Corgi Pug Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Corgi Pug, also known as the Pembroke Corgi-pug or the Porgi, is a hybrid breed that results from the cross between the Corgi and the Pug. Both the parent breeds are tiny, cute, and affectionate, and so these wonderful traits are also seen in the Porgi.

This is a great choice for families looking for a companion dog because the Corgi Pugs are super friendly, playful, and love getting attention. However, they are not as friendly with strangers and spend the initial phases getting to know them. So if you come across a Porgi and it seems to be wary of you at first, don’t be sad… Instead, make sure you make a good first impression and maybe it’ll become your friend sooner than you think!

Corgi Pug Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowCorgi Pug History

Corgi pug is a relatively new breed and there is minimal information on them. They were developed around 20 years ago, so we look into their parent breeds’ history to get to know these adorable doggies better.

The Pug has quite the royal past. It was initially bred to be a companion dog to the royal families and even had a personal guard! Wow. Later in the 1500s, it left China through the Dutch traders and entered the hearts of the European nobility. We can say the Pugs don’t come slow! Also, they were known as Mops in Germany, Dugullo in Spain, Caganlino in Italy, and Carlin in France.

Corgi Pug Characteristics

The Porgi is a lovely combination of all the wonderful traits of its parent breeds. It is affectionate, caring, loyal, social, and it always seems to have a smile on its face, so of course, super adorable!

The Corgi Pugs have a round face with dark eyes and ears flopped down. The coats are dense, short in length, and straight in texture. The possible coat colors that these dogs inherit are fawn, sable, red, white, and black.

How Big Do Corgi Pugs Get

The standard Corgi Pug has an average height of 10-13 inches and weighs about 18-30lbs,  for both the female and male.

How Long Does A Corgi Pug Live

Corgi Pugs live a long life. On average their lifespan reaches between 12 and 14 years. You can increase this number by taking proper care and providing an adequate diet.

How Much Does A Corgi Pug Cost

A Corgi Pug costs somewhere around $1000, and you might have to travel around to find a suitable breeder because one may not be around your area. This price is dependent on different factors like the reputation of its breeder and lineage. You should also include other charges in mind. This can include grooming, rubber dog toys, dog food, dog bowls, license, collar and leash, and maybe a dog house, too, if you have a nice big yard.

Corgi Pug Temperament/Personality

 Porgis are intelligent and friendly dogs, but they can be quite stubborn as well! They are more suited to families that don’t consist of small children because if your dog has inherited the herding trait of its Corgi parent, it will most definitely try to herd anything that can move, including your kids!

When it comes to training your dog, make sure you start it in the early stages so that your dog understands your commands and is obedient. The key is to be consistent and patient and toss in a treat every now and then for good behavior.

Caring For Corgi Pugs

Coton Chin is mostly good for first-time owners but may require moderate levels of care and effort. Grooming them is vital, so they keep looking neat and tidy. Meeting their daily nutritional needs and daily activity requirements ensures that they live a comfortable, long, and healthy life. Keep on reading to find out all you need to know about this.

Corgi Pug Nutrition

Corgi Pugs require a high-quality and well-balanced diet to stay healthy and happy. They can over-eat as well, so make sure you take them out to burn what they eat or simply don’t overfeed them just in case. They will do well on wet dog food, dry kibble, and homemade food too. Always ensure that your dog is getting all essential nutrients so that its energy levels are maintained.

How to Groom a Corgi Pug

Corgi Pug is a heavy shedder, and its short hair needs to be brushed daily so that any debris or loose hairs get removed. You should also bathe it every 4 – 6 week to ensure that you pup looks minty-fresh. Using a high quality shampoo approved from your vet is advisable; otherwise they can get dry skin which just makes them uncomfortable.

They should also be taken to the vet for regular checkups as they have a tendency to develop ear infections. Clipping their nails and cleaning their ears should also be a part of their weekly grooming routine.

Corgi Pug Activity Levels

The Porgis are fairly active dogs and require at least 90 minutes of exercise daily. They love to socialize at dog parks and exploring in a small backyard or even in an apartment. As long as they have you to hang out with, they’ll be happy and content.

Corgi Pug Care

It is important to have your pet taken to the vet for customary registration and to ensure they are given the perfect measures of supplements, work out, and obviously, a lot of adoration!

In the event that they don’t normally wear out their nails while they’re out, cutting them gets fundamental. It is to be noticed that canines’ nails comprise of veins and nerves in the lower segment, so you ought to be more careful while cutting them.

Corgi Pug Health

The parent breeds are prone to many health diseases, but the Corgi Pugs may not inherit them. However, keep an eye out for conditions like eye problems, Hip Dysplasia, Intervertebral disc disease, skin irritation, cataracts, bladder stones, etc.

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