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Chug Dog Breed InformationAre you a lover of tiny canines? A Chug is a small bundle of cuteness, getting the heart-melting traits from Pugs and Chihuahuas. You are not thinking that this pup got its name after drinking beer in a gulp, right?

The Chug is a delightful little fellow, perfect for all types of families and singles. The doggo will leave you laughing on the floor with the comical Pug traits. Alternatively, you may get a new surprise every day with its mysterious Chihuahua characteristics.

Well, that is what you get with crossbreeds—you never know for sure! Read on all you need to know before adopting a Chug!

Chug History

As with many other designer dogs, Chugs have gained popularity in the last 2-3 decades. However, both its parent breeds are ancient, present for centuries. While Pugs date back to 200 B.C., Chihuahuas exist from 300 B.C. Thus, both species have significant historical relevance.

Pug is known to be a royal breed who lived with the Han Dynasty of China for quite some time. Chihuahuas, on the other hand, were considered spiritual dogs and were commonly found in Mexican households.

Therefore, Chugs are quite the companions and very protective of their owners—both traits found in their breed parents.

Chug Characteristics

You must know that no two crossbred doggos have the same traits. While some of them may have more of the maternal characteristics, others may be more like their fathers. Still, Chugs are generally loyal, energetic, affectionate, and sometimes stubborn and territorial.

You must make it a point to train the canine as soon as it gets home.

How Big Do Chugs Get

Though Chugs may vary in size, they are mostly slightly larger than Chihuahuas and smaller than Pugs. Still, they fall under the category of small dogs, with a height of 6-12 inches. They are fantastic lapdogs, weighing between 10-20 pounds.

How Long Does Chug Live

Despite being a designer dog, a Chug may gain several health problems in inheritance from their breed parents. Still, with regular grooming and health checkups, you can live with your toy dog for up to 10-13 years.

That said, you must pay attention to its specific diet and exercise needs.

How Much Does a Chug Cost

The Chug is not a very popular breed, which is why you may easily find a pup within $400-$800. Furthermore, if bred well, the Chihuahua and Pug mixes do not have many health issues.

Thus, you have to bear a minimum maintenance cost. Still, make sure to collect all the information about the baby from its breeder.

Chug Temperament/ Personality

Chugs are the ideal companion dogs, who love to play around and cuddle with their humans. However, they can also get territorial, sometimes even for a specific member of the family. With proper training, you can curb this behavior of the little pup.

Another prominent trait is its constant yapping. So, if you are looking for an attentive watchdog, your Chug will do the alerting job just fine.

When it comes to blending with other dogs and pets, these little doggos may get aggressive if not socialized well. The same goes for kids, as Chugs are relatively stubborn. Therefore, you must ensure that you train the tiny furball to mingle from its puppy years.

Caring for Chug

Chugs may be tiny, but they require considerable care. It may be in the form of specific nutrition to regular grooming. Furthermore, your little friend may be prone to various health problems. So, regular checkups are a mandate!

Chug Nutrition

Small dog breeds have special diets, and that is what your Chihuahua Pug needs. Though the food quantity is usually just a maximum of one cup per day, it must be nutritious enough. Chugs are energetic doggos and usually burn what they eat, but they also tend to overeat. So, you must pay special attention to their food limit and activity.

How to Groom a Chug

A Chihuahua Pug mix usually has a smooth, short coat. Still, the hair may be longer if the doggo leans more towards the Chihuahua parent side. Nevertheless, your Chug will require daily brushing to keep its fur free of tangles, debris, and mites. You will also need to wipe dry the little wrinkled face and keep the ears and teeth clean to prevent any diseases.

Chug Activity Levels

Both Chihuahuas and Pugs are lively little doggies, and so is their crossbreed. Your Chug will require short play and exercise sessions, though the doggo will run behind you round the day.

Make sure to take the pooch for a walk or playtime at least once a day. Doing this will keep the canine physically fit and mentally healthy. It will also keep the Chug’s boredom and stubbornness at bay.

Caring for Chug

Chugs are high-spirited pets who may not require your attention round the clock. Still, they can be annoying and stubborn at times, which is why they need rigorous training. You must start training the pup the day you bring the baby home.

It will help your furry friend know that you are the alpha and will also improve their socializing skills.

Apart from training, your Chihuahua Pug mix is the perfect family doggo and will do anything to please you. Still, you need to give attention to its daily grooming needs and moderate physical activity. You need to especially beware of its dental health and weight gain, which may lead to several health issues.

Chug Health

Regular veterinary checkups are highly significant for Pugs and Chihuahuas, and thus, for Chugs. Owing to their flat face and short muzzle, they are prone to a respiratory issue known as brachycephalic syndrome.

Other than that, the pooch may be vulnerable to eye problems like cataracts, cherry eyes, dry eyes, etc. Also, make sure your doggo gets plenty of water and shade in summers. The Chug’s dense coat may lead to heat strokes.

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