Corgi Basset Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Corgi Bassets are faithful, affectionate, and cooperative. They are hybrid dogs that result from a cross between a Basset Hound and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Both of these breeds contribute to the marvelous characteristics of the Cori basset. Therefore, we can see a lot of variety in each individual, and as a result, no breed standards are set for them.

This variety is seen in their coats, either dense with short hair or medium-sized with rough hair. Some Corgis may have silky coats as well, and their coats can have a variety of coats. Their unique personality and loyalty are something to be admired. They will be with you through every aspect of your life.

Corgi Basset Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowCorgi Basset History

Corgi Basset is a relatively new breed. They originated around 20 – 25 years ago, and there isn’t much more we know about their origin. Their parent, the Pembroke-Welsh Corgi, originated in the 1100s from the Spitz family by Flemish weavers. In 1962, this breed started appearing in shows and competitions, but these dogs became prominent, and their popularity sky-rocketed when everyone frequently saw them with Queen Elizabeth II.

The Basset hounds were originally developed as guides dogs to follow while traveling on foot. They were also excellent hunters used to hunt game, including hares and rabbits. Friars of French-Abbey of the St. Hubert were responsible for creating them. Their popularity leapt their appearance in the Paris dog show In the 1860s

Corgi Basset Characteristics

Corgi Basset is cute, cuddly, and well-formed. They have medium-sized bodies which are elongated, thick, and top-heavy. Their coats show a lot of variation; They may be dense with short hair and rough with medium hair. The coat can adopt different colors, including black, white, blue, tan, and red. It is usually a mixture of two of these colors instead of one solid color.

They have an innocent face with large floppy ears, round eyes, and medium-sized muzzles. Their legs are short, like the corgi. There is a lot of variation in their appearance, which depends on which parent breed dominates in them.

How Big do Corgi Basset Get

Corgis are medium-sized dogs. The males have an average height of 13 – 20 inches and an average weight of 41 – 65lbs. The females have an average height of 14 – 20 inches and an average weight of 41 – 65lbs.

How Long Does Corgi Basset Live

A dog is a friend no one wants to lose, so having a dog with a long lifespan can be a relief. The average life expectancy of a Corgi Basset is around 12 to 15 years. But by ensuring a proper diet and exercise routine, you can prolong the life of this amazing little dog.

How Much Does a Corgi Basset Cost

Corgi Basset is not a commonly available breed, so you may have to do some searching. Like other hybrid dogs, Corgi Basset prices vary in different regions. The average price of this puppy lies between $600 to $800. Other charges may include health insurance, grooming tools, and accessories like dog collarsleashes, and toys.

Corgi Basset Temperament/Personality

Corgi Bassets are friendly, caring, and agreeable. They do fairly well with other pets and children. But this requires early socialization, or else they wreak havoc. They love to spend time with their human family with which they form tight bonds. The most important thing for these happy little canines is to please their owner. So If you need a best friend by your side to accompany you, this one might be it.   

Caring for Corgi Basset

Corgi Bassets require moderate levels of care. Grooming them is essential to keep them looking neat and sharp. Meeting their daily nutritional and activity requirement will ensure that they live a comfortable life devoid of pain. Keep on reading to find out all you need to know about this.

Corgi Basset Nutrition

The recommended amount of food for a corgi basset is 2.5 to 3 cups of high-quality dog food daily, divided into two meals. Don’t leave food out all the time; instead, feed your corgi twice a day; this will keep him in good shape. Getting a proper diet plan from your local is recommended to ensure all of their nutritional requirements are met.

How to Groom a Corgi Basset 

Grooming your Corgi Basset comes down to which parent breed dominates because their coats vary according to this. They have a comparatively high shedding rate, so you have to brush them regularly to remove any free hair. We recommend brushing them at least once a week with a hard bristle brush. Clipping their nails and cleaning their ears and eyes should also be incorporated into their grooming routine.

Corgi Basset Activity Levels

Corgi Basset is an active dog. It requires at least 40 minutes of outdoor exercise along with two walks per day. This dog does not like cold weather. So, the perfect environment for this breed consists of a large home with a fenced yard and a warm climate. Proper exercise for your dog is compulsory. Otherwise, they may become bored and anxious.

Caring for Corgi Basset

Corgi Bassets are sensitive dogs who love to the center of attention. Consequently, if left alone for long periods, they may develop separation anxiety. So you should find the time to play with them and let them know you’re there for them. If you have a busy schedule, you can hire a professional trainer to get them comfortable spending more time alone. Their intelligence and need to please make them easy to train.

Corgi Basset Health

This hybrid dog is considered a healthy breed. However, there is a chance that this dog may inherit their fair share of illness from its parent breed. These illnesses include glaucoma, entropies, obesity, and ear infections. Proper tests and exercises are necessary for the good health of your dog.

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