Colonial Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Colonial Cocker Spaniel is a hybrid dog. It is produced from crossing two popular and similar spaniel dogs: American and English Cocker Spaniel Dog. Both parents have a sweet, caring, and loving nature. They show great love and affection towards their family.

Colonial Cocker Spaniel can grow socially nervous, and hence one should not leave them alone for a long time. It is something that you should consider before inviting them into your household. Not all these designer dogs are fifty percent of each of their parents breed. It is very usual for breeders to produce multigeneration crosses. 

Colonial Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowColonial Cocker Spaniel History

Colonial Cocker Spaniel is a combination of two fundamentally same breeds: American Spaniel breed and English Spaniel Breed. They were produced back in 14th Century. Originally, they were called Spanyelles. However, the ultimate distinction in sizes made them valuable for hunting different animals. Bigger ones were gifted in springing games, and those who were small in size were utilized for chasing birds like woodcock. England’s kennel club separated them into two different categories by the 1900s. 

They were referred to be extraordinary working canines and family pets as well. The larger breed was referred to as English, while the smaller ones were called American Spaniel dogs. 

Colonial Cocker Spaniel Characteristics

Their size, shape, and physical appearance vary according to which of the parent dominated. They have tolerably long, strong necks and adjusted legs. Their eyes are deep dark, and ears are generally dropped low and lobular.

 Both the English and American Cocker will look similar physically. The English dominant is marginally bigger as compared to an American one. They have pretty long ears and a feathery coat. In the English type, they have longer upper lips which meet their lower jaw. The American kind has smaller lips and improved noses.

How Big do Colonial Cocker Spaniel Get

Their size may vary according to which parent dominates in them. Their height can be anywhere between 13-20 inches. The average weight is 15-30 pounds in both males and females.

How Long Does Colonial Cocker Spaniel Live

This canine usually lives a long life as both of its parents have a long life span. On average the Colonial Cocker Spaniel lives somewhere between 12-15 years. Take good care of them to enhance their life span. 

How Much Does a Colonial Cocker Spaniel Cost

Like all the other dogs, Colonial Cocker Spaniel’s price can vary depending upon different factors. They typically cost between $700 and $1500, with most averaging around $900. They can easily be found in the local pound at a significantly low price.

Colonial Cocker Spaniel dog Temperament/Personality

Colonial Cocker Spaniel is active and affectionate. Their likable and loving nature makes them extraordinary companions. Since they have playful and loving nature, they do great with children at home. This brave breed is not difficult to train, and they have caring and lovable personalities, which makes them gentle and sweet. If you want to teach this canine, you will have to tolerant and delicate because they find it tough to adjust to a householding environment. 

This pup can develop self-destructive behavior, and therefore are happiest around the family. So, it would be best if you did not leave them alone for a long period. They will bark at everything without exception, so teaching them to stay calm would be a good idea. 

Caring for Colonial Cocker Spaniel Dog

Colonial Cocker Spaniel is a small, spirited, and adorable pup. It will demand enough of your time to keep them shiny. They are very gentle with kids and love being around them. Give them a proper diet and keep their health care under check to keep them fit.

Colonial Cocker Spaniel Nutrition

As a hybrid of two medium-sized dogs, Colonial Coker Spaniel is an active dog, but it’s not difficult to overload them, leading to weight gain. Many owners suggest, to begin with, a top-notch chicken and rice diet and presenting different food sources gradually. Always look for a brand that has an excellent protein like chicken listed as its first ingredient. Avoid food with artificial flavors like BHT. It’s always recommended to take the vet’s suggestion in this regard. 

How to Groom a Colonial Cocker Spaniel

These canines are high maintenance that requires daily brushing. You can use a high-quality Dog Brush to brush your pup to keep its coat liberated from tangles and looking flawless. Bathe your companion with Medicated Shampoo to prevent their skin from dryness. You will have to pay proper attention to their ears and keep them clean to prevent infections. Daily cleansing of their teeth is necessary.

Colonial Cocker Spaniel Activity Levels

Colonial Cocker Spaniel dog is active and energetic, but it’s not extremely huge. Its tendency to follow everyone in the house and try to get them to play games will often allow them to get a large part of the activity they need. Sometimes they are hyper and can be overwhelmed, so their play space should have barriers. Ensure that they get at least 30-40 minutes of exercise per day.

Caring for Colonial Cocker Spaniel

Colonial Cocker Spaniel is a social, loving, and intelligent dog. They are prone to get sad and depress if they are left alone for long periods, so keep them around and play with them. Don’t unleash them unless you’ve got a fenced yard. Keep them away from birds or small animals as they may try to hunt them and get hurt.

Colonial Cocker Spaniel Health

Many mixed breeds like Colonial Cocker Spaniel have reduced the risk of health care because breeders can use different breeding techniques to minimize health issues. Anyhow, this pup usually inherits some of the diseases from its parents, including Patellar Luxation, Entropion, Cataracts, and many other minor diseases. Take them to the vet for proper checkups regularly. Give them prescribed joint supplements if they need any, as they are prone to joints diseases. 

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