Cluminger Spaniel Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Cluminger Spaniel is a mellow breed with a heart of gold. It acts childishly around children and maturely around adults, or maybe semi-maturely. The breed is the best of two amazing breeds and is a multi-purpose jack of all trades. To impart the knowledge of this breed’s amazing nature, we have compiled vital information about it.

Cluminger Spaniel History

Cluminger Spaniel Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Cluminger Spaniel is a hybrid breed, and you probably know what that means. It means that we don’t know a lot about it, thus to understand the breed, we must devote ourselves to the history of its parents.

The first parent is the Clumber Spaniel. The history of this breed can be traced back to a man by the name of Adrien Maurice.

He was of nobility and decided to move his dogs to Clumber Park. Here the breed was conceived and developed. The parents of the Clumber Spaniel are thought to be the Alpine Spaniel and the Basset Hound. The breed quickly became a favorite of nobility. The AKC registered it in 1883.

The second parent is the Springer Spaniel. This breed can be traced back to the original hunting dog named Spaniel. They belong to the land-type spaniels and share blood with the Cocker Spaniel.

Originally the main distinction between both breeds was size. The breed was ideally used to Chase or Spring after prey, as its name implies. The Springer Spaniel is a breed meant for efficiency and power at the same time.

Cluminger Spaniel Characteristics

The Cluminger Spaniel is a medium-sized breed with characteristics that make it a beauty to feast your eyes on. It will have a coat that will most likely be between the lengths of both parent breeds. The coat will be dense and slightly wiry.

The body of the Cluminger Spaniel will be strongly built with ample muscles and a slightly longer body compared to the height. Its eyes can be best described as oval-shaped and mostly Brown in color. The ears will be triangular, high-set, and slightly folded.

How Big do Cluminger Spaniel Get

The Cluminger Spaniel is a medium-sized breed at best. The height of the Cluminger Spaniel will at adulthood be between 17 to 20 inches for both males and females. The weight range corresponding to that height will normally be between 45 to 65 lbs for males and 40 to 60 lbs for females.

How Long Does Cluminger Spaniel Live

Unfortunately, the average lifespan of the Cluminger Spaniel tends to be limited to 12 years. This value may change slightly based on the diet and medical care, but we don’t want to give you false hopes.

How Much Does a Cluminger Spaniel Cost

The Cluminger Spaniel is the offspring of two in-demand breeds; that’s why its price tends to stay elevated. The minimum amount that you will have to pay is 1200 dollars. The price will rise based on several factors, including health and area.

Cluminger Spaniel Temperament/Personality

The Cluminger Spaniel is generally an affectionate breed that loves being around its family. It’s too tame to pose a threat to any person, though it will bark at any suspicious strangers. It does not like being ignored for long and will do whatever its small paws can to gain your attention.

The Cluminger Spaniel will undoubtedly be your child’s best friend and will always strive to keep peace inside the house with all parties. We recommend having it socialized to eliminate any chances of it being aggressive to small pets.

The second important thing to note is that it will respond well to training. It inherently loves to follow whatever its human says. The Cluminger Spaniel may seem to be slightly rebellious at some point, mainly because of its mischievousness.

Otherwise, this is an easy-to-train breed, especially if you take guidance from a Dog Training Book. It could be the best choice for you and your family.

Caring for Cluminger Spaniel

The Cluminger Spaniel is a breed that will need your help in maintaining its health. To help you in making the best decisions for its health, we have compiled vital probes.

Cluminger Spaniel Nutrition

The Cluminger Spaniel is a medium-sized breed with generous space in its tummy. To keep it happy, give it at least two and at most three cups of rich and delicious dog food per day. You may adapt the diet to the Dog Treats that it is getting during training.

How to Groom a Cluminger Spaniel

The coat of the Cluminger Spaniel will require at least three brushing sessions per week, with a dedicated Dog Brush. Usage of the right brush and time will reduce the shedding problem, which normally becomes a problem. You only have to bathe this breed every one and a half month. You may bathe it more frequently if it smells. Use a Medicated Shampoo for Dogs to reduce the chances of cursing your Dog with dry skin. Brush its teeth with Toothpaste for Dogs to fight dental decay. Trim its nails every month or whenever you hear that click sound. Finally, clean its ears and never forget that.

Cluminger Spaniel Activity Levels

This is one of those breeds with limitless stamina. It will need at least an hour of exercise every day. Please take it to the local park and give it a lot of walks. We recommend challenging it mentally as well through Puzzle Toys for Dogs. You have to find a balance between both mental and physical exercises to keep it happy.

Caring for Cluminger Spaniel

The Cluminger Spaniel is the good boy of the doggie world. It requires moderate care based on the grooming attached to it. First of all, you need to use average effort to take care of this breed. That’s the part that needs the most effort. Training it can’t get any easier. Socialization sessions won’t need to be that extensive with this breed. Everything about this breed is minimal effort, as long as you pay heed to its calls for attention.

Cluminger Spaniel Health

Hybrid breeds are magnets to vulnerabilities. The Cluminger Spaniel, in this case, also inherits a list of some serious vulnerabilities from its parents. The list includes some heavy hitters like Immune Mediated Anemia, Diabetes, and Obesity. The minor flaws include Eye problems, Hip Dysplasia, and Ear infections.

The best solution is to remain careful and cautious. Take care of your boy/girl by taking it to the vet’s office as often as you can. Give it extensive tests in the form of Blood Counts, Dog DNA Tests, Eye Examinations, and Body Scans. That will make sure that any problem with your boy/girl is diagnosed on time. Follow the vet’s instructions, and everything will work out fine.

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Best Dog Food For Cluminger Spaniels

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Best Puppy Food For Cluminger Spaniels

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Best Dog Crate For Cluminger Spaniels

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Best Dog Bed For Cluminger Spaniels

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Best Dog Harness for Cluminger Spaniels

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