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Corpins are caring, independent, and energetic. They adopt these admirable traits and their characteristics from their parent breeds, which are both well known in the dog world. Corpins are hybrid dogs. They are the result of a cross between the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Miniature pinscher. They are affectionate and caring and love spending time with their owners.

But on the other hand, they can also be quite independent and won’t like to be the lazy-lap-dog all the time. Their coat shows a lot of variation and is dependent on which Welish Corgi is used in the cross. The Pembroke Corgis have smoother and longer coats while the Cardigan- welsh corgis have coarse and darker coats, and the difference is seen in the Corpin.

Corpin Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowCorpin History

As a new breed that started in 2004, Corpin doesn’t have much history to its name. But we can look at their parent’s history to get to know these beautiful dogs better. The Pembroke-Welsh Corgi Originated in the 1100s, and in 1962, this variety began showing up in shows and rivalries. They descended from the spitz family and the Flemish wavers are believed to be their initial breeders.

The miniature pinscher has its origin in 17TH century Germany. They are believed to be the decedents of the Italian Greyhound and the German pinscher. The breeders caused deformities when they tried to make this breed smaller. But this issue was resolved in the 1900s. And soon, they took off in the USA and got registered by AKC in 1925.

Corpin Characteristics

Corgis are small, cute, and compact. Their bodies are elongated like that of the Corgi but well- proportioned. They take on the coat of either parent because of which we can see a lot of variation in their coats. But their coat resembles the miniature pinschers more often, which is short, wiry, and of medium density.

They have round black eyes, which are expressive, and a short muzzle with a small black nose. Their large ears are upright and triangular like the corgis’. This gives the Corpin an admirable and appealing appearance. Their Big smile and cute expressions are guaranteed to make your day.

How Big Do Corpin Get

Corpins are small-sized dogs with a slender builds. The males have an average height of 11 – 13 inches and an average weight of 12 – 35lbs. The females have an average height of 10 – 12 inches and an average weight of 10 – 32 lbs.

How Long Does a Corpin Live

As a tiny canine, the Corpin enjoys a healthy and long life. On average, they have a life span of 10 – 15 years. You can increase this life span by simply taking proper care of them and looking out for the symptoms of health problems that may appear from time to time.

How Much Does a Corpin Costs

A Corpin’s price can vary to a great extent from breeder to breeder. Some breeders may charge you extra if they provide life insurance as well. But on average, their price can be anything between $800 and $1400. Other expenses include accessories, health insurance, and grooming tools like nail clippersear cleaners, and bathtubs.

Corpin Temperament/Personality

Corpins are usually alert dogs, and this makes them excellent watchdogs. They have the uncanny ability to spot strangers and bark at them when needed. They also inherit the herding instincts of the Corgi, and that makes them somewhat bossy. They may start herding your pets and even other animals on the street, so early socialization is necessary to prevent this behavior. They do well with kids, but it is still advisable to keep an eye on them with young children.

Caring for Corpin

Corpin is mostly good for first-time owners but may require a lot of care and effort. Grooming them becomes vital here, so they keep looking clean and tidy. By providing an adequate diet and meeting their daily activity requirements you can ensure that their lives are happy, long, and healthy. A summary of all that you need to know is provided below.

Corpin Nutrition

Corpin has a small size and high level of energies. So they need to eat double as compared to other small-sized dogs to survive. On average, they do well on 2 cups of High-quality dog food per day. You can split this into two or three smaller meals and distribute it throughout the day.

How to Groom a Corpin

Grooming the Corpin comes down to which parent breed dominates in them. But generally, they require brushing at least three times per week with a slicker-brush to ensure that the oils produced by their scalp get evenly distributed throughout their coats. Clipping your dogs nails and cleaning their ears at least twice a week is recommended to keep them healthy and comfortable. Use a dry cloth to wipe the corners of their eyes clean.

Corpin Activity Levels

Corpins are alert and energetic. They need at least 45-60 minutes exercise, daily. You can let them roam free in your yard if it is fenced or take them to your local park for walks. Playing with them is also a good idea as it keeps their minds engaged while they get their activity needs met.

Caring for Corpin

Your Corpin might get bored quickly as a smart dog if they are not engaged in any physical or mental exercise. This can lead them to certain self-destructive behaviors. They may start scratching the furniture or biting and hurting you. So it is essential to keep their minds stimulated. You can use interactive puzzles.

Corpin Health

Corpins are usually counted among healthy dogs. However, they may adopt certain health issues from their parents. These may include Congenital Heart Defect, Color Dilution Alopecia, Progressive Retinal-Atrophy, Cataracts, and Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease. Some of them may occasionally become a target of Mitral Valve Disease as well.

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