Corgi Border Collie Mix 101

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Corgi Border Collie MixAlso known as the Borgi, the Corgi Border mix is an unusual crossbreed dog that takes two of the most popular dog breeds and blends them into one adorable mix. These sweet and affectionate dogs can be fantastic family pets but because they’re quite new to the dog world, the public doesn’t know much about them. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about the Corgi Border Collie mix and how you can care for one in your home.    

What is a Corgi Border Collie Mix? 

The Corgi Border Collie cross is a relatively new breed of dog that was developed by mixing a Border Collie with a Corgi, leading to one of the sweetest sidekicks that anyone would love. This cross can be created by using either one of the Corgi breeds and is one of the many Corgi crossbreeds available. These active dogs can be a handful at times, but their loving nature makes them a great family companion.  

Both the Corgi and the Border Collie are historic herding breeds, so it’s likely that Corgi Border Collie mixes will retain their parents’ herding instincts. Despite their parents’ reputation and status as purebred dogs, the Borgi isn’t recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) which means that they have yet to be given a breed standard. Much like with any hybrid dog, it can be hard to ascertain exactly where they came from and when they were first developed. 

Luckily, we do know where their parents originated from. Below, we discuss the history of the corgi border collie mix; specifically, where their parents come from. 

Border Collie History

When it comes to the Border Collie parent, we know that it was originally developed in Northumberland, a county that sits at the border between England and Scotland. It was first made to herd livestock such as sheep, and its name is a nod to its creation by the Anglo-Scottish border. While these pups didn’t get their popular status until the 19th century, they are adored for their quick wit and are known to be an intelligent breed.   

Corgi History 

The Corgi parent, on the other hand, hails from Wales in England and is thought to have descended from Swedish cattle dogs known as Vallhunds brought by the Vikings during the 9th and 10th centuries. During the 1920s, they were first recognized by The Kennel Club in the UK and were then brought over to the US by 1936 and have since gained popularity. These dogs are split into categories known as the Cardigan Welsh Corgi or the Pembroke Welsh Corgi; either one can produce these adorable dogs. 

Corgi Border Collie Mix Appearance

The Borgi will often reflect the appearance of the Corgi and will display a sturdy body that stays low to the ground as a result of their short legs. Their heads will often come in the perfect blend of traits from both parents, which feature a moderately long snout, and intelligent, expressive eyes. Borgis can come with ears that are either semi-erect like a Border Collie’s or upright ones like a Corgi.  

The Border Collie Corgi mix’s coat will typically come in a medium length; coat colors include blue, black, white, gray, fawn, sable, and red. Their coat may also display a combination of more than two colors; these dogs may also come with white markings that are commonly seen on Corgis which add to their overall appearance. 

When it comes to their size, individual dogs may vary but they will usually come as medium size dogs that typically stand between 13 to 18 inches high and will weigh around 25 to 30 pounds. Females will usually grow smaller and will grow between 11 to 16 inches tall while weighing around 20 to 25 pounds. 

Corgi Border Collie Mix Temperament

Because the Border Collie and Corgi have such different personalities, the temperament of your Borgi might be a big surprise. However, you can expect these dogs to bring plenty of love and affection and will want to be near their owners at all times. As such, they won’t do well when left alone for a long time and may suffer from separation anxiety, which may also lead to unwanted and destructive behaviors. 

These dogs can be highly protective and will ensure that their family is safe — they won’t be afraid to let you know if there’s a stranger by the door, so they can be a great watchdog. This behavior can be improved through socialization to get control over their barking tendencies early on. It’s also worth noting that this is a very playful and active breed since both parents have a history of being working dogs, so it’s no surprise that their offspring would be too. 

They also come with high intelligence and will need consistent mental and physical stimulation to ensure that they don’t get bored. A great way to keep them engaged is to give them interactive toys that will keep your Borgi thinking and moving. As such, these dogs will do well with active owners who can provide their pooch with lots of activities that it can join.  

Caring for Your Corgi Border Collie Mix 

Looking after and caring for your Borgi is a big responsibility that will come with plenty of rewards. By giving them the time and attention they need, you’ll be able to raise a strong and healthy dog that will keep you company and unconditionally love you. 

Feeding Your Corgi Border Collie Mix

These dogs will need a minimum of 3 cups of high-quality dog food that’s specifically formulated for medium-sized dogs. Be sure to look for an option that will feature real meat as its main ingredient while steering clear of fillers or additives. It should also contain a well-balanced blend of carbohydrates, protein, fats, minerals, and vitamins. 

Given their high energy levels and need for regular mental stimulation, it’s essential that you invest in a diet that will support their active bodies. Mixing some dry kibble with wet food or some raw food can be highly beneficial for these dogs. However, if you’re still unsure how to feed your pooch, be sure to consult your veterinarian to help you determine the right feeding routine for your canine companion. 

It’s also good to monitor how much food your pooch eats and giving controlled portions for your pup is vital to keep your Corgi Border Collie mix to maintain a healthy weight. Unfortunately, Corgis can be prone to weight gain; when this happens, they can be vulnerable to all kinds of health issues such as joint problems. Feeding your pup measured meals at regular intervals instead of free-feeding them can help in the long run. 

Grooming Your Corgi Border Collie Mix

In general, the Corgi Border Collie mix will come with a medium-length or long coat that will need regular brushing to keep it looking healthy. Regular grooming will help to remove loose hair, prevent matting, and keep their coat clean and free from debris. Specific grooming tasks these dogs will need include bathing, brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and brushing their teeth. 

You’ll want to brush their hair a minimum of once per week to prevent tangles, remove loose hair, and stop mats from forming. Shedding season will occur twice a year for these dogs, so be sure to pay special attention to your Borgi’s coat during this time. Bathing will need to be provided when they need it whenever the dog gets dirty or once a month — overbathing your pup will strip them of their natural oils, so be sure not to give them frequent baths. 

Trimming your dog’s nails should be done once every 1 to 2 months, or as needed to keep them the appropriate length. It’s also important to check and clean their ears to prevent infections while brushing their teeth should be done daily to maintain good oral health. It’s also important to consult your vet or professional groomer for the right way to care for your Borgi’s coat and other grooming needs.  

Exercising and Training Your Corgi Border Collie Mix

On average, your Borgi will need around 30 to 60 minutes of regular exercise which can be a combination of playtime by the yard, brisk walking, stimulating activities through puzzle toys, and interactive games. You must engage these dogs both mentally and physically to help fulfill their requirements for exercise. Just keep in mind that they come from a herding dog background and this may come out now and then; agility training keeps these dogs in line. 

In addition, Corgis come with a long body and a short stature, so be sure to avoid activities that may strain their backs. While we all know that Corgis can be very affectionate dogs, the Border Collie can be independent and stubborn at times, so the Borgi puppy may come with these traits. If this is the case, you will need to give them proper training by giving firm commands and positive reinforcement while showing them that you’re the leader and not them. 

Corgi Border Collie Mix Health Conditions

While Border Collie Corgi mixes will often come with genetic diversity, they will still be vulnerable to a few health concerns that they might inherit from their parent breeds. As such, dog owners will need to know about the potential health problems these dogs may face. 

  • Orthopedic Problems: Both Corgis and Border Collies are vulnerable to orthopedic conditions such as intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) and hip dysplasia. Such problems can cause mobility issues, and pain, and will need medical treatment. Providing your dog with a balanced diet and meeting their exercise needs will help to reduce their risk. 
  • Eye Problems: Border Collies will be prone to various eye conditions such as collie eye anomaly (CEA) and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). Corgis can also be predisposed to glaucoma, so visiting your vet for regular eye exams can help to detect and manage such conditions in their early stages. 
  • Degenerative Myelopathy: This is a serious condition of the spine and happens to dogs with progressive leg paralysis. Symptoms will show when dogs begin to wobble when walking with their hind legs. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for this disease. 
  • Obesity: Unfortunately, both Corgis and Border Collies can gain a lot of weight when they don’t get the right diet and exercise. Being obese can lead to various problems, such as heart disease, joint issues, and diabetes. Be sure to focus on portion control, provide a high-quality diet, and regular exercise to ensure your pup stays at a healthy weight. 

The average lifespan for these dogs is around 12 to 14 years, but this will depend on many factors such as lifestyle, genetics, activity level, and overall health. However, when given proper care and preventative measures, it’s possible to improve their quality of life and potentially extend their life.  

Corgi Border Collie Mix Cost

The cost of purchasing a Border Collie Corgi cross will vary on a wide range of factors such as the linage, breeder, location, and each dog’s overall quality. You can expect to pay around $500 to $1,500 for one of these dogs, but you should remember that the initial cost for this dog isn’t the only thing you should consider. There are many other additional expenses associated with owning a dog, such as: 

  • Food 
  • Vet visits
  • Grooming
  • Vaccinations
  • Toys
  • Other supplies

Because of this, it’s important to make a budget for these ongoing costs to make sure that your pet is well cared for. 

Purchasing or Adopting Corgi Border Collie Puppies

If you’re set on purchasing one of these dogs, be sure to look for a reputable breeder by doing an online search. Be sure to conduct thorough research and look for customer reviews whenever possible. It’s critical that you meet the breeder and the puppies in person and ask as many questions as possible. 

While there aren’t any established breed standards for these dogs yet, a good breeder will only breed Corgis and Border Collies that have excellent health and have passed all the required health checks. It’s also important that you ask for a health certificate as well. 

If you’re looking to rescue a Corgi, be sure to check your local rescue centers; while these dogs are still new, you might not find many of them available. But if you’re persistent enough, you should be able to find the right canine companion for you. You might want to check the Corgi Aid and Border Collie Rescue websites to get details on dedicated breed centers for these mixed breeds. 


Before you come to a decision about getting one of these dogs for your home, there are many things for you to consider first. This designer dog will come with specific needs and lots of energy, so they will be a good fit for an active individual rather than a laid-back owner. When given socialization at a young age along with a fenced yard, they can be a charming and intelligent companion that will dedicate themselves to your happiness.