Chow Hounds Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Chow Hounds Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThe Chow Hound is an adorable dog breed resulting from the cross between the Chow Chow and the Basset Hound. It is one of the reasonably new hybrid canines and is energetic and outgoing.

we love getting cuddles and these bear-like doggies make the perfect companion. An average Chow Hound has medium-sized, floppy ears and a saber-like tail. The coat color is usually brown or fawn, and its texture is like that of a teddy bear.

Chow Hounds are not the best choice for first-time dog owners because they can be challenging to train, and an experienced person is more suited to serve that purpose.

Chow Hound History

Since the Chow Hound is one of the modern species, not much is known about them. But we do know plenty about the wonderful parents.

So the Chow Chow is considered one of the most ancient dogs that were excellent at herding and guarding. They became part of the royal courts of Europe and gradually made their way into North America, where they were not only protectors but also trusted companions. They mainly hail from the northern areas of Siberia.

The Basset Hound hails from somewhere in France in the 1500s. The breed was primarily utilized to track and hunt squirrels, deer, rabbits, raccoons, etc., because of their remarkable sniffing ability.

Chow Hound Characteristics

As mentioned before, the Chow Hound’s coat is commonly brown or fawn. Other colors your dog can inherit are red, cream, lemon, black, and white. The eyes are almond-shaped and brown or hazel.

The coat length of the dog is variable. It can be short, medium, or long. Similarly, coat density also varies from sparse to adequate to dense. The texture could be straight, wiry, wavy, and corded.

How Big Do Chow Hounds Get?

The average male Chow Hound can get as big as 22 inches and weigh around 40-70 pounds. On the other hand, the average female Chow Hound can grow to be around 13-20 inches big and weigh around 40-55 pounds.

How Long Does A Chow Hound Live?

Chow Hounds have a pretty good lifespan and can live to be around 15 years old! You can get them to reach their maximum age by taking good care of them and making sure they follow a healthy diet.

How Much Does A Chow Hound Cost?

The prices of Chow Hound dogs may depend on many factors. On average, a budget of $500-$1000 should be prepared. Other medical (flea prevention, insurance, vaccinations, etc.) and non-medical (leash and collar, food, toys, grooming, etc.) expenses should also be kept in mind; they could add up to make a total of $1000-$1200 per year.

Chow Hound Temperament/Personality

Here’s a fun fact: both the Chow Hound parents were utilized for hunting and tracking purposes back in the day and were also recognized for their loyalty and companionship. Hence, it’s safe to assume that the Chow Hound these characteristics as well.

These cute doggies are incredibly energetic, intelligent and friendly, quite protective, and can be loud at times, too. In addition to that, they are also pretty independent-minded. If you don’t engage them as much as they require, they might do their own thing. So, proper training is essential.

Caring for Chow Hounds

Early training, socialization, regular grooming, and brushing, providing good nutrition all are important factors that should be kept in mind when taking care of your Chow Hound. Depending on the type of coat the dog inherits, different grooming brushes are available. A healthy diet is crucial for your dog’s good health.

Chow Hound Nutrition

Since Chow Hounds are one of the relatively energetic dogs, it’s advisable to have them on a high-protein diet while also making sure that they get enough daily exercise. Usually, veterinarians recommend vegetables and foods that are less problematic and are easily digested. Plus, Chow Hounds love their food, so be careful not to give them too much because they will keep eating, and that may lead them to become overweight.

How to Groom a Chow Hound

Grooming maintenance for your Chow Hound depends on whether your dog has inherited its Basset parent’s coat or that of its Chow parent.

If the coat is not dense like that of the Basset parent, it’s low maintenance and will require grooming only once a week. If it’s the other way around, with the coat being long and dense, it will require grooming and bathing around 3-4 times a week.

Since the Chow Hound’s ears are mostly floppy, frequent checking and cleaning will be required to prevent infections.

Dental health is equally vital for all dogs. Thus, regular dental check-ups are essential so that any infections resulting in tooth loss can be prevented.

Activity Levels of Chow Hounds

Keeping your Chow Hound mentally and physically challenged is significant. However, these guys enjoy lying in front of the fire or any spot they find comfortable. Thus, it is important to take them out for an 80-90 minute walk around the block or at the dog park daily. This way, they can avoid many health problems.

Chow Hound Care

It is crucial to have your pet taken to the vet for regular check-ups and ensure they are being provided with adequate amounts of nutrients and exercise. If they don’t naturally wear down their nails while they’re out, clipping them becomes necessary. It is noteworthy that dogs’ nails consist of nerves and blood vessels in the lower section, so one should be extra careful while cutting them or have a professional take charge.

Chow Hound Health

Chow Hounds are a pretty healthy breed of dogs and are very unlikely to develop serious diseases. But one never knows what’s coming, so it’s better to watch out for some common health issues like hip dysplasia, cataracts, platelet dysfunction, dermatomyositis, glaucoma, etc. Occasional tests include eye and ear examinations.

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