Chussel Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Chussel Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Chussel is considered one of the smallest breeds. It’s a cross between two widely recognized parents, the Brussel Griffon and the Chihuahua. It’s a great breed, meant for small families and groups. To learn whether this breed is compatible with your circumstances, read on with us.

Chussel History

The Chussel is a modern-day hybrid breed with a not-so-clear history attached to it. To understand it, we must look at the history of its parents. The first parent is the Brussel Griffon. This breed can be traced back to the 19th Century. The place of its origin is thought to be Belgium. The breed was primarily used as a terminator for small pests and vermin. It is thought to have Toy Spaniel, Yorkshire terrier, and Affenpinscher blood mixed in. The AKC accepted the breed in 1910.

The second parent is the beautiful Chihuahua. As you may have seen numerous times in movies, this breed is a purely South American breed. Its origins can be traced back to ancient reed reared by the Aztec civilization. Like the Brussel Griffon, this breed was primarily used for hunting small vermin and as an ancient royalty designer dog. Its name in the language of the Aztecs was Techichi. The breed was imported to the States in 1850. Nearly half a century later, in 1904, the AKC accepted it into its roster.

Chussel Characteristics

Determining the physical appearance of this breed based on some standards is impossible. Why? Because standards to determine any such values for the breed, do not exist at all. The characteristics and traits are highly dependent on the dominant breed. Typically, the coat’s length will be medium, and its colors will vary between Brown, Gray, Cream, and Black. The ears will be aligned with the head’s shape and size. Generally, it will sport a beard on its chin, with the signature look of the Brussel Griffon as its defining facial feature.

How Big do Chussel Get

The Chussel is the smallest breed around. This breed’s average height range is 7 to 9 inches, while the corresponding weight range is 6 to 12 lbs.

How Long Does Chussel Live

The Chussel, despite its mixed blood, lives a comparatively healthy lifestyle. The average lifespan for the Chussel is between 12 and 15 years.

How Much Does a Chussel Cost

The Chussel is an unknown breed, which is why it’s affordable. The price range is between 200 dollars and 800 dollars.

Chussel Temperament/Personality

The Chussel will have a personality that is a combination of both parents. The playfulness of the Chihuahua and the Brussel Griffon’s stubbornness are two main components of its personality. The small size of the Chussel and cheerful attitude make it a perfect addition to every family. It gets along with children, though children must be thought to handle it with care because of its size. Commonly this breed gets along with others pets well too.

Strangers, on the other hand, are a whole different situation. It will remain wary of strangers for a long-long time. To reduce suspicion, you will have to train it properly. One more vital piece of information is its stubbornness. This breed doesn’t like taking orders, which means training can be literal hell. Training it from a young age can help in that respect, but we would recommend taking professional guidance. Apart from that, it is a very loving breed and loves snuggling and attention.

Caring for Chussel

The Chussel is a small, fragile breed that will rely entirely on you to fulfill its needs. As its friend, it’s your job to understand what those needs normally are and how you’ll fulfill them.

Chussel Nutrition

The Chussel is a very small breed. It will need at max a cup of tasty food to stay happy. Refrain from overfeeding it because weight gain can be a major problem with this breed.

How to Groom a Chussel

The grooming routine will depend on the inherited coat. Generally, brushing it every other day should do the trick. You will have to increase the frequency of your brushing session based on the length of their coat. The recommended brush would be a slicker brush to keep tangles away. Bathe it only when the need arises since drooling isn’t an issue with this breed. The other things that you have to take care of are trimming its nails and brushing its teeth. Finally, clean its ears which can become a breeding ground for infections if not cleaned properly.

Chussel Activity Levels

The Chussel is an inherently quick and energetic breed. Yet to rank its energy on a scale based on size, we would say it’s medium. Giving it 50 minutes of exercise per day should be enough to keep it normal and healthy. Its adaptability is off the charts, so it doesn’t matter if you’re in a flat, apartment, or mansion.

Caring for Chussel

The Chussel is a medium care breed. Yes, its grooming is considerably easy, and everything works out fine for it, even with minimal effort. On the other hand, its training is a hurdle best not attempted if you don’t have experience. Its stubborn and boar-headed nature makes it the exact opposite of an obedient boy/girl. On the bright side, it can make friends with almost anyone in no time at all if it’s allowed to socialize. We wouldn’t recommend it to anyone without prior experience or a lack of time.

Chussel Health

The Chussel is a hybrid breed; this title entails that it will be susceptible to many problems. The susceptibilities include the Chussel include Patellar Luxation, Collapsed Trachea, Congenital Eye defect, and Open fontanel. Some of these problems are serious, thus to avoid them entirely would be the best choice. To avoid these situations entirely, you will have to go to the vet’s office every week. Give your buddy a thorough check-up to eliminate any delays in the diagnosis.

If it’s diagnosed with any problem, then stay strong and patient. Follow the vet’s orders, and everything will be fine.

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