life and adjustable correction levels to ensure your dog stays safe and comfortable. The best invisible fences are those that suit your dog’s individual needs, so take your time to research and compare different options before making a decision.