Combai Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Combai dogs are purebred which originated from India. This canine has a small-haired coat that is snug to its solid, strong body. They are local to Southern India, explicitly to the Tamil Nadu district. As strong muscular dogs, they were initially used by Indian royalty to chase tigers, bears, and other wild animals. Nowadays, this strong canine is used as a guard dog by farmers and householders. 

Combai is turning into a rare dog, even in their homeland, with many specialists believing them to be on the verge of eradication. This dog is known for its fierce behavior toward enemies and intense loyalty to its family. They have a natural protection from sickness and parasites.

Combai Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowCombai Dog History

Combai is an ancient dog breed, and they are one of the oldest known dogs. They were famous in classical times. These dogs were used for hunting wild animals like tigers and bears. Certain people believe that they were used by the forces of Marudhu brothers.

The Combai doesn’t allow strangers to come close. This ability makes them superior guard dogs, and they are very faithful towards their owners. They were extremely skilled at bear hunting and were commonly called Bear Hounds. This strong and loyal canine is becoming extinct and something must be done to conserve them.

Combai Dog Characteristics

The Combai dog is strong with a muscular, slender, and solid body. They have incredibly solid jaws and amazing legs, and they can hunt animals that are double their size. Their rigid and powerful body is proportional; they have straight, solid legs and strong shoulders, and a muscular, strong neck. They have dark mask around their face. They highlight a ridge that goes down towards their tail just as Rhodesian ridgeback. 

How Big do Combai Dog Get

As a purebred dog, they are strongly built, and their height can be anywhere between 17-25 inches. The average weight of Combai dogs is 25-50 pounds for females and 30-55 pounds for male ones.

How Long Does Combai Dog Live

This canine usually enjoys a longer life span, as they are purebred and have resistance to diseases. Their life span can vary between 9-13 years. If you take good care of them, they will live a happy and healthy life.

How Much Does a Combai Dog Cost

Combai dogs are purebred, and their cost depends on where you buy the dog. The best place to find Combai dogs is the rural villages of India. They can cost you anywhere between $100 and $200. 

Combai Dog Temperament/Personality

Combai is alert, excited, and intelligent dog. They are also forceful, savage, and have an aggressive temper. They are best with a person who is loving and caring. This loyal fella is acceptable with kids. They have a natural ability to hunt. Kombai canines work hard, guarding their home and property.

The Combai dog was used for hunting animals that were dangerous and harmful. For instance, these strong dogs were used for hunting bears, tigers, and strong buffalos. And these wild animals exceeded the size and height of this dog. Still, it was the sheer determination of this canine and focus on doing whatever the owner has ordered them to do that gained them the reputation and name: savage.

Caring for Combai Dog

Combai is a spirited, eager and energetic dog. Daily activities are essential for them. They can catch dental and parasite infections, so take good care of them. Grooming them as required and keeping them on a healthy diet is essential to ensure their longevity. Continue reading to find out more.

Combai Dog Nutrition

They are active dogs, so you will have to keep them on a healthy diet. As a small pup, you will have to give them enough food to sustain their energy. 4 cups of healthy food along with snacks would be enough. As they grow up, cut their diet to 3 cups of top-notch food recommended by their vet. They also enjoy boiled eggs and potatoes so you can add these to their diet. 

How to Groom a Combai

The Combai are incredibly healthy and easy to look after. Their thick short hair remains practically unruffled and looks amazing. Cleaning them with a soft cloth will remove any dirt from their coat and deliver a fine sheen on the coat. When your dog needs a shower, make sure to use appropriate products, such as recommended shampoo from their vet, to keep their shine and glow. Remove dust particles from your pup’s ears as it can cause infections. Brush their teeth at least twice a week to prevent them from dental diseases.

Combai Activity Levels

Combai dogs needs daily exercise and activity to stay fit and alert. They need an adequate stroll on daily basis. They enjoy wandering free, so a large fenced yard will be ideal. However, they can adjust to condo living if they have given the time to go outside and have fun. They love to play with children and other family members.

Caring for Combai

Combai is a social, caring, and intelligent dog. It will get along with youngsters and grown-ups in games. These canines love spending time with their human family, so keep them around and play with them. It’s best to keep them on leash unless you’ve got a fenced yard. Keep them away from strangers or other animals as they may hurt them.

Combai Health

Combai is a healthy dog and has a natural resistance to illness and allergies. They are not particularly prone to diseases but keeping them under check would be best. Look for any parasites or dental disease. They may get Canine Hip Dysplasia or Sensitivity to Allergy or Anesthesia. Your Combai should visit the vet for a total evaluation, vaccinations, and a heartworm test every year, and instantly when it is harmed or sick. 

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