Corgi Cattle Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Corgi cattle dogs are Smart, energetic, and loving. These mellow dogs adopt their admirable traits from their parents, which are quite famous themselves. It is a hybrid dog that results from the cross between a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and an Australian Cattle Dog. These dogs have high energies which they will need to vent, so keeping them in an apartment isn’t a great idea.

They have coats that are dense with short hair on a barrel-shaped body. These dogs don’t bark a lot and are usually silent if left undisturbed. So if you’re someone who enjoys their peace, this dog is the one for you. Moreover, they do well with children and other pets as well.

Corgi Cattle Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowCorgi Cattle Dog History

Corgi Cattle Dog is among the new breeds that originated around 20 years ago. There isn’t much that we know about their history. Their parent, the Pembroke-Welsh Corgi originated in the 1100s from the Spitz family by Flemish weavers. In 1962, this breed started appearing in shows and competitions, but these dogs became prominent, and their popularity sky-rocketed when everyone frequently saw them with Queen Elizabeth II.

The Australian cattle dog was initially created to withstand tough environments in the fields. The person behind their creation was from Queensland, named George Elliott. In the beginning, they had no breed standards, which Robert Kaleski later set in 1902.

Corgi Cattle Dog Characteristics

Corgi Cattle Dog can adopt their characteristic from either of their parents. Generally they have elongated bodies like the corgi, more length as compared to height. They have a small, compact, and petite stature covered with a dense coat and medium-sized hair that are usually straight. Their coat color can be fawn and white or black and white.

They have a friendly, expressive face, and this gives them a super-cute look. Their nose is black, and ears are generally long, erect, and pointed up. Their eyes are round and can be dark brown and – if you’re lucky- light blue.

How Big do Corgi Cattle dog Get

Corgi Cattle Dog is a small to medium-sized dog. They have an average height of 13-20

Inches and an average weight of 26-40lbs for both males and females.

How Long Does Corgi Cattle dog Live

As a small canine, this breed enjoys a long and prosperous life. The average life expectancy of a Corgi Basset is around 10 to 15 years. But by ensuring a proper diet and exercise routine, and occasionally using pro-biotics to improve their digestive system can prolong their life and ensure that they stick along a little longer.

How Much Does a Corgi Cattle dog Cost

Corgi Basset is not a commonly available breed, so you may have to do some searching. Like other hybrid dogs, Corgi Basset prices vary in different regions. The average price of this puppy lies between $500 and $1500. Other charges may include health insurance, grooming tools, and accessories.

Corgi Cattle dog Temperament/Personality

Corgi Cattle dog is energetic, quiet, and Independent. They are highly prized as working dogs because of their ability to work alone. They’re extremely loyal and protective. This makes them a good pet to have if you have kids in your house. They will protect and keep an eye on them. If socialized early on, they will do well with other animals. Otherwise, their herding instincts kick in, and they might start chasing small-sized animals.

Due to their independent nature, they don’t mix in well with new people. You may find them acting aloof around new faces. They can also be quite stubborn, and training them may prove a little challenging.

Caring for Corgi Cattle Dog

Corgi Cattle Dog requires moderate levels of care. Grooming them is essential to keep them looking neat and sharp. Meeting their daily nutritional and activity requirement will ensure that they live a comfortable life devoid of pain. Keep on reading to find out all you need to know about this.

Corgi Cattle Dog Nutrition

As an alert dog with high energy levels, this dog requires high-quality food to meet its energy requirements. Due to their small size, you’ll have to feed them 3 cups of dry dog food daily. You can break this down into 2-3 meals.

How to Groom a Corgi Cattle Dog

Grooming your Corgi Cattle Dog is fairly easy. Their coats are short and don’t mat. But they shed a lot. So you must ensure daily brushing with a curry or slicker brush. This will remove any dirt or bits they might have picked up during their playtime. This busy dog tends to get cracks in its footpads and nails, so you should check them regularly to avoid further injury. Like all other dogs, clipping their nails and cleaning their ears should be a part of their weekly grooming routine.

Corgi Cattle Dog Activity Levels

Corgi Cattle Dog is a fairly active dog. It requires at least 60 minutes of outdoor exercise daily. Due to their intelligence, you can easily engage them in games, keeping their minds active as they are getting their daily exercise. This is compulsory for your dog. Otherwise, they may become bored and anxious.

Caring for Corgi Cattle Dog

Corgi Cattle Dog is hyperactive, out-going, and daring. They tend to run around a lot and require constant supervision, so they don’t themselves hurt. Using leashes specially build for hyper-active dogs are recommended.

Because of their high activity demand and intelligence, they can develop self-destructive behavior if they don’t exercise and play regularly. If you have a busy routine and can’t take them for walks and play with them, you always have the option of buying a treadmill.

Corgi Cattle Dog Health

Corgi Cattle Dogs are quite healthy and don’t have a long list of health problems. The only major health concern for them is Hip dysplasia. Other occasional possible problems are Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Back Problems, and Genetic Deafness.

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