Coton Eskimo Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Coton Eskimo results from a cross between two popular breeds: Coton de Tulear and American Eskimo. They are social, affectionate, and family-friendly dogs. They are not very difficult to train, just like their parents. These canines generally have a thick and fluffy coat, and they can be black and white or a mix of these colors.

Coton Eskimo is a normal-sized dog. They are loving and caring family pets. They are hybrid made, so they inherit physical characteristics from both of their parents. In any case, these dogs are playful, so having them around will surely enhance your mood.

Coton Eskimo Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowCoton Eskimo History

Cotton Eskimo is a hybrid dog. Their history is quite blurry, and their origins are not confirmed. However, they have a good reputation in the United States. They are quite new designer dogs, so it would take time to track down their history. 

Coton de Tulear’s history is also unclear. They are believed to be the survived ones from shipwreck during the 17th century. They made their way to North America and France in back 1970s. They were recognized by AKC (American Kennel Club) in 2014. American Eskimos have their origins in Germany. Due to their attractive and beautiful looks, they were part of circus performers. These canines have miniature, toy, and standard size. AKC (American Kennel Club) recognized them in 1995. 

Coton Eskimo dog Characteristics 

Cotton Eskimo is a hybrid of two fluffy dogs, so they have a very soft and fluffy coat. They are medium-sized pups, who do not weigh more than 25 lbs. Their coat color can be white, white and black or it can be tri-shaded. They get their physical appearance and characteristics from either of their parents. These canines have dark eyes marginally oval fit and have tear stains beneath their eyes. The reason of popularity for Coton de Tulear is its dark nose and wide eyes, while American Eskimo has alarming, sharp and bright expression.   

How Big do Coton Eskimo dog Get

Cotton Eskimo is a medium-sized dog. The average height of males varies between 13 – 20 inches, and they weigh around 15 – 25 lbs. The average height of females is 11 – 18 inches, and they weigh around 13 – 23 lbs. 

How Long Does Coton Eskimo dog Live

Coton Eskimo is a healthy designer dog. They live longer like both of their parents. They enjoy a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. 

How much does a Coton Eskimo dog cost

Buying a Coton Eskimo from the breeder will cost you more than adopting. They are unique and rare dogs, so finding them to adopt would be a headache. Their cost depends on the breeder’s reputation, parent’s health care, and many other factors. You should be expecting to pay around $1000 to $3000 for them. 

Coton Eskimo dog Temperament/Personality

Coton Eskimo is a warm, caring, and loving pup. They are great family pets, and they will show their love and loyalty with their cute gestures. They share a lot of things with their parents. 

A Coton De Tulear is an active dog and enjoys the company of their human family, and leaving them alone for a long period would be a problem. Swimming, playing, and running cheers them up. This breed needs a bit of exercise. Otherwise, they will be bored. Both of their parents are good with cats and other pets. So it’s not an issue for them to adjust with other pets. These love boxes are eager to explore, so training and teaching them would be easy.

Caring for Coton Eskimo dog

Cotton Eskimo is a designer breed. They are likely to be hypoallergenic. At the same time, Eskimo is prone to allergies, but that depends on which parent dominates in them. Make sure to visit the vet for their proper checkups. Take good care of them to keep them looking sparkly.  

Coton Eskimo Dog Nutrition

You will have to take care of their nutritional needs. 3 cups of top-notch food would be enough daily. You can split their meal into several times. Overfeeding them would not be a good idea, as they can gain weight easily. It would help if you considered the vet’s recommended diet. 

How to Groom a Coton Eskimo dog

This obedient and sweet pup is low maintenance. The shedding level is low, so they will need to be brushed often to prevent matting and tangling. You can bathe your little one but not every week, as Coton de Tulear and American Eskimo have extremely soft skins. Bathing them twice a month would be enough. Regular bathing will cause their skin to become dry and cause irritation. Clip their nails as per need and brush their teeth at least thrice a week, so they don’t catch any dental disease.

Cotton Eskimo dog Activity Levels

Coton Eskimo requires moderate levels of exercise daily. They are playful and normally energetic. Daily activity would be necessary to release their energy. They enjoy seeking attention, so you should spend a good amount of time playing and having fun with them. Outside playtime isn’t necessary but it is often a good idea to take them out for a walk.

Caring for Coton Eskimo dog

Coton Eskimo is social, loving, and intelligent. They have a strong bond of love with their owners and other family members. Please give them your attention, and it will bring out a cheerful side of them that you’ll love. Healthy food and a proper diet will help to enhance their life. Meet their activity requirements and take care of their grooming. Make sure to visit their vet monthly. 

Coton Eskimo dog Health

Coton Eskimo is a healthy breed and usually, they are not prone to serious diseases or allergies. The major health concerns are Progressive Retinal atrophy, Hip Dysplasia, and Patellar Luxation. If you see any signs or symptoms, taking the vet’s recommendation would be recommended.

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