Cocker Westie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Cocker Westie is a grey ball of love and cheesy goofiness. You may find its heritage and lineage interesting. The Cocker Westie has the Cocker Spaniel and the West Highland White Terrier as its parents. Yes, we know the second parent has a long name. The good thing is that the Cocker Westie has an even longer list of traits and pros. Without further ado, let’s get into understanding this good doggo.

Cocker Westie History

Cocker Westie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Cocker Westie is another hybrid breed with an unknown and undocumented history. The first thing that we should be doing to understand this breed is analyzing the history of its parents. The Cocker Spaniel is the first parent. It has a history that can be traced to the 14th Century. Back then, its ancestor, the Land Spaniel, was the primary attraction. It was later divided into the Springer and Cocker Spaniel. The AKC accepted the breed in 1878.

The second parent breed is the West Highland White Terrier. This breed, for the sake of simplicity, is known by the nickname of Westie. The Westie was primarily a small pest and vermin exterminator. The birthplace of this beautiful breed is Scotland. The origins of this breed are tied a Colonel Edward, who mistook his Terrier for a Fox during a hunt. Grieved by his loss, he decided to create a breed that would be easily distinguishable on the field. The rest is history. The AKC accepted the Westie in 1908.

Cocker Westie Characteristics

The Cocker Westie will be a clear combination of the parents. The coat of the Cocker Westie will be medium length and double. You can expect it to withstand sheer cold. The body will be small and sturdy. It will have a considerable muscle definition. The color variations for the Cocker Westie include Tan, Black, Brown, Cream, and White.

How Big do Cocker Westie Get

The Cocker Westie will usually vary in size between Medium and Small. The average height range is 14 to 18 inches. The corresponding weight possibility is 15 to 25 lbs. The breed is lean and muscular, thus the reduced weight despite the considerable height.

How Long Does Cocker Westie Live

With proper diet and health care, the Cocker Westie will live to a ripe old age of 15 years. The minimal figure for its age is 12 years. These values for its age will change based on the quality of healthcare it receives.

How Much Does a Cocker Westie Cost

The Cocker Westie is a relatively new breed. Its price is less compared to its parents. Yet, the price will still range on the expensive side of Dog Breeds. The average price of the Cocker Westie will usually be above 1000 dollars.

Cocker Westie Temperament/Personality

The Cocker Westie is a good doggo with a calm and composed temperament. It’s affectionate beyond compare. Every member of the family is important to the Cocker Westie. Young, old, it doesn’t matter. If you love it, expect infinitely more love in return. We recommend giving it socialization at the formative age to make it welcoming to other pets. We wouldn’t recommend keeping small pets around it.

Training it may be slightly disruptive because of its half-stubborn nature. You will need guidance to manage this breed, especially if you are a first-time owner. Use positive reinforcement and a certain degree of strictness to keep it in line.

Caring for Cocker Westie

The Cocker Westie will trust you with all of its life. As cute as that sounds, it also means that you will have to take care of its health and diet.

Cocker Westie Nutrition

Small doggies need Food for Small Dogs. The reason for specifying it is that the nutritional value varies based on the size of the dog. Normally the portions of food it gets should not be more than one cup combined. One cup per day, and that’s it. Any more will have it Chonky and unhealthy.

How to Groom a Cocker Westie

The coat of the Cocker Westie is double and dense. You will have to rely on a trusty and firm Dog Brush to keep it free and breathable. Bathing it won’t necessarily have to be frequent because this breed doesn’t develop a foul odor easily. Normally a bath per month is enough to keep it clean. Using Nail Clippers for Dogs, trim its nails. Brush its teeth at least two times per week with certified Toothpaste for Dogs. Finally, clean its ears; if you don’t, we are sorry to say infections await it.

Cocker Westie Activity Levels

Energy is one thing that the Cocker Westie has loads of. It’s practically bursting with energy. To keep it sane, we recommend at least an hour of activity per day. Please take it to the park; give it some puzzles and toys in the backyard. The end goal is tiring it out.

Caring for Cocker Westie

The Cocker Westie doesn’t need much care or looking after. The basic training, grooming, and socialization can be covered by anyone using the right approach. You should also keep it sheltered from extreme weather conditions, mainly heat. Its double layer warms it up in the blink of an eye. The other important thing is giving it room to move around. The Cocker Westie will need to be taken to open spaces because it positively loves running around.

Cocker Westie Health

The bane of all amazing breeds is the status of crossbreed. In the Cocker Westie’s case, you will have to be vigilant for early signs of various conditions like Cataracts, Seborrhea, Hip Dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, Atopy, Retinal Dysplasia, Glaucoma, Addison’s Disease, and Dry Eye. You should also be on the lookout for age-induced Deafness.

The best care routine will include consistent check-ups. Check-ups help in identifying any harmful or troublesome signs in the early stages. You can nip all of the problems in the bud if you know what you are up against. Focus on boosting its immunity with a good diet and Pro-Biotics for Dogs recommended by your vet. That’s all it takes to keep a good doggo in its prime.

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